Geneva Motor Show 2017 Features Jaw-Dropping Concept and Electric Cars

It was the ultimate dreamland for car enthusiasts – the only difference is it featured real-life, jaw-dropping and astonishing electric cars you could ever imagine. The 87th Geneva Motor Show which ran from March 9th -19th  showcased the entire host of top-notch vehicles that are set to hit the major roads at the latter part of this year.

As this is Europe’s first major car show, car enthusiasts from across the globe gathered and witnessed the most important electric vehicle models of the year being unveiled by their respective car makers.It can be recalled that the launch of Bugatti Chiron and Lamborghini’s hypercar Centenario were among the showstoppers last year.

This year, the car show features more supercars which could very well be the game changers in the electric vehicle industry.  Check the carmakers and the respective models who were the ‘stars’ in this year’s motor show:


Aston Martin AMF Rapide and Vantage

Aston  Martin was among the cart makers that made a huge surprised by revealing not just one but two track-focused versions of the Rapide and Vantage. These are now considered the first batch of cars that has been inspired by the AMR sib-brand.  These are also regarded as the lightweight versions of the track-focused models.

These two models are both equipped with a fixed rear wing as well as a front splitter made from carbon fiber. These two components are used to produce downforce at even higher speeds. These models can accommodate up to four people p in total in the carbon fiber trimming the packed interior. These cars are to be powered by aspirated V12 units with 592 bhp. According to the car maker, they only intent to produce seven units of the Vantage AMR Pro.However, there will be 210 Rapide AMR’s to be sold by the latter part of the year.


McLaren 720S

When one speaks of  McLaren, the term ‘supercar’ is automatically associated with it.  It was on 2011 when this car manufacturing giant introduced the MP4-12C which was then replaced by the 650S  back in 2014. During the recent Geneva Motor Show, the 720S was among the attention-grabbers in the sea of best electric cars and concept vehicles.

McLaren and ts third Super Series entry demonstrated a completely fresh design featuring a new approach in the friend end look and an angular headlight. The simplified front bumper has also been redesigned and is now capable of smaller air intakes.  The engine and the power output has all been changed. This supercar can go from 0 to 62 mph in just 2.8 short seconds.


Audi RS5 Coupe

After seven years, Audi family showed its first major upgrade with its highly-anticipated the RS5 Coupe.  The tweaks and upgrades can be seen both in its engine and total torque. The older version had  4.2 liters of a V8 engine, while the latest Coupe has a 2.9 liter Biturbo engine V6.  In addition, the latest model has now an extra torque of 125 lb-ft which gives a total of 442 lb-ft.

Top car reviewers also reveal that one of the main differences between the two models is the ‘weight’ you feel when driving them. The older model, according to Top Gear, felt a bit taxing and heavy. On the other hand, the latest one feels easier to drive since it is 132 lbs lighter. If buyers would not opt for the carbon fiber roofing, then this could lessen the weight by as much as 22 lbs.

With a different suspension setup and an eight-speed automatic gearbox, this vehicle is  expected to be one of the best electric cars with much-improved comfort and handling.  Prices are yet to be revealed, but those who placed an order or made reservations could expect this car to be released by mid of this year the earliest.


Lamborghini Huracan Performance

Active aerodynamics,  lightweight core design, and with naturally aspirated engines—these are just among the features you can have with the latest Huracan Performance from Lamborghini.  This car has a small flap installed in the rear wings so as to reduce the drag effect and consequently boosts the speed. When the flap filters are closed, they offer better and sturdier rear-end grip. This car will soon be seen in several showrooms by summer of this year.


Porsche 911 GT3 Gen II

At first glance, any Porsche car enthusiasts would know that the 911 GT3 Generation II is a tweaked version of the hardcore 911 GT3. The German car maker has redesigned the front end line as seen it the Boxster, Carrera, and Cayman models. Changes in design can also be seen in the replaced LEDs that are more slender and have rounded edges.  The bumper is also made more aggressive and sharper.

Car enthusiasts would also be pleased to know that the six –speed manual gearbox has been reintroduced in the model. It has also been used an alternative to the PDK transmission. This revamped version will soon hit the market by the second half of 2017.


Volkswagen Action

Another concept car ready to compete with the top models and best electric cars is the Volkswagen Action. The car maker has positioned this particular model in the upmarket alongside the Passat saloon. This means this could be a great competitor against the BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe and the A5 Saloon of Audi.

One key feature that this car has is the VW’s Emergency Assist technology which enables the users to safely steer the vehicle into the left-hand lane should the driver gets incapacitated. In addition, a predictive-type of beam control which allows the GPS to expect approaching vehicles and to switch the lights as a direct response. If you are interested in getting your hands on this beast, you can start pre-ordering as long as you are from the UK and Germany. The release of the units is expected to take place before the year ends.


Italdesign Automobili Speciali Concept

Italdesign also had its own entry in the recent Motor Show. While the concept car is yet to be named, it cannot b e denied that it is one of the head-turners during the car show.  Compared to the different supercars and the best electric cars displayed,  there will only be 5 units of this concept car to be produced and sold to the public.

Although certain features as still kept under wraps,  it can be seen that the car’s bodywork is made from the all-carbon fiber material.The chassis which is built from aluminum suggests that this model could be lighter than other Italdesign cars existing today.

One could also see that certain aspects of the design has been inspired by Lamborghini’s hardcore models and can very well compete with all astonishing designs of the best electric cars and other concept cars featured on the said show. The production of this limited models is expected to roll at the end of this year while may still wait for more information about this car.


Range Rover Velar

The Velar is named after the prototypes produced by Range Rover in the latter part of the 1960s and it includes a radically different appearance and design from the other concept cars in the lineup. For instance, the sloping rear roofline plus the muscular wheels offer proportion that is coupe-like. This particular model is expected to go on sale in the summer.

The recently concluded Geneva Motor Show was indeed a success, with all the innovation, technology, and novel features demonstrated in every concept car that took part in the event. In connection thereto, this only proves that the year 2017 could be the breakout year where the best electric cars and the top-of-the-line concept cars could compete for neck-to-neck.

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