Have fun like kids: 10 electric scooters for adults

Electric scooters for adults are fast gaining traction as an alternative mode of transport and a replacement for gym memberships. When used as a commuter transport, electric scooters help lower costs on gas and car maintenance, save up parking space, and cut travel time. And at the same time, they help the rider get more exercise, improve their posture, and build a healthy body. When used to advance the green cause, the use of electric scooters for adults can significantly reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions and eliminate noise pollution. For use in leisure, parents hop onto them to catch up with their kids who got scooters of their own. Overall, they offer riders a great way to travel, a stress-free way to get from place to place, and a fun way to socialize.

If you happen to be in the market for electric scooters for adults, remember that no two e-scooters are alike. They may have the same features, battery and motor type, and material composition, and may even bear similar performance. How the e-scooter performs really depends on the rider himself. Though the unit’s specs and features matter in this aspect, rider’s confidence, comfort, and requirements will factor in the long run. Take note that there are electric scooters for adults that can also be used by teenagers, and an e-scooter’s performance depends on a few factors, such as terrain and rider’s weight.

What are some of the e-scooters that grown-ups like you can buy? Here is a list of 10 electric scooters for adults that should interest you, in no particular order:

1. URB-E Black Label

Three words best describe the URB-E Black Label folding electric scooter: durable (the frame is built from aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum alloy and genuine carbon fiber), safe (features a lower center of gravity and a cross-drilled rear disc brake), and compact (foldable and lightweight at 35 lbs or 16 kg). The URB-E Black Label covers 12 miles per charge and clocks a maximum speed of 12 mph. The folding e-scooter takes only four hours to charge, and you can even plug your smartphone or tablet into the unit. One of the priciest electric scooters for adults built by a start-up, but there is no doubt this 100% “Made in America” e-scooter is built to last.

2. TRX 36-Volt Personal Transporter

The three-wheel TRX 36-Volt Personal Transporter is easier to balance, control, and maneuver than a two-wheel e-scooter. It has one front wheel and two small rear wheels, a unique design that increases stability and allows the rider to stand while riding, and even supports a maximum load of 225 lbs (102 kg). Powered by a 300W motor and a 36V battery, the TRX Personal Transporter goes 15 miles, takes 4-8 hours to charge, and has a maximum speed of 12 mph. Intended for urban commuting, security, and recreation, this is one of the best three-wheel electric scooters for adults.

3. Razor EcoSmart Metro

One of the electric scooters for adults that features a bamboo deck, the Razor EcoSmart Metro includes a detachable and adjustable standard bicycle seat and adjustable handlebars, making the e-scooter not only eco-friendly, but user-friendly as well. The Razor maintains a new look with a powder coat finish frame and offers powerful stopping and better control with rear disc brakes and speed throttle control. It has a 500W extra high torque motor and 36V battery, churning out a top speed of 18-20 mph for 60 minutes. This makes it one of the powerful and high performing electric scooters for adults.

4. E-Twow Booster Electric Kick Scooter

The lightweight and foldable E-Twow Booster boasts of powerful stopping and control abilities with its function brakes (front wheel regenerative brake, rear wheel friction brake), shock absorbers (front and rear), and cruise control (right thumb acceleration). The E-Twow Booster includes an LED headlight and patented interface. With regards to performance, its 500W DC brushless motor keeps the unit up for 21 miles at a speed of 12 mph, but a 280W lithium-polymer battery can ramp up a maximum speed of 18 mph. Charging time take 1.5-2 hours, making the E-Twow Booster one of the feature-rich and fastest charging electric scooters for adults.

5. UberScoot 1000w Electric Scooter

Keep your ride long with the UberScoot 1000W e-scooter. This unit is powered by a 1000W gearless direct drive hub motor that ensures you cover a distance of 18 miles before recharging a 36V battery than can yield a maximum speed of up to 24-26 mph. The foldable UberScoot can support a maximum load of 265 lbs (120 kg). A rider of the weight can ensure control of the e-scooter with the aid of front and rear disc brakes on a pair of extra wide of pneumatic street tires. The e-scooter also includes a removable seat. The UberScoot is one of the sturdiest and powerful electric scooters for adults.

6. IMAX T3 Electric Scooter

One of the priciest electric scooters for adults, the powerful performance of the IMAX T3 leaves enough room for desire. Its compact rear-mounted 350W motor and 36V battery pack enough power to sustain a powerful ride that goes 15 miles at a speed of 18 mph (29 kph) at a single charge of only 3 hours, one of the fastest charging, powerful electric scooters for adults ever. On the side, another e-scooter that folds and has a longer deck for increased standing room.

7. Currie Technologies eZip E4.5 Electric Scooter

One of the most practical and affordable electric scooters for adults, the eZip E4.5 e-scooter gets enough power from a 300W DC earth magnet motor and 24V SLA battery to yield a top speed of 12 mph. The eZip E4.5 does not travel fast unlike other electric scooters for adults and limits up to 180 lbs  (82 kg), but is rich in specs and features, including a smart controller, alloy wheels, removable handlebars, and heavy duty steel frame.

8. Acton M Scooter

“Sturdy, powerful, and extensive in range” are words that best describe the Acton M Scooter, a three-wheeler with an alluminum alloy frame, 18-inch front wheel and twin 8-inch rear wheels, 250W DC brushless hub motor, and 48V lithium-ion polymer battery. With such power specs, expect to go 12 mph and cover up to 28 miles on this fully foldable e-scooter, which folds down to half of its volume for easy storage, thanks to its unified collapsible frame and built-in retractable seat. The Acton M also comes with powerful LED headlights and indoor and outdoor speed settings. Indeed, one of the best three-wheel electric scooters for adults.

9. Pulse Performance Products Sonic XL

One of the cheapest electric scooters for adults, the Sonic XL has a 200W chain-driven motor that ramps up to 13 mph, fast enough for a quick trip to the store or a zip around the neighbourhood. Its oversized flat deck surface gives you more foot space, air-filled rubber tires allow a smoother ride, and instant throttle response (ITR) and hand brakes provide you complete control. A 24V sealed lead acid (SLA) battery allows 40 minutes of ride time per charge.

10. Inokim Quick-2 Myway

One of the priciest electric scooters for adults, the Inokim Quick-2 Myway weighs 32 lbs (14.5 kg) and takes 5 seconds to fold and unfold. It has a frame that is made out of 6061 T6 alluminum alloy and a pair of 10-inch pneumatic tires. The e-scooter is powered by a 36V hub motor and 36V lithium-ion battery that can be configured to 9AH and 18AH, allowing a maximum of 15-19 miles (25-30 km) and 25-31 miles (40-50 km), respectively, after a full charge of 6 hours. Top speed is configurable to 6 mph (slow), 11 mph (moderate), and 17 mph (fast).

As parting words, an unsolicited advice when shopping for electric scooters for adults: Pick the unit that you think will meet your needs, one that you can operate with ease and comfort, and is worth your hard-earned bucks.

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