Essential Electric Scooter Accessories You Must Have!

Going for a ride is more fun if you know that you have all the necessary electric scooter accessories for your safety.

Yes, it is not always about performance upgrades or changing parts of your electric bikes or electric scooters. Your safety should ALWAYS be you your utmost concern before going for a spin. Many would often associate riding an electric scooter or moped to accidents.

Needless to say,  such injuries can be avoided if riders go the extra mile in using safety gears. The misconception that these electric scooter accessories are only an extra cost for the drivers should certainly be straightened out.

Moreover, riders of electric scooters or bikes should also be equipped with the right knowledge as to why it is a MUST to have these safety accessories at all time.

For novice riders who are unable to  fully grasp the importance of these electric scooter accessories, then  continue reading be informed on how to avoid these accidents. You may use this also as your personal checklist.

Scooter Helmets or Safety Head Gear

One of the first electric scooter accessories you should buy is a quality helmet. We cannot stress the importance of having a sturdy head protective gear enough. Many experienced riders often buy the extra helmet.

The full-face helmet offers better protection while those so-called half-helmets are often bought for comfort. For people often riding their scooters in the urban area, the full-face type should be your priority.  

Wearing a snug-fit helmet with the chin-guard properly connected is paramount to your safety. Check the type of helmet required by your state or country.

It is likewise important to go for those brands that are certified safe or those which have passed quality standards. They may be pricey, but you can never put a price tag on your safety.

Goggles or Sunglasses

Cruising at 50 kph may subject your eyes to the wind, dust, and pouring sweat which could literally hurt your eyes. Having dust or experiencing whiplash of winds can blur your vision and exposes you to risks.

Therefore, having a good pair of sunglasses or goggles is also one of the top electric scooter accessories you should have.  If you ride for speed, it is better to go for goggles rather than glasses.  

You may opt to get the polarized or non-polarized type depending on your vision.  As with helmets, finding the eyewear that fits you well is also the key.

Scooter Gloves

Protecting your head and your eyes are important, but you also need to ensure that your hands are in top shape when driving. Your hands offer your first line of defense in case of accidents or any sudden problems.   

Gloves are also among the fundamental electric scooter accessories you need to have and use at any season.  The type of gloves you need highly depends on the season and your comfort.

You may opt to go for leather or synthetic types for warmer seasons. For winter, those gloves that come with extra insulating materials and padding on the knuckles are recommended. These electric scooter accessories also add an extra layer of protection when you have overactive sweat glands.

Protective Jackets

Jackets that can protect you from sudden rain pour or from the extreme heat of the sun are also advised. Leather jackets, for instance, are among g the most versatile electric scooter accessories you can have.

These jackets do not only protect your from the rain but can also protect you from the wind and the sun. You may opt for the padded and synthetic ones for the winter season. Choosing the design is also dependent on  your personal preference.  Bringing an extra rain gear is also another accessory you need to invest in.

Scooter Locks

Protecting your body is only part of the story. You need electric scooter accessories for your ride as well.  Scooter locks are effective tools in protecting your e-scooter or e-bike.

You may either go for the cable lock or the more common one – the disc brake type of lock.  The former is bulkier in size and allows you to attach your ride  to a post or anything permanent. The latter, on the other hand,  is ideal to be used when you need to leave your scooter overnight or  long period of time. You may opt to use a reminder cable as well.

Electric Scooter Cover

One of the least  expensive electric scooter accessories that you need to have is the cover for your ride. This accessory improves the life of your scooter as it  shelters it from disks, dirt, rain, and other elements. Moreover, it also protects your scooter from vandalism.  Durable covers last up to 10-15 years with good handling and storing. You may get the cover that is perfect for any weather.

Scooter Cargo Box

Electric scooters only offer minimal storage as opposed to other types of electric vehicles. Most electric scooters  have a compartment beneath the seats. However, if you need to purchase some grocery items, it would be tough to place everything inside a compact storage space. Having a scooter cargo box can resolve the space problems you may have. It is, in fact, one of the most practical electric scooter accessories to have. The cargo box offers supplemental space for your tools, water bottles, first-aid kits, or anything you need to bring for your journey. You may opt for the cargo box that comes with lighting so it would be more convenient to use at night. While this is one of the pricier electric scooter accessories, having a cargo box  can address  your traveling needs effectively.

Scooter Skirts

One of the least known electric scooter accessories that even long-time scooter riders are not aware of are the scooter skirts. Think of it as a skirt for your own protection. If you have a helmet for  the head, gloves for your hands, and  goggles for your eyes, you may likewise need something that would protect the lower part of your body. The scooter skirts are typically  made from heavy waterproof and highly durable materials.  They are likewise windproof.  It is ideal to use these scooter skirts during cold seasons.

The Messenger Bag

High-quality and waterproof messenger bags are a big plus for those who  travel via electric scooters on a regular basis. This is one of the basic electric scooter accessories that can hold cell phones, keys, wallets, even laptop pouches and keeping them safe while on the road. Practical and easy to find,  these bags enable users to quickly grab their wallet or phone easily. For bigger items that you wish to bring, you  many choose to bring your backpack as well. It is also one of the most practical electric scooter accessories to own.

Safety Tips and Reminders

Safety  should always be a priority whether you are driving a conventional bike or an electric scooter.  These accessories are not simply additional expenses. They are your personal investment for long-term enjoyment and safe ride with your electric scooter. Another effective way to ensure safety on the road  is to ensure that your brake system, lights, and batteries are in the best condition possible.

Your mirrors, motor, and the other safety features of your ride should also be working well and be checked prior to going for a ride. You need to be equipped with sufficient knowledge on road safety and traffic rules as these electric scooter accessories are not enough to keep you fully protected. Understanding the local regulations in your area on the use of electric scooters is likewise  recommended.

When it comes to purchasing the best electric scooter accessories,  checking the brand names AND reviews can immensely help you make the right decision. Check the manufacturers’ websites as well and search for quality standards and certifications.  Taking these extra measures will not only help you select the best electric scooter accessories  but also boost your own safety.

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