Environmentally Friendly Electric Scooters

E-Scooters help in keeping the environment clean and rids the road of smoke belching vehicles. This is one of the many ways environment friendly electric scooters help preserve the air we breathe. Countries all over the world turn to this mode of transport to minimize carbon emissions spewed from the engines using oil and gasoline products.

Free of Fossil Fuel

Environment Friendly Electric Scooters run on electricity supplied by charged battery packs. Batteries are fully rechargeable in 4 hours and could run an e-scooter to an average of 12 miles. Cars and Motorbikes that run on gas is powered by an internal combustion engine. This chamber is where gasoline, oil, and other fuels burn with air. The gas expands and compressed to drive the piston that gives power to drive the automobile mechanism.

Fossil fuel combustion contributes to the carbon emission spewed in our environment. E-scooters do not have internal combustion engines and rely on electric power stored and supplied by batteries or fuel cells. Greenhouse gases result from the burning of fossil fuels that has a connection to global warming of the Earth’s.

When greenhouse gasses rise up to the earth’s atmosphere, it traps the energy emitted by the sun. The trap elements consists of greenhouse gases that deflect the energy trapped back to earth causing increased temperature at the surface of the planet. Environment Friendly Electric Scooters do not spread greenhouse gasses as it does not burn fossil fuels. This means lesser pollutants and decreased the accumulation of carbon footprints.

The use of e-scooters brings us to cooling our planet and save it from global warming. Environmentalists advise to cycle more often or use appliances, mode of transportation that does not emit greenhouse gasses. The European Cyclists Federation released a study that bikes running on electricity leave lesser carbon footprints at 2.6 to 5.0 grams of CO2 per mile than electric cars that leave up to 150 grams when traveling for a mile.

Carbon Footprint

Environment friendly electric scooters leave lesser carbon footprints than motorcycles that run on gasoline. A carbon footprint is a measure of how much carbon dioxide is produced in terms of a person, event, organization, or a product and its equivalent when indulging on certain activities. In this case, an electric scooter has the equivalent of how much CO2 it produces per mile of travel. People can now measure their contribution to global warming with every activity they take.

The Carbon Footprint is useful to people who want to help reduce the carbon content equivalent with the way they do things. The computations are significant if you want to help reduce this planet’s climate. There is a Carbon footprint tabulator available in the net.

Environment Friendly Electric Scooters

Eliminating Noise Pollution Too

Environment friendly electric scooters help in eliminating unwanted noise as what loud combustion engines using fossil fuels do. With an e-scooter, you can run silent and you can run cheap because they don’t have traditional fuel-powered car and scooter engines, electric scooters emit the least noise.

Riders can scoot along streets without thundering ripples of combustion engines and mufflers designed to create booming noises. Infact, bystanders and pedestrians will not even notice an electric scooter passing through unless it rings or honks on them..

Modern Electric Scooters in the Market

Modern Scooters elegantly designed to win the hearts of potential owners now flood the market. There are plenty of innovative features that consider an environment friendly electric scooter.

Silence S01

This model has an upgraded 5Kw removable battery that is replaceable with a spare pack in a minute. Remove the discharged battery and replace it with a newly charged pack in an instant. The top speed of this model runs up to 100 km/hr and reaches a distance of 115 km or 71 miles. The electric scooter can accommodate two riders comfortably. Its large seat can store two adult helmets when not in use. The seat has the remote control capability to open via smartphone interface. The app can also open the locks and start the scooter engine remotely. A GPS feature is embedded in the batteries as another stuffed technology into the model.

Boosted Rev Electric Scooter

This model has its design blending with functionality, safety, durability, with the operating parameters. The iconic design allows the rider to operate and throttle its speed in one hand and could apply the brakes by rolling your thumb on a brake sensor. The Boosted Rev can run up to 22 miles in distance on a full charge.Top speed is 24 mph in acceleration mode. The Braking System has a regenerative action that saves you on power. The platform stability allows you to stay balanced when on the ride. The unit starts at $1599.


The new practical model starts at $799 and is appealing to anyone who are on a budget but want a quality electric scooter for a ride. It weighs only 30 pounds with a collapsible feature and can be tucked in a bus or subway seat on your way to the office.You can bring it to your room and slide it under the desk for storage. No need for parking. Maximum speed reaches to 20 mph with a distance of 20 miles per full charge.

You can rely on the ECORECO S5 to take you to your destination quickly and with authority. It has a 3-stage breaking feature that regenerates power when braking manually. LED light and mounts for your gadgets are available in this model.

Mahindra Genze 2.0

This model is a bit expensive but has the features of any scooter owner dream of. The Mahindra Genze 2.0 can travel up to 30 miles on a single full charge. Maximum speed is 48 kmph, and it takes 3 to 5 hours to top up its battery storage. This environment friendly electric scooter starts at $3000 that comes with salient features like the 7” touchscreen display and digital speedometer. The rider can navigate the touchscreen option while on the go. To access the touchscreen, e-scooter owners have personal identification codes required by the display to start its operation.

Environment friendly electric scooters is developing continuously and will continue to do so for future designs and concepts. Be updated on our reports and previews of the best electric scooters in the market.
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