Why Mopeds Are So Popular Today

Let’s face facts. The fact is that mopeds are popular today because the cost of gasoline has gone through the roof and frankly, the cost of everything under the sun has gone through the roof as well. It’s getting expensive just to be alive anywhere on earth, though especially in some parts of the United States and buying mopeds is one way that many people are trying to cut down on their expenses.

Great Gas Mileage

The primary reason for buying mopeds is quite simply the amazing gas mileage that these vehicles get. Whereas one might reasonably expect to fill up with a tank of gas twice a week when driving a car, one generally doesn’t drop by the gas station more than once a month when driving a moped. This makes sense when you consider that mopeds can easily get as much as 200 MPG compared with the average car today, which gets around 28MPG.

This means that even though a moped may be able to hold only five gallons as opposed to the 18 gallons a large luxury vehicle could hold, the moped will still go much further on its five gallons of gas than that large luxury vehicle goes on its 18 miles of gas.


Another thing that mopeds have going for them is the whole insurance issue. Cars are expensive to insure, both against loss and against liability. By comparison, most moped owners report that they have minimal expenses and spend a fraction of what they used to spend when they insured their cars.

It’s simple really – mopeds simply don’t have the ability to do the kind of damage that a car can do and so the liability insurance costs less. Mopeds are also much cheaper to purchase than cars are, meaning that you don’t have to worry about the cost of theft insurance as much either.


This is especially true for city dwellers. Mopeds can be parked pretty much anywhere you go. You can often tie them to a traffic pole with a heavy duty chain linked through the tires and walk away, safe in the knowledge that you won’t be ticketed and won’t have your moped stolen (after all, most thieves aren’t interested in stealing mopeds since there is less profit in them, unless of course you make it easy for them do it).

A car owner by comparison often has to find private parking, at exorbitant rates since they do have to worry about such things as alternate side of the street parking and tickets for parking in front of hydrants and other objects of that nature.

Cheaper than Motorcycles

Finally, the thing driving sales of mopeds more than sales of other two wheeled powered vehicle is the fact that mopeds are infinitely cheaper to purchase then motorcycles are. They’re also considered to be a little less intimidating than motorcycles, although when most people are interviewed about their choice to purchase a moped over a motorcycle, they’ll sheepishly admit that it’s a matter of cost which drove them to look at mopeds.

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