Why You May Want to Buy a Motor Scooter

Are you getting tired of paying through the nose every time you fill up your car’s gas tank? Then you may very well want to consider purchasing a motor scooter. Contrary to the image you may be conjuring up in your mind, the humble motor scooter is no longer the exclusive province of teenagers whose parents refuse to buy them a full fledged motorcycle.

Used by Adult Professionals

Today, motor scooters, including the popular Italian Vespa line of motor scooters are used by professionals and adults of all kinds to get to and from work. These people ride a motor scooter and laugh at those who still stand around filling their tanks with gas twice a week. In most cases, it’s possible to fill the tank on your motor scooter just once a month and be done with it. Add to that the fact that your motor scooter tank is around 1/3 to 1/4 the size of your traditional car gas tank and you quickly begin to see the appeal of riding a motor scooter instead of a car.

Yes, They Have Trunks

One of the biggest complaints that many people have about riding a motor scooter is that they’ve seen the super cheap models sold by some big box stores which don’t have trunks and which seem like they’re little more than toys. Here’s a shocker of a news item: they are little more than toys. A real motor scooter, the kind that you’d actually want to own has a powerful engine to get you safely around town and includes at least a small trunk for taking some groceries home or for sticking your briefcase into your motor scooter. While they’re not going to let you do shopping for a family of six all at one time, these kinds of trunks are perfect when you forgot to buy a gallon of milk and you need to pop down to the all night Wal Mart to grab some for the morning.

Most People Own Them In Addition to a Car

While there are many people who do try to rely exclusively on a motor scooter for all their needs, most people report that they do keep a car for the occasional times when a motor scooter just won’t do. For example, in the middle of a serious snow drift, or when they need to take the entire family on a summer vacation. However, these same people say it’s totally worth it because they use their motor scooters for 90% of their transportation needs and save a fortune on gas, insurance and maintenance for their cars as a result of owning their motor scooter.

And Yes, Even People Who Work In Offices Use Them

Finally, for the office types who have to show up to work wearing a suit and tie, it is definitely possible to use a motor scooter. You simply have to arrange to neatly fold your jacket into the trunk so that it’s neat and fresh for when you arrive at work on you.

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