Why Motor Scooters are Better than Cars

Let’s preface this by saying that motor scooters aren’t always better than cars. However, by and large, we’ve found that there are very few reasons to use a car as opposed to a motor scooter and that’s why we say that generally, motor scooters are better than cars for almost every use you can imagine


Let’s start with the most obvious factor – price of ownership. Buying a good car these days means dropping the neighborhood of around $25,000-$30,000 and that’s for a fairly basic model. Top of the line models can easily approach the $100,000 mark or higher for luxury models. Contrast that with the market for motor scooters where top of the line models are sold for less than $10,000 and decent motor scooters, suitable for adults to use for going to work can be had in the $1,000-$2,000 range and you see that price is simply no comparison – motor scooters win hands down.


Another thing that makes motor scooters so attractive is the high cost of gasoline. While motor scooters are of course primarily a singular conveyance (i.e. they carry just one person), most times cars also carry just one person to and from work. However, when you take out the scooter, you pay to haul along just two wheels and a small motor. When you take out the car, you pay to haul around several tons of metal and plastic together with you. This means that no matter how efficient your car may be, it can’t hold a candle to the efficiency of even the most gas guzzling motor scooters on the road today.


How many times have you been stuck in a traffic jam only to see a few lucky people flitting by on their motor scooters and getting to work on time? Need we say more? The fact is that motor scooters route you around the traffic jams and allow you to get wherever it is that you need to get to quickly and efficiently.


The other headache that most people have when driving around in their cars is quite simply the fact that they can never seem to find parking, especially in crowded urban centers. However, when you buy a motor scooter, those problems become a thing of the past. Motor scooters can be parked pretty much everywhere since they can simply be chained to a traffic light and there is little chance of getting a ticket while parking one whereas cars constantly get tickets.

Coolness Factor

Contrary to what some people may think, motor scooters definitely have a huge coolness factor. No, the cheap electric dirt bike type motor scooter isn’t going to get you any second looks, but try driving up on Vespa motor scooters, with their Italian designs and sleek lines and you’ll see heads turning all around, whether you are a man or a woman. The fact is that you can’t get that kind of a coolness factor from most inexpensive cars, meaning that if you want to have heads turn, you need to buy one of those cool motor scooters.

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