What to Look for When Shopping for Used Motor Scooters for Sale

Actually, this advice is just as useful when shopping for brand new motor scooters for sale from dealers, however the one big difference is that when buying a used model, you need to look for signs of damage to ensure that you’re not buy a lemon. Here’s how to shop effectively amongst the various motor scooters for sale, both from used lots and from dealers who sell them brand new:

Consider What You Want it For

Are you looking at motor scooters for sale because you want to get your teenage kid a scooter to take to school? That’s a very different thing from looking into buying one for yourself as an adult. The cheap motor scooters for sale from big box stores for example may appeal to kids (though frankly, they’re not well made and tend to be pretty dangerous), however, for an adult, you’ll want something that looks more like a Vespa. Those are the Italian motor scooters for sale from professional dealers. They do cost a bit of money – a brand new one can go for as much as $10,000 or so, but these are designed for adults who need reliable transportation and not for your teenage kid to take on a dirt path.

Check the CC Rating

Once you know what you want it for, look at different motor scooters for sale from a variety of sources and check on the CC ratings. CC stands for cubic centimeters and it’s basically just a measurement of how much power the engine has. For a toy, you want to get under 50 CC. However, these toys should never be used in road conditions and should be considered for use in back yards and on dirt trails. They simply don’t have the power and pickup that bigger motor scooters for sale from real dealerships have.

For reliable transportation, look for a minimum of 125CC and consider going for 250CC if you need to go up and down hills or you happen to be physically heavy. The fact is that in either case, most motor scooters for sale today will simply not do the job if they are the super cheap models with tiny engines.

Be Sure to Take a Test Drive

This is not always possible with motor scooters for sale on the Internet, however you can often find the same model from dealers in your area (albeit at a much higher price) and you’ll be more likely to get a good feel for whether the motor scooter you are thinking about buying is right for your needs. When considering used motor scooters for sale from the previous owner, it’s all the more important to get a test drive as there may be problems that have developed since they purchased the scooter – problems that will only show up under test drive conditions.

Speaking of that, when looking at motor scooters for sale from owners or used scooter lots, be sure to check carefully for signs of rust or different colors or shades of paint. Both are signs that these things should be in the junk heap and shouldn’t be advertised as being available motor scooters for sale.

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