Electric Scooter for Kids

Here at ElectricScooters.com we provide potential buyers with tips in aiding their purchase for their child’s scooter. We understand a parent’s desire for safety and the quality of workmanship that goes into the manufacturing process. Our research department has sampled many of the top brands and models for performance during out tests of the product. We look for quality ride and durability as those are extreme importance to customers who have entered the market. Like any other product you purchase for your kids we stick to time tested brands who have delivered over a long period a quality product that has passed the US safety inspection for children at the age recommended for use as displayed next to each electric scooter for sale. Something we do not do is recommended clone models or what is sometimes referred to as off band merchandise. Our top rated scooters for kids reviewed and recommended are brand name and model originals and not some cheap manufactured similar make ones. You should always be weary when a site recommends a product stating it has similar features of a brand name model at a higher price. You certainly get what you pay for when you shop for a kids scooter as what you will find from the cheap imitation models are of poorer quality and made with less durable parts that will result in high defective breakdowns. The vendors we recommend you purchase your children’s scooters have all been thoroughly researched for customer service and on time delivery of their product to their buyers.

Electric Scooter for Adults

All adults come in very different shapes and sizes so it is important for a purchaser of an electric scooter to carefully read the weight capacity for each model during your shopping process. All of our reviews will indicate each scooters maximum carrying weight. Our product research has found that adult riders under 180 pounds can get a safe and quality performance ride for the majority of our reviewed scooters built for adults. One who factors speed in the performance of their scooter must fully take in account to the riders weight as well as the type of terrain they will be riding their electric scooter. Performance will vary based on the riding surfaces. The most ideal ride for your electric scooter will be on a smoothly pave street. Those who will ride in rougher surfaces will need to look at the product specifications because scooter manufactures have built scooters with higher wattage engines to handle more difficult terrain. Those electric scooter customers who weigh over 180 pounds will need to shop the higher wattage engine models with a 300 watt engine or greater. Where you live will also impact the quality of performance you get from your electric scooter. Be aware that certain parts of the country will receive more rain, snow and wind than others. As you browse out sites internal pages please review the type of climate that each scooter has been manufactured to handle. Weather extremities will impact the performance of your electric scooter so you need to do your homework when shopping and look for models suitable for your place of residence.