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Electric Scooters are on the rise as a means of transportation for short distances. Riders can practically use the mode of transport when going to work, promenading around a locality, to the market place or simply to go for a spin in the park. There are more reasons to use an electric scooter than to go on conventional transport to your short destination.

Electric Scooter for Adults

All adults come in very different shapes and sizes so it is important for a purchaser of an electric scooter to carefully read the weight capacity for each model during your shopping process.

All of our reviews will indicate each scooters maximum carrying weight. Our product research has found that adult riders under 180 pounds can get a safe and quality performance ride for the majority of our reviewed scooters built for adults.

One who factors speed in the performance of their scooter must fully take in account to the riders weight as well as the type of terrain they will be riding their electric scooter.

Performance will vary based on the riding surfaces. The most ideal ride for your electric scooter will be on a smoothly pave street.

Those who will ride in rougher surfaces will need to look at the product specifications because scooter manufactures have built scooters with higher wattage engines to handle more difficult terrain.

Those electric scooter customers who weigh over 180 pounds will need to shop the higher wattage engine models with a 300 watt engine or greater.

Where you live will also impact the quality of performance you get from your electric scooter. Be aware that certain parts of the country will receive more rain, snow and wind than others.

As you browse out sites internal pages please review the type of climate that each scooter has been manufactured to handle.

Weather extremities will impact the performance of your electric scooter so you need to do your homework when shopping and look for models suitable for your place of residence.

Electric Scooter for Kids

Here at ElectricScooters.com we provide potential buyers with tips in aiding their purchase for their child’s scooter.

We understand a parent’s desire for safety and the quality of workmanship that goes into the manufacturing process.

Our research department has sampled many of the top brands and models for performance during out tests of the product. We look for quality ride and durability as those are extreme importance to customers who have entered the market.

Like any other product you purchase for your kids we stick to time tested brands who have delivered over a long period a quality product that has passed the US safety inspection for children at the age recommended for use as displayed next to each electric scooter for sale.

Something we do not do is recommended clone models or what is sometimes referred to as off band merchandise. Our top rated scooters for kids reviewed and recommended are brand name and model originals and not some cheap manufactured similar make ones.

You should always be weary when a site recommends a product stating it has similar features of a brand name model at a higher price.

You certainly get what you pay for when you shop for a kids scooter as what you will find from the cheap imitation models are of poorer quality and made with less durable parts that will result in high defective breakdowns.

The vendors we recommend you purchase your children’s scooters have all been thoroughly researched for customer service and on time delivery of their product to their buyers.

Avoiding Traffic

Traffic is one of the worst problems for a commuter when going from one place to another. With your electric scooter, you can traverse smoothly from point A to point B. It saves space on the road.

Cosmopolitan areas in large cities suffer the problems of traffic due to cars and mass commute vehicles. In the US, 46% of traffic congestions occur with cars on a less than a three mile road trip.

The use of electric scooters can alleviate the problems caused by traffic on the road. The use of e-scooters falls under the micro-mobility solutions to road gridlocks. Government and private companies are now into its implementation.

Studies fro INRIX show that an average commuter spends 42 hours in traffic congestion annually. INRIX is a private company that provides data on road traffic, parking, and other analytics pertaining to road travel.

Convenient and Faster Commute

If you are traveling for short distances within the town or a city, riders opt to ride on their electric scooters to their place of work or destination. In urban areas, where there is dense population and cars abound on the roads, the use of an electric scooter will lessen the travel time and parking of your rides will not be a problem.

Some electric scooters are foldable and can be hand carried on trains and buses once folded. You can even store it under your desk upon reaching your destination.

Your e-scooters can pass through narrow lanes and alleys where a four-wheeled vehicle cannot pass. The rider can easily opt for other routes and avoid heavily congested areas.

Save on Operational Expenses

Owning an electric scooter saves you a lot of expenses compared to cars and fossil-fueled vehicles.


A safe spot to park will never be a problem for an electric scooter. Modern designs allow e-scooter owners to fold their rides into towed luggage. No more parking concerns for these types of scooters.


With an e-scooter, you will never have to visit a gas station for your fuel ever. An electric scooter uses a fully charged battery that can take you places in a day. Electric bills may rise when you are regularly charging your electric scooter but it is loose change compared to gassing up on fossil-fueled vehicles. Electric vehicles run on charged batteries while cars that run on gas has an internal combustion engine that powers the vehicle.


Opting for an electric scooter saves you in a lot of expenses incurred when owning a car. According to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), the average cost of maintaining a regular car runs from $42 to $58 per month or $500 to $700 per year including regular tune-ups, oil, and filter changes, excluding major repairs.

Electric scooter ownership will cost you an average of $0.09 cents per mile while renting one is $1.50 per mile. One of the major reasons why commuters prefer the e-scooter as their mode of transport. Here is a rough budget on how much it will cost if you to commute a 5 mile journey to and from work per year with a good mid-range e-scooter that costs $350. The cost of fully charging a regular electric scooter in America takes a half kilowatt of energy at 0.05 cents to charge.

Five miles to your office and 5 miles from work leaves your batteries empty each day and you need to fully charge it regularly. If you are working 5 days a week for 4 weeks on holiday means you work for 240 days a year equating to electricity costs of $12 per year. Chain lube for the scooter’s chain drive is $15 per year translate to $377 per year or an estimated $0.16 cents per mile. Add a $20 replacement of the chain drive at $20 equates to $424 in two years or roughly $0.09 cents per a couple of years.

Batteries for an e-scooter last up to 5 years, you need not change batteries often. Brake pad and linings last longer on electric scooters resisting longer to wear and tear. Compared to conventional cars, e-scooters have no spark plugs, oil, air filters, timing belts, and clutch. Parts that need replacement are the brake pads, brake fluids, and tires.

Purchase of an Electric Scooter is Cheaper than Other Vehicles

An electric scooter enthusiast can own one at a cost from $100 to $500. Lowered costs are in the market lately to usher new owners to purchase one and aid its promotion.

A GOTRAX GXL Commuting Scooter with 8.5” air filled tires, 15mph to a distance 12 miles costs $298 at Amazon. It has 8..5″ pneumatic tyres making it ideal in commuting over rough terrain for a smooth riding experience. It has a 250 watt powerful motor weighing up to 220 pounds. The batteries can bring you to 12.5 miles and has a recharging time of an estimated 4 hours. The batteries are UL2271 certified. The portable design folds down for easy carry and storage.

This model has two speed settings: The first gear speeds up the ride up to 10 mph and if you want maximum cruising speed, set it to second gear to glide the full 15 mph. The front and rear braking system makes up for double safety in case of sudden stops. The speedometer is set for easy viewing. There are 4 battery indicators that alerts the rider that it is time to charge up. An ultra headlight is available in case you travel by night. The folding frame is lever activated for easy storing and convenience when riding the subway, train or the bus.


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