Electric Scooters in Winter

Ever wondered what happens to these wonderful machines in winter? Can these practical rides survive the freezing cold? Regions where the weather is extremely cold may deter the operations of scooter companies such as LIME and BIRD in Colorado. Denver is an area where these scooter entities serve the populace with electric scooters. The place is called “The Mile High City” because its elevation is one mile above sea level.

Scoot as Usual

The electric scooter business goes on when temperatures fall in Denver. The e-scooter company workforce goes around on their service vehicles collecting electric scooter in winter left by the renters and recharge them for a few hours for the next day users. The e-scooters gets used, rain or shine and snow, they get collected and recharged just the same. The freezing weather does not stop these equipment. Other competitors gave in when winter sets in due to the vulnerability of their power packs when exposed to extreme weather.

The experience in Denver driving the e-scooters in winter showed that even harsh weather conditions can not stop the e-scooters to continue rolling for its commuters. There are complaints of scooter charging problems when left exposed in snow instead of being left in sidewalks. LIME and BIRD electric scooter companies are formulating solutions regarding these problems so people will have the machines accessible even in winter.

Extra Precautions When Scooting on Snow

Yes, you can scoot around in winter when it is snowing but it is not a good idea to do so. On dry land, it is perfect. But on snow, it is not recommended. Other riders see it a necessity to use the electric scooters in winter. Here are some hints if you really need to ride the equipment in the season. Take extra precautions.

Slow and Defensive Driving

Keep this precautionary measure at all times. Roads can get slippery and will affect your balance on the e-scooter. A slow and cautious ride will save the trip for you.

Use the Bike Lanes or Trails

Using these bikers’ amenities could be a safe space for you and the electric scooter to trod in winter. As much as possible, use these lanes to be safe from other motorists.

Choose Your Path

Do not push the electric scooter when the snow gets deep. The scooter can only run as far as the wheels are touching on solid ground. Avoid deep snow.

Electric Scooters in Winter
Wearing of Protective Gear

The gears you wear could save your life. Wear protective helmets, gloves, closed tipped shoes, elbow and knee protectors, and glasses to protect your eyes.

Steer Slowly

Do not make abrupt turns while driving on winter conditions. The action could cause a bad fall. When you want to steer your electric scooter in harsh winter, decrease your speed so the control will be manageable. Use Your body wait to balance when steering.

Don’t Run on Ice

The electric scooter is good for running on dry ground and not on ice or sleet; its wheels are too small for that terrain. Cars have special tires to run on icy roads where it can bite on ice for proper traction. E-scooters have no accessory for this purpose yet. The rider is prone to accidents when riding on icy road.

Electric scooters are not fit to run on these conditions. When you encounter these terrain in your winter ride, get off your e-scooter, walk and ride them again when you find solid ground in the journey.

Use Air Tires on Snow

Air tires deliver better performance on snow when riding your electric scooters in winter. Solid tires are not advisable on snow riding for its hardness and is only good on dry pavements. Decrease air pressure on air tires for a better ride on ice and snow. There is an air pressure recommendation in the user’s manual. If your tires need changing this winter, there are winter tires available in the market. Wider tires are best for winter riding because of the traction contact on ice or snow, it performs better.

Proper Winter Clothing

Use appropriate winter clothing when riding the electric scooter in winter conditions. Ensure a base layer tops and bottoms to maintain the right body heat with a hood that is best for this ride.

Battery Heating Fixture

The batteries of the electric scooter in winter will not last long in extreme cold. Be sure to have a battery heating fixture for your packs when riding the winter season. The model XIAOMI  Mi M365 has a heating fixture for its batteries.

User’s experience riding in 0°C initiated a 20°C electric scooter temperature after 0.6 km of distance traveled. At a distance of 3.5 km, its temperature dropped to 7°C. It only took 4.4 km of distance covered for the electric scooter to be at 0°C.

Avoid Riding at Night

If you can avoid riding at night, do it. The tendency of an accident riding at night, especially on winter conditions, amplifies the risk of the incident. Snow worsens the factor of danger. But if riding the night calls for it, here are some precautionary measures to follow.

Get lighted up for clearer visibility by mounting an LED light on your electric scooter or on your protective helmet.

Use reflectorized clothing for other vehicles to notice you.

Slow driving is advisable so you can step on the brakes in case of an emergency stop.

Stay away from moving traffic to avoid being ran over.

Clean Up

It is always best to clean up your electric scooter after riding on snow or mud. The advantage of cleaning up your ride is also a method of checking to see if your e-scooter is damaged with cracks that may be covered with mud or dirt. This method of checking your electric scooters in winter will prolong its life.

Mud and debris could also get stuck in the moving parts of your electric scooters in winter. Dirt and debris can cause damages to tires, brake systems and steering capability that could lead to premature accidents while on your way to your destination.

Take heed of these precautions, especially in winter conditions.
Winter is coming. Visit our website to learn more on what you can do when riding electric scooters in winter at www.electricscooters.com.

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