Electric Scooters in Urban Areas: The Answer to Traffic, Parking, and Road Congestion

Commuters continuously complain about bad traffic and congestion on the road. Traffic congestion sets in when the use of cars increases causing roads to be overcrowded by vehicles on long queues for passage. Traffic congestion does not only affect commuting, it is also bad for the environment and our health when carbon dioxide spews from the tailpipes of automobile combusting fossil fuels. The situation calls for electric scooters in urban areas that could answer to traffic, parking, and road congestion.

The scenario is a common sight in urban areas. The number of cars on the road is not the only cause for traffic congestion. Here are some reasons why road congestion happens:

Too Many Cars on the Road

If the commuting public decide to use every car in the city, then there will surely be overcrowding of vehicles in the area. Vehicle usage increase if mass transit is inadequate with no other options of traveling from point A to point B.

Road Obstacles or Blockades

Accident or man-made obstacles cause traffic congestion. These blockades could be double parking, road repairs, road lanes closed for some work in progress, roads getting smaller, human interference like mass rallies of unscheduled events and other traffic stopping incidents.

Traffic Lights Malfunction

Traffic lights programming sometimes go bad causing confusion to drivers leading to traffic jams. One such abnormality is too much green time programmed in the system.

Pedestrian Crossings

Too much pedestrians trying to cross an intersection disallowing cars turn to cross with the go signals turned green in traffic lights.

Big Trucks and Cargo Vehicles

The presence of this cargo vehicles in small roads could cause traffic congestion that will delay the flow of vehicles traversing the passage.

Electric Scooters in Urban Areas

Overdeveloped Areas

Overdeveloped areas could cause jams and congestion with its existing traffic system in a state of overcrowding already. Additional infrastructure and vehicles on the road will cause traffic problems and commute.

All these problems can be greatly reduced by the inception of electric scooters into the stream to maintain the balance of transportation for commuters. This course of action will provide an option to use the micro-mobility option and just leave their cars at home, thereby reducing the number of vehicles down the road. It will be the prerogative of the commuter to buy a reliable electric scooter for his personal use or avail of the e-scooters on rentals. Electric kick scooters are now on the streets of urban cities in the USA and around the world offering affordable rental rates for riders traveling on short commutes.

SPIN, San Francisco California, USA

In the US, Electric Scooters in Urban Areas are supplied by SPIN, a stationless company acquired by Ford Motor Corporation servicing San Francisco, California with an initial funding of $8 million.  The electric scooter company provides dockless mobility systems to its riders.

SKIP, San Francisco, California, USA

SKIP Scooters is also an electric scooter company servicing the urban area of San Francisco with a trusted last mile transportation solution. Its total funding amount reached $131 million.

BIRD, Santa Monica, California, USA

While in Santa Monica, The BIRD electric scooter company is providing its last smile services to commuters with dockless e-scooters.  Bird company is also developing a sharing platform for its riders. The company has now a total funding amount of $415 million.

VOGO Automotive Pvt Limited, Kornaka, India

India is doing its share in providing electric scooters in urban areas. VOGO Automotive Pvt Ltd is a is a dockless scooter rental company located in Koramangala, karnataka, India which lets customers rent electric scooters for short one way commutes. The total amount funded by this company is $117,006,826.00.

BEAM, SIngapore

In the Central Region of Singapore, Beam e-scooter company delivers electric scooters in urban areas an is expanding its transportation options in Asia. Its funding amount totaled to $6.4 million.

Gogoro Electric Scooter, Taiwan

The company is in Taipei, Taiwan whose goal is to provide new consumer products to develop the utilization of energy in urban areas. Gogoro has a total funding amount at $480 million.

Yellow Micro-Mobility Services, Brazil

Yellow offers bike and electric scooter sharing services on its micro-mobility platform. The company operates is Sao Paulo, Brazil with a total funding amount of $75.3 million.

Dott Scooter, Netherlands

Is an electric scooter startup company operating in Amsterdam, Noor Holland, Netherlands with an initial funding of 20 million. Dott is also a last mile solution provider of e-scooters for its riders.

CityScoot, France & Italy

This company offers service rentals for short commutes operating in Nice, Paris, and Milan based in Paris, Ile de France. It has a total funding capital of 55 million.

Lime, California, USA

Lime is an electric scooter company providing its services in urban areas to help people travel in short commutes around San, Mateo, California. Its renta rate are affordable and delivers its services in convenience for its riders while helping the environment with non CO2 emitting e-scooters. Its total funding is $765 million.

Niu.com, China

The electric scooter company is in Shanghai, China providing smart micro-mobility innovations in urban areas. The total funding amount of Niu.com is $45.5 million.

Unu motors, Germany

Unu offers electric scooters in urban areas powered by rechargeable batteries allowing people to travel in short commutes in urban environment in Berlin, Germany. Its total funding amount is $21.7 million.

Other cities accepting and implementing the use of electric scooters in urban areas by respective companies are:

Electric Scooter Company City & Country

Immotor Shenzhen Guangdong, China

Cooltra Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Felyx Amsterdam, Noord Holland, The Netherlands

Scooterson San Francisco, California, USA

Ojo Oxnard, California, USA

Silence Esplugas de Llobregat, Catalonia Spain

Swiftmile Mountainview, California, USA

Blue Armor Helmets Bangalore, Karnataka, India

There are more listings of companies pushing for the market of electric scooters in urban areas. Each with a goal for a bigger market and help urban areas by reducing traffic congestion and reduce carbon dioxide emission in the air.
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