Electric Scooters and Micro-Mobility Solutions

Highly urbanized areas welcome the entry of electric scooter as part of the micro-mobility solutions introduced to help alleviate several problems associated with pollution and traffic congestion. Electric Scooter markets rose phenomenally as these wonderful machines invade regions that urgently need the solution for their increasing demand to provide mobility to the populace.

The Electric Scooter and Our Environment

The E-scooter offers more than just micro-mobility. The equipment will help pull down carbon dioxide spewed in the air by combusted fuel. Combustion is the burning of something, in this case, of fossil fuels that create an estimated 95% of the world’s energy requirement. The infusion of electric scooters to the transportation industry will be part of a collective solution to curb carbon dioxide emission in our environment.

Carbon Dioxide is one of the primary greenhouse gases accumulating in the earth’s atmosphere with water vapor, methane, nitrous oxide, and ozone. These gases block the deflection of the sun’s rays towards the atmosphere resulting to the rise in temperature on the earth’s surface.The largest contributor of greenhouse gases is carbon dioxide emitted from burning fossil fuels used to harvest energy during combustion to produce heat, electricity, and power for transportation.

The electric scooter does not need fossil fuels for its energy requirement. It runs on electricity stored in the batteries that powers its micro-mobility. This feature helps cut down carbon dioxide emission without combustion and is a worthy solution not only in the field of transport but on our environment as well.

Fossil Fuel Depleting Supply

The E-scooter offers a winning approach to aid transport in the depleting supply of fossil fuels. Besides the burning of fuel burning adding up to global warming, how much longer are we going to depend on fossil fuels? Do we have enough to last in the days to come?

The UN-backed International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reported that the use of fossil fuels must be cut down drastically so as to avoid catastrophic and irreversible damages from occurring. Governments allotted billions to make alternative solutions to thwart the incident from taking place. The production of electric and hybrid means of transportation are in full blast and will offer part of the answer. The electric scooter and micro-mobility solutions will contribute to the goal of saving the planet from destruction with the alternative use of electricity in this mode of transport.

Micro-Mobility Solutions

Micro-Mobility: Last Mile/First Mile Transport Solutions

Not everybody lives along areas at walking distance from the last bus stop, train station depot, or subway lines. There will always be people who do not have convenient transportation that could bring them to their doorsteps. Transport analysts coin this last step or first step of the journey as the last mile or first mile. The situation calls for micro-mobility transports; enter: electric scooters for micro-mobility solutions.

Cities will always have traffic problems of congestion, noise, and air pollution. The deployment of electric scooters to address the last/first mile concerns found success as a solution to bringing commuters to the very door of their homes. Urban areas discourage adding special routes as an answer to the last/first mile problem. The addition of routes and buses to ply this areas will cost the city more with little commuters in the process. Electric scooters are the answer to micro-mobility.

Micro-mobility solutions are small means of transport that could carry one or two persons. Bicycles, Electric or motorized scooters, electric bicycles and other alternative methods to ride home. Government allocated funds to micro-mobility rides and prefered the electric scooters to serve as the solution for the mile-ride home.

Commuters need not own one to avail of these micro-mobile rides. In some urban cities, companies commercially rent out electric scooters to commuters needing it by convenience. Commuters register to an electric scooter company who rent out these equipment and download the apps used to activate the rental process. E-scooter rental companies will direct commuters to a station were the electric scooters are parked or where ever they are left by the people who last rented them. Through the app, commuters will connect with the rental company for activation and usage of the e-ride.

After using the equipment, commuters can leave the e-scooters where the company staff can gather them for recharging on the next user’s rental. Other areas where the rental companies have to go yet has commuters purchasing their own electric scooter. Governments subsidize the purchase of the equipment for riders who cannot afford to buy one in cash or credit. The Asia Pacific (APAC) Region does the subsidizing of electric scooters to help solve the problem of affordability. APAC is composed of China, Japan, Indonesia and other countries along that rim, spearheading the promotion of the micro-mobility vehicles.

Micro-mobility vehicles help the city in traffic congestion. As governments offer attractive schemes for commuters to prefer e-scooters than driving their cars, traffic lessens on the road and lesser emission of carbon dioxide spewed off in the air we breathe.

Commercial Electric Scooter Rental Companies

Electric Scooter Rental Companies are gradually invading urban cities to push their business expansion and help address the government’s plea to curb carbon dioxide emissions. These companies are app-based and have their system on how to profit in this field of business. Companies like Lime, Spin, amnd Bird had successfully established a foothold on cities big and small. Studies show that they rented out 20 to 30 million rides in total. An initial $1 is paid to rent an electric scooter with an additional 15 cents per minute to follow or $9 per hour if you reach an hour riding the e-scooter.

Some negative feedback came to the attention of government agencies and the rental companies. After the rental, e-scooters are left everywhere causing traffic nuisance and tripping hazards to pedestrians. Agencies are trying to formulate a law that will regulate the systematic rental and usage of these equipment. Most cities were not ready to infuse the electric scooters in their transport system yet, that is why the chaotic aftermath of the rentals ensued.

Environmentalists, agencies, and private electric scooter companies are working together to help curb air and noise pollution as well as decrease traffic problems all over their vicinities.

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