Electric Scooters as part of the Solution to Global Warming

NASA reported that the rise of temperature in the earth’s surface revealed that its studies of the global temperature is accurate to about a tenth of a degree Fahrenheit in recent years. By using the GISS Surface Temperature Analysis (GISTEMP), the resultant shows that the values are likely on the spot to within .09 degrees fahrenheit in the the recent decades.  

Global Warming

This climatic concern is a threat to all living things in the face of the earth. The climate’s rising temperature puts our national security at risk and imperils the basic needs of humanity. Abnormal events like rising sea levels, severe floods, drought, more violent storms and other abnormal climatic conditions continue to occur all over the planet.

Contributing to the rise in Global warming are greenhouse gases accumulating in our atmosphere. These harmful gases block the deflection of the sun’s energy bouncing it back to earth resulting the rise in temperature of our planet. One of the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is carbon dioxide. This harmful gas is toxic to people and animals.The major culprit of these gases spewn into the air is the burning of fossil fuels to harness its energy. The energy keeps our cars running, our power plants continuous supply of heat and electricity fueled by coal and oil.

Cars and trucks burn fossil fuels. Our transportation system is a main contributor of carbon dioxide in the air. A lethal contribution that increases global warming in terms of the fossil fuels it burn and the emission of Carbon Dioxide. A way to minimize the emission of carbon dioxide is replacing the fuel consumption of these vehicles into electricity. Electric powered vehicles has zero carbon dioxide emission. Governments are constantly looking for ways to rid equipment or vehicles using fossil fuels with micro-mobility transport that can help the urban population. Commuters are suffering from traffic congestion and pollution with the number of cars and the volume of carbon dioxide polluting the air we breathe.

Shifting to Electric Scooters for the Environment

As an alternative mode of transportation for vehicles to curb pollution and traffic congestion, the electric scooter became a part of the solution to global warming. Cars and trucks are responsible for 20% of of US emissions spewing out 24 pounds of carbon dioxide for every gallon of gas consumed. Five pounds for the fuel’s extraction, production, and handling while the 19 pounds are from the exhaust pipes of the vehicles. In short, emissions from gas and trucks pose a threat to the increasing temperature of the earth’s surfaces.

Electric Scooters

Electric Energy for Electric Scooters

Electric Energy will replace fossil fuel consumption thereby cutting the volume of carbon dioxide released to the air. Electric Scooters will replace cars on the road for shorter commutes thereby further reducing traffic congestion and noise pollution. Foldable e-scooters were introduced into the fleet that also reduced the problem of parking.  

The e-scooter also became a preferred type of transportation for the first and last mile concern for most commuters whose homes are far from bus stations, train depots, and subway lines’ last stop. The first and last mile issue is a problem for commuters needing another ride to their doorsteps. Governments cannot put in place another route for a bus or a train for practical reasons. The e-scooter comes into the picture for this alternative mode of transport.

Electric Kick Scooters

Electric Kick Scooters for Adults

This type of e-scooter is the prefered solution for short commutes. But you have to look for specific weight capacity as adults vary in sizes. The e-scooter is much stronger and bigger for small kids to handle.

Foldable Electric Kick Scooter

This type of scooter also comes with a foldable feature for easy handling and are great for working people who commute to the office everyday. The foldable e-scooter is sturdy and can travel fast with practical functionality to avoid traffic and pollution. The foldable feature allows riders to carry it on buses, subways, and trains. Parking will never be a problem; you can bring it to your office and slide it under your desk. Recommended for this feature is the Glion Dolly Foldable Electric Scooter.

Off Road Electric Kick Scooter

This e-scooter is optimized to run on rough terrain and roads peppered with rocks and and other extreme trails. Features required for these rough travel are powerful motors, serious fabrication of its body and parts, a heavy duty rechargeable battery, some state of the art fork suspension, off road tires, and protective housing for the batteries and motor. A recommended model is the Qiewa QPower off road electric Kick Scooter.

Fat Tires Electric Kick Scooter

As the description goes, this type has wider tires and comes with a seat for absolute comfort during the ride. Some fat tires electric kick scooter are installed with tires as wide as cars and provides comfortable cruising. Recommended model for this type is the Electric Chopper look scooter – Fat Tires with 1500 Watts motor.

Kick scooters can have options to have a seat while others do not have that option and is for standing room only. Recommended model for electric scooter with an option for a seat is the Seated Version of Razor E300 – or the Razor E300S making the most of fun and enjoyment riding them.

A Shift to Eco-friendly Electric Scooters

Now that governments around the world are allocating budget and technology to supply the populace with electric scooters for short destinations, the rise in e-scooters grew exponentially. Other areas like the APAC (Asia-Pacific) Region are gearing towards an electric scooter micro- mobility society. China is starting to subsidize people in specific areas who infused to urban society. The family income grew with more jobs available providing the purchasing power to buy other things and some necessities. An electric scooter is one of the needs of the urban population to address their short commutes from point A to point B.

Some major cities in the world introduced the electric scooter rental that helped much of the short distance travels for tourists and people who need cheap rental facilities for their journey. The e-scooter rental services is a big help for commuters who want to avoid traffic and want cheap commutes around the area.
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