Electric Scooter or Gas Powered Scooter?

Want a Scooter? Electric May be Better than Gas Powered

If you’ve been searching for a scooter, electric or gas is the single most common question that many companies have for you as far as what it is that you want to buy. In fact, do a Google search for “scooter electric” and you’ll see that most companies that sell one sell the other as well. But is there a real difference between the two? The answer is, yes there is. When buying a scooter, electric is often a better choice than buying gas. Here’s what you need to know:

Both are Efficient

The first thing to realize is that when you buy a scooter, electric and gas models are both extremely efficient and will get you around town to do whatever you need to do. Neither of them however will actually get you across the country since these vehicles aren’t designed with that purpose in mind. They’re primarily intended to be used for travel within a city and that’s one of the primary reasons that we say that when it comes time to buy a scooter, electric may well be the way to go.

More Efficiency

The obvious reason why we suggest that you go for an electric scooter as opposed to a gas powered scooter is the same reason that electric cars are a better value for the money as far as fuel costs than gas powered cars. It simply costs a lot less for the electricity to charge up your scooter. Electric companies all over the country in fact report that people who have begun to charge up scooters on their home electricity see a barely noticeable bump in their electric bills because these vehicles tend to sip electricity, so much so that there is simply no need to bother with gas powered options.

Get a Spare Charger

Of course, there is one big drawback to buying an electric powered scooter: electric scooters need a charger to charge up the battery. This means for example that if your scooter is able to get around 15 miles on a charge and your office is 10 miles away, then you’ll need a second charger which can be plugged in at the office to ensure that you can get home. Of course, this also just points out another good reason why it comes time to buy a scooter, electric is the way to go – you don’t have to pay for the electric bill when charging your scooter’s battery at the office!

Bottom Line

The bottom line is this: whether you buy a gas powered or electric powered scooter, you’ll be doing a favor for the environment and for your wallet. The tiny carbon footprint and minimal costs of operating a scooter simple mean that you don’t have to worry about wasting a fortune or contributing to global warming when you ride around on one. The fact that these two wheeled wonders also come in cool styles which look like something an adult drives and not a kid, well that just makes all the more reason to go out right now and look on Google for the words “scooter electric.”

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