Electric Micro Mobility Scooters: Solution to the Traffic Problem

The necessity for the last mile transport was with us ever since mass transport was implemented in urban cities across the globe. The issue of the last mile commute for passengers living away from the last stop of trains and buses is a concern that brought up the use of electric micro mobility vehicles. The implementation gained recognition in 2010 when last mile commuters would use the transport sharing network of electric scooter for their travel that is more or less than a mile from the last station stop. The mode of transport is the solution for riders to get home using the electric micro mobility scooters as their micro mobility equipment. The first generation micro mobility machines are available on docked areas where the riders can open the equipment using an app through their smartphones. The second generation e-scooters are available where previous users leave them in an orderly manner. These vehiclular sharing system is practical for commuters wishing to travel on short journeys.

Electric micro mobility scooters are long available for users to personally purchase. E-Scooter companies designed the mode of ride sharing for the riders’ convenience in availing of the electric vehicles that are easily available around the vicinity. There are private contractors who scour the urban area and locate the electric scooters left behind by its previous users. The nightcrawlers collect them, recharge the batteries, and park them in designated locations where it would be available to users on the next day.

Electric Scooters Ease Traffic Woes

Transportation authorities agree that e-scooters are part of the solution to curb traffic congestion in the metropolis. Short distance commuters will avoid using their car out on the streets to go the distance. The e-rides cuts the number of automobiles plying the roads thereby easing traffic congestion. Electric kick scooters can traverse alleys for short cuts where cars cannot pass. A rider can get to his 3-mile destination in a faster and cheaper means of commute leaving his car idle in the garage. 

A Grab or Lyft Taxi stuck in traffic can easily add up to $15 to your fare in that 3-mile distance. The commuter can avail of the share riding system that will cost him a dollar to activate the e-scooter and most likely cost an average of $0.15 cents a minute when you use it on your way to your destination. Estimated cost of the 3-mile travel: $3.00. Environmental impact: “Immeasurable”.

City traffic congestion has no means of curbing with the increase of vehicles dumped daily into the streets. Micro Mobility electric scooters are the answer to the problem jamming our roads. Lesser cars means more space to navigate when drivers use their  motor vehicles responsibly. Plus the spaces saved on parking, is a bonus when electric scooters ply the streets of urban communities.

Electric Micro Mobility Scooters
Full length shot of millennial black woman riding an electric scooter in the street

Electric Scooter Users to Help Address Global Warming

The e-vehicles are the mode of transportation where students and workers save money in going to school or to work without breaking a heavy sweat plus the potential to help address global warming and environmental concerns. 

One of the problems that arise when there is traffic congestion is the increase of carbon dioxide emissions in the environment and the consumption of fuel as well. Passengers live this daily hazard exposure to the elements of traffic air and noise pollution. It is a stressful situation trapped in a traffic jam. But with electric scooters in circulation, roads ease up on congestion giving way to a pleasant travelling experience and lesser greenhouse gases emissions. 

E-vehicles can greatly decrease carbon dioxide emissions in the air. For one thing, these electric  vehicles do not use fossil fuels for energy to propel them into mobility. The source of power for the equipment is from the chargeable batteries installed in the units. Fossil fuels release carbon gases when combusted in engines resulting in air pollution and greenhouse gases accumulating in the earth’s atmosphere. Cutting greenhouse emissions is a step to lower the planet’s temperature that is critical to life on earth.

When you see a commuter using an electric scooter, give thanks that he is doing his share to fix the traffic problems in the community. What we read in the papers demonizing the electric scooters, to be hazardous and ill-equipped defined by the injuries riders sustain when they fall off their rides are ridiculous. Besides, urbanites must learn to be responsible drivers when using electric scooters as their mode of transport to be part of the solution.

Thank the Electric Scooter Ride Sharing Companies

With the media hype talking about the negative aspects of the electric scooter, citizens of the metropolis still value the entry of the e-vehicle as a solution to the woes caused by traffic and transportation that run on gas. All these coverages talk about is the dangers and disadvantages these e-vehicles bring. Do not be blinded by it. Be mindful of the benefits the electric equipment will bring to the roads and the city it traverse. The micro mobility equipment has the potential to deliver solutions to the biggest concerns facing the urban and suburban communities. An addition to  the mode of transportation utilized by the riding public that can reduce the carbon footprint generated daily. Micro Mobility is like solar power to energy as electric vehicles to cars. 

Transport authorities can generate laws and regulations to discipline micro mobility riders in enhancing the safety and proper use of the new integrated mode of transportation on urban roads and thoroughfares. One of the solutions for the safety concern on electric scooter users is the allocation of roads and passages for the safety of the riding public using micro mobility equipment. Electric scooters and other e-vehicle weighing at least 100 kilos should have their own alleyways and lanes solely dedicated to these micro mobility vehicles for safer travel. Public transport should integrate the existing mass transits with the emerging micro mobility network companies such as Lime, Lyft, Grab and other ride sharing e-scooter companies.

There will always be costs for development to progress. But we should not miss the cost of our journey to pay for what is due towards our destination by taking care of the ones we have to reach that level of progress.

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