Electric Kick Scooters in Chicago

The Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development at DePaul University made a study on the entry of electric kick scooters in Chicago. After the in-depth study, researchers published a report that the entry of the new fleet of electric scooters are beneficial to Chicagoans and recommends its trial in the urban city.

The Benefits of the Electric Kick Scooters to the Chicagoans

The electric Kick Scooter sharing system will be ideal for the people of Chicago wishing to travel around the next neighborhood or in short commutes. The e-vehicle will lessen the usage of cars when going on short distances. Less cars down the road, the better to get rid of traffic congestion and the problem of parking. It is also much cheaper to take the e-ride that starts at $1 for the rent and an additional 15 cents per minute.

Electric Scooters can navigate through lanes where cars cannot pass. More shorter routes are available when using the e-rides to your destination. Cars in excess on the roads create double the air pollution. When in a bumper to bumper situation, air pollution is heightened by the emission from the tail pipes of automobiles. An increase in greenhouse gases leads to the air pollution caused by cars.

The greenhouse gases is one of the reasons why governments are pushing for the acceptance of the electric scooters in urban and suburban cities. Carbon dioxide is a gas that is emitted by burning fossil fuels consumed in cars and trucks. A regular car can produce up to about 2.3 kg of CO2 with one liter consumption or 8.625 kg per gallon of gas.

Greenhouse gases accumulates in our atmosphere and carbon dioxide is one of them. The sun’s rays reaching the surface bounces back to space where it will supposedly sent off to space harmlessly. But with gases’ heavy accumulation on the earth’s atmosphere. It blocks the bouncing off the heat into space and instead deflects the radiation back to the surface of the planet causing global warming.

So you can picture out in morbid details of what an average Canadian automobile does by burning an average of 2,000 liters of gas yearly, it releases 4,200 kg of CO2 into the environment. See the picture with what a 100,000 thousand cars plying the roads of Canada.

If the cycle of carbon dioxide emissions continues, there will be utter destruction of our world in the near future.

Global warming affects us all and it is high time to follow the lead of environmentalists working out a way to save the planet from the dreaded phenomenon. Electric kick scooters in Chicago is part of the solutions to limit the amount of CO2 strewn out in our surroundings. NASA reminds scientists that with the data collected by the Space Administration, we must target a zero carbon dioxide emission at the surface of the earth and begin to get rid of the CO2 that accumulated over the century in our atmosphere, if want to survive the state of emergency we are in.

Electric Kick Scooters in Chicago

Shorter Travel Time

With reliable companies operating the electric scooter sharing system, travel time on short commutes will be drastically cut for riders who want to go on their destination. Spending time on congested traffic is a waste of time, energy, money, and precious resources. The electric scooter is the best way to go when on an errand to the nearby market or a visit to a friend in the neighborhood. No need to use your car, just the reliable scooter supplied by Bird or Lime e-scooter companies.

The last Mile Micro Mobility Solution

Commuters still have to get a ride from their home to the nearest transportation terminals and go home from the embarking stations. It could be expensive for the city to put another route of the subway or the train to pass along the area where you live. The electric scooter answers the concern of the last mile issue that you are dealing with to the place you want to go and vice-versa. Shared electric scooters do the job. The e-vehicles will take you in front of your doorsteps or take you to the transportation terminals. You can even take the foldable electric scooter with you when riding the mass transport system. Once you arrive at the station where you embark, unfold your electric kick scooter and scoot your way to where you are going.

MIcro Mobility for Business Using the Electric Scooter

Goods of your business from Sweden is due for delivery to your customers around town. Using your delivery van could be impractical and expensive for bringing it to your client. The micro mobility solution will take care of deliveries as long as it can be easily carried by the courier. A bouquet of flowers will find its way delivered by a messenger on an electric scooter.

Last Saturday, June 15, 2019, The Chicago Transit Authority will commence its electric scooter trial period until October 15, 2019 in the chosen trial zone. The result of this pilot program will determine the validity of the project study done by the Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development at DePaul University in Chicago. The test run has the participation of 10 electric scooter companies namely: Bird, Lime, Bolt, Gruv, Lyft, Jump, Wheels, VeoRide, Spin, and Sherpa.

After using the scooters and want to terminate your rent, Riders could leave their e-rides in a safe place, park it properly, take a picture of it, and send it to the scooter company to avoid additional charges. Make sure that the e-rides are in an upright position and parallel to the streets when you leave them, just like the bicycles after use. The e-scooter can be left on bike racks or retired parking meters for easy collection.

Technicians monitor the e-rides throughout the day and freelance workers collect and recharge  them at night for the next day of operations. Electric scooters left outside the test area in Chicago will continue its rate that could run up to $120 per day.

After the program ends in October 15, the Chicago Transit Authority will evaluate the ridership data to determine if the test trial achieved its goal of helping Chicagoans with the micro mobility equipment.   

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