Electric Kick Scooters for Heavy-Set Riders

You cannot set aside riders weighing over 250 pounds to use the electric kick scooter. There are specific Electric Kick Scooters for Heavy-Set Riders wanting to enjoy the ride. We have electric two-wheel rides recommended for people weighing from 260 to 265 pound who want to speed around and have fun on these e-vehicles.

The UberScoot 1600W

This e-kick scooter model could handle riders up to 265 pounds. The UberScoot 1600W has a 48V sealed lead acid batteries designed by EvoPowerboards for long range travel. The e-ride is one of the long range e-scooter available in the market with a travel distance of up to 24 miles using the upgraded lithium-ion power cells. The convenience brought about by this model is its foldabilility allowing users to travel with it on buses, trains, and subways. The mounted seat is removable if you want to free some space on top of the frame. Its storage is not a problem as it could be kept under a desk or closet when folded. The wheels are compact 10-inch pneumatic tires for both ends of the two-wheeled e-ride. The tires give a pleasant ride ensuring suspension functionality even on rough terrain.

Nanrobot RS-4

The electric kick scooter is one of the most powerful e-scooter in the market. It has a twin motor system giving the equipment a total of 3,200 watts of power when needed. The top speed of this heavy duty machine is 45 mph and has the capacity to climb a 65 degree incline. The battery is a 60V / 31.2 amp lithium battery that can travel up to 55 miles. An assured 30 mile travel distance is a sure run depending on how rough is the terrain.

The equipment weighs 88 pounds and can carry a load up to 397 pounds. The design is foldable for easy carry on buses, trains, and subways. After the mass transit trip, unfold and ready to use on the last mile journey. The brakes are reliable with hydraulic disc mounted on the rear and front wheels. Front and rear C-type suspensions make for a smooth and comfortable ride.

The wheels are 11” pneumatic tires for a better grip on the roads with the necessary lightings in place, a horn, a USB charging for your phone or power bank  and other accessories a modern electric scooter must have. You can ride this wonderful e-vehicle off road or even on the woods when you go out hunting for game. But its charging equipment is of poor quality which you should replace after purchasing this heavy duty electric kick scooter.

Price tag of this e-scooter starts at $1,772.00. You can add a seating accessory for comfort and convenience on its strong frame. The electric kick scooter works well on smooth and level pavements as well as on rough roads.

Electric Kick Scooters for Heavy-Set Riders

Dualtron Ultra

Minimitos, the makers of the Speedway electric kick scooter series,  is the company that designed the dual motor in the front and rear sides of the Dualtron Ultra; it can deliver 2,400 W and can peak up to 5,400W. The developer has a proven track record and had been in the business for decades and exactly knows its directive to continuosly improve its products.

Its battery is a 16s10p LG Lithium ion pack with a capacity of 1920 Wh that will give you a top speed of 50 mph and up to 80 miles of driving distance after a single charge. The suspensions are present in the front and back for smooth trips even over rough roads. A a seat add-on is available for a comfortable ride on long distances.

The Dualtron Ultra electric kick scooter for heavy-set Riders weighs 81.2 pounds and designed for folding in a jiffy. Its wide base gives more space for your feet to plant on when whizzing up to its top speed. The tire fender mounted on the rear anf fromt tires keeps the dirt and water away from the rider.  

Nanrobot RS2

This heavy duty electric kick scooter for heavy-set riders have a bigger set of tires that measures 14” in diameter for better control of the e-vehicle. The model possesses the largest pair of tires tested on the road carrying a motor of 1,200 W for a total power boosted to 2,400 W. The electric kick scooter allows a payload of 330 pounds and could reach a top speed of 40 mph and bringing you to a travel distance of 45 miles on a single charge,

The Nanrobot RS2 has suspensions that allow riders to adjust them according to his riding comfort. The suspensions concist of four springs in the front and two hydraulic spring suspensions at the back. Two powerful disc brakes located in the fron and the back provides emergency stops and control especially when you are taveling on rough terrain or in the woods.

The equipment weighs 88 pounds with an add-on seat mountable for long rides. The easy folding feature makes it convenient for riders who bring along the e-scooter on buses or trains. They can tuck it down under the seats of the mass transit.

The price tag for this machine starts at $1,516.

Electric Kick Scooters for Hunting

These electric kick scooters are the silent type that is essential for hunters going out for game. The huntsmen need a quiet accessory that can carry them and their luggages while out on a safari. The models stated above (Dualtron Ultra, Nanrobot, RS4, and the Nanrobot RS2 qualify as hunting or fishing electric scooters for your off-road adventures.The models can carry heavy loads and has the capacity to climb 65 degree inclines.

These e-vehicles can deliver a substantial 15 to 20 miles on a charge. They are all foldable and can conveniently fit on a vehicle you have. The models are a lot sturdier and will be a big help when going off road. These are equipment that will go over rough terrain and will cost more than the ordinary e-scooters rolling along smooth and leveled pavements.

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