Electric Kick Scooters: An Urban Living Solution

There are major problems when living in urban areas due to the high population density cramped into a small area. Some of these woes include overcrowding, urban dwelling is too expensive, crime, poor infrastructure, flooding, traffic jams, pollution, parking spaces, slums, and poverty is prevalent. The problem in these communities stem from the heavy influx of population from the rural areas.

Governments are constantly finding ways to alleviate the burdens suffered by the city dwellers as the migration adds up daily to the worsening congestion. One of the answers to the problems of residents in these over-populated vicinity has its focus on traffic jams, pollution, parking spaces, and on short commutes. The Electric Kick Scooters is an urban living solution that is applicable in urban and suburban settings. In fact, these electric mode of transportation is now on the streets in most of the major cities around the world.

E-Scooters in Paris, France

Though Paris banned the electric powered scooter from pavements and pedestrian areas due to the spike of accidents, the city has dedicated driveways for this e-transports. A rider can traverse through these prohibited vicinities as long as they turn the motors off. The electric kick scooters are a welcome to France for short commutes and is an urban living solution for the French people.

Major Cities in Germany Welcome E-Kick Scooters

As in other urban centers, the rise in e-kick scooter accidents made the German Government limit the use of these e-vehicles on bike paths only. But these rides keep on flooding the streets of major cities in Germany. The urban living solution is a buy-out among users for its convenient ride at a cheap cost for short commutes. But safety and medical experts warn on the rising e-scooter accidents in the area. 

German authorities educate e-kick scooter users of the rules before allowing them to take the ride. The regulations of the e-vehicles roaming the streets of Germany will lessen accidents and educate new riding enthusiasts on the safety of using them. Germans consider these transport revolution as an urban living solution to traffic congestion, helping the environment, parking concerns, and the last mile route for commuters.

Electric Scooters in London

Electric kick scooters are treated as Personal Light Electric Vehicles (PLEVs) in London. They go with the classification of a motor vehicle and these rides must adhere to the requirements needed to register a motorized transport. The prerequisites for registering your PLEV are taxes, MOT, licensing and construction requirements like installation of visible red lights, signalling capability, and plate numbers attached to the e-scooter. If these requirements are lacking, then you are driving the ride illegally on the streets of London. 

Electric scooters are presently forbidden on public roads; users can ride them on private land with the permission of the landowner. At the moment, UK authorities are too strict with the use of the e-vehicle but Londoners welcome the ride and the laws circumscribing the e-kick scooter are drowning from public demand. Citizens of London welcome this mode of transportation as an urban living solution.

the Electric Kick Scooters
Canadians and their Electric Kick Scooter Experience

The people of Calgary enjoy their electric kick scooters and the shared rides they take everyday. Andrew Sedor, Calgary’s business development coordinator for the Transportation Department, stated that over 100,000 trips on the Lime shared rides logged in since the electric kick scooter took Calgary by storm a year ago. 

E-bikes, electric kick scooters, cyclists and unicyclists can use the bike lanes provided in the city. Riders must use e-scooters equipped with a bell and a brake. If riding at night, the  e-rides should have front and rear lights that makes them visible in the dark. Riders that do not yield when entering a busy thoroughfare, sidewalk, or pavement will be dealt with a $100 penalty. Electric kick scooter riders must ensure pedestrians their right of way to avoid hitting them. These are some Canadian riding regulations with the electric kick scooter.

Bird company-Canada launched its e-kick scooter ride sharing business in Calgary and Edmonton last month. It is legal to ride the electric kick scooter without a helmet yet authorities strongly urge the riding public to wear a safety helmet for their protection. Riders can ride their e-scooter on pathways, sidewalks, and bike lanes but not on city roads.

Electric Scooters in China

The Chinese e-kick scooter riders embraced the usage of the vehicle since most of these e-rides are made in China. The local government encourages the use of the electric kick scooter by helping riders who cannot afford to purchase the vehicle. Authorities offer financing schemes to the needy to lessen the burden of paying the e-scooter in cash. 

China wants an urban living solution for its traffic and pollution problems. They found an answer with the two wheeled electric scooter. Notably, the e-kick scooter is on the frontline to help curb the woes of the urban settling. Motorized bikes is a big contributor to carbon dioxide emissions. The government went electric with subsidies to help riders buy one. Electric kick scooters can easily maneuver along congested roads with lesser carbon footprint left behind.

A successful Electric Kick Scooter-Share Program in Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. has its urban living solution, the use of the electric kick scooter on an efficient ride-sharing setting. The nation’s capital welcomed the entry of the electric-scooter to help curb traffic jams, environmental issues, and especially the last mile commute. This concern is a long term issue for commuters living a mile or so from the bus, subway, or train stops in urban communities. With the electric scooter-sharing system, commuters can now ride home to the very doorstep of their residences. The rides are cheap and practical for the last mile commute.

“The Mile High City” has its Share of Electric Kick Scooters

Electric Kick Scooters affected the sales of the bike-sharing program as the city sawh this new e-rides flooding the streets of Denver, Colorado. It is a cheaper option to see the city’s booming attractions like the food malls, parks, and museums.

More US and international major cities are joining the fray in the implementation of electric kick scooters as part of the urban living solutions.

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