Electric e Scooters: An Eco-Friendly Solution to Sustainable Micro Mobility

Looking for an environmentally friendly alternative for your transportation? The popularity of an electric e scooters grew vastly as the new decade progressed since more people are becoming conscious of the environment. 

Well-known transportation companies like Bird and Lime introduced their very own electric scooters to the public. This micro-mobility yields many benefits that can impact our surroundings in decreasing carbon dioxide emission, the reinvigoration of mass transit, and reduces dependency on cars.

Despite receiving a ton of backlash from the media in recent years concerning the clutter, the safety hazards, and the lost parking spots, electric scooters alleviated the need for public transport mainly in urban and suburban areas. 

Electric scooters possess multiple advantages that can be beneficial to many individuals. These micro-mobility services can expand access to public transportation, reduce the negative effects on the environment, and save cash. These modes can progress into better micro mobilities like solar power or electric vehicles.

Safety is the top priority of every vehicle traveling on the street. Every city should attend to the needs of the citizens by creating a solution to their problems concerning the allocation of street space. It starts with the modification of public transit systems wherein micro-mobility networks such as e-scooters and bicycles are given the opportunity to occupy spaces frequented by cars.

The infographics instituted by Valence Strategic’s Levi Tillemann and designer Lassor Feasley showcases the main reasons why policymakers highly encourage the usage of micro-mobility services. The environmental and land-use challenges causing distress among urban communities display a large scale which means we have to act quickly.

Electric e Scooters

Electric e Scooters: Cost-Effectiveness 

In spite of having nearly complete combustion, cars are often inefficient. An average American weighs at least 175 pounds. An average American car weighs about 4,100 pounds, according to a study claimed by the US Department of Energy, which is more than 23 times more than an individual.

This clearly shows that most of the energy in the car is utilized to move the transportation. Electric e scooters equipped with an efficient electric motor only weigh around 28 pounds, which establishes a great benefit in the consumption of energy.

A gasoline-powered car can travel less than a mile with a one-kilowatt hour of energy. Four miles of the same amount of energy can be traveled by more efficient cars like Tesla Model 3. Electric scooters, on the other hand, can travel more than 80 miles— exactly 333 laps around a football field.

Fuel Price

In the previous decades, electric vehicles and renewable energy used to compete against cheap technologies that mainly utilize fossil fuels. Unlike transportations like public transit, taxis, and personal cars, electric scooters are cheaper to utilize mainly because the fuel cost of these micro-mobility rides is a bit more than 1 percent of a car’s, which is able to deliver 28 miles per gallon. 

This concludes that owning an electric scooter can let you spend a little amount from your savings. With electric scooters, you are able to meet efficient, eco-friendly, and attractive micro-mobility.

Manufacturing Cost

We already agreed that electric scooters are energy efficient but did you know that they are capital efficient as well?

One long-range Tesla Model 3 costs approximately $53,000. This amount can allow you to purchase more than 100 high-quality electric scooters

There is a wide variety of scooters that may or may not suit your preference. Some scooters can be utilized in the rain, snow, long-distance drive, or even moving your kids or pets. 60 percent of US trips can be traveled for at least 5 miles and during those trips, drivers tend to ride alone.

The utilization of a micro-mobility decreases the economic and environmental cost that the majority of Americans usually take in trips.

E-Scooter’s Weight 

In addition, electric scooters are also energy efficient to manufacture. We mentioned before that an average American car weighs around 4,100 pounds. A car with this weight creates about 22seven tons of carbon dioxide emissions. 

Meanwhile, a short-range EV with a decreasing manufacturing line has a higher carbon effect compared to gasoline-powered vehicles. However, it becomes a much more environmentally friendly alternative because it causes less carbon footprint on the road.

Electric scooters weigh around 28 pounds. An amount of weight this small requires lesser energy to produce. We presume that the embedded energy used in e-scooters is less than 1 percent of an automobile’s.

Embedded Energies

Many individuals are seeking alternatives that can improve the access to transportation and at the same time, can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This is where micro-mobility vehicles come in.

Compared to average automobiles, these electric scooters only require little or no additional infrastructure. City planners should acknowledge these vehicles and allow them to occupy urban space. Since governments are short of funds, they are seeking cost-effective solutions to increase mobility and decrease the environmental footprint. Electric scooters are one of, if not the best alternative out there because it is cheaper, more energy-efficient, more fuel-efficient, more eco-friendly, and more budget-friendly.

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