E-Scooters: Prime Choice of Transport

Famous for their energy efficiency and eco-friendly features, e-scooters are becoming the prime choice of transport for short-distance travel. These electric vehicles provide multiple benefits that can easily win the public’s interest. 

Electric scooters are environmentally friendly; the micro-mobile transport does not need petroleum to power them because they run on batteries. You can help reduce the carbon footprint by opting for an electric scooter and you can do your part in saving our environment while having fun.

Most electric scooters are portable. This convenient feature lets you take your electric scooter anywhere with you. You can easily fold them down and carry them around with you on public transportations.

Short trips favor electric scooters over cars. Riding your e-scooters can minimize the burning of fossil fuels as well as dealing with heavy traffic. With your electric scooter, you can easily reach your destination conveniently.

E-Scooters: Solution for the Last Mile of Travel

One common problem that people encounter when traveling is the difficulty of going to work from a bus or train station. Some even opt to ride a car but that’s not helping the environment.

This is where electric scooters come in and help you travel efficiently and sustainably. You will never have to worry about the difficulties that public transportations entails or the environmental damages that fossil fuel burning of engines causes. 

Providing a great last-mile solution can also fix this problem. In fact, it can make a huge difference for many individuals who prefer to travel more sustainably.


What are some sustainable last-mile travel options for individuals?

Sharing vehicles, infrastructure for walking and biking, parking for bikes, scooters, electric vehicles, and a broad public transit system are some of the main ideas to help cross the last mile for urban travel. 

Lime is an electric scooter company in Spain that received over 1.5 million trips in more than a year. If these individuals didn’t have the choice of an alternative last-mile solution, a car (service) would have been used for more than a million trips. Given this situation. it’s better to opt for a scooter. 

While traveling with numerous individuals and driving electric, it is more convenient to travel by car than by plane since it is a more economical alternative. However, parking is the main problem among car owners. A good parking system can reduce the time on the road, particularly in the last mile. Companies like the parking platform Mobypark allow you to reserve a parking spot wherein it meets your convenience. 

Tonnes of Carbon Dioxide Preserved

It was estimated that Lime electric scooter riders in Spain hampered more than 70,750 kgs of carbon dioxide because of the 1.5 million scooters that made an environmental impact. In just a year, these 78 tonnes of carbon dioxide ceased to discharge into the atmosphere. For a country with substandard air quality, particularly in Madrid and Barcelona, this is one of the major developments that occurred. 

Spain and Portugal’s Lime General Manager Álvaro Salvat stated, “We’re committed to fulfilling our promise of accessible, sustainable mobility for all Spanish citizens.” The General Manager proceeded to ensure riders that their e-scooters help municipalities provide a means of transport to substitute cars and aims to preserve the urban environment.

Electric Scooters — Worth the Cost?

What’s great about electric scooters is their ability to run for a long period of time. Some electric scooter models can go up to twenty to thirty miles without needing a charge. Automobiles run out of gas on several short distances with every acceleration. Not only this burns more gas but it also emits more pollutants into the air. This is not the case for electric scooters. You can take an average trip to the store two to three times a week yet you will still have enough charge for more trips in between. 

If you are seeking a cost-effective vehicle then you should consider owning an electric scooter. The cost of the electric scooters depends on what type or model. An electric scooter with an average of 250 watts that runs about ten to twelve miles per charge can cost around $150 to $200. A 350-watt e-scooter that runs from twelve to twenty miles per charge can cost you $180 to $250. A 500 watt can run for twenty to thirty miles per charge and can cost around $300 to $400. 

You might think the high purchasing price is the greatest drawback of an electric scooter, but as a matter of fact, you can save a lot of money over time. E-scooters run on batteries, so you will never have to worry about filling up the tank.

Purchasing an electric scooter might be one of the most practical decisions to make considering its cost, efficiency, and overall convenience. Sure, an electric scooter can be quite costly but the numerous benefits you can get from it will totally be worth it.

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