E-Scooters Are Environmentally Friendly, Aren’t They?

An E-Scooter is the Ideal Friend of the Environment

Those looking for a powered conveyance that is also environmentally friendly should look no further than an e-scooter. More so than most electric vehicles, an e-scooter (i.e. an electric scooter) is a great way to get around town without causing harm to the environment. Here’s why:

Sip Electricity

The first thing that makes an e-scooter a great friend of the environment is of course that it’s electric rather than being gas-powered. This already means that you aren’t going to be polluting the environment with your gasoline emissions when you motor around town on your e-scooter. However, beyond the obvious, there is also the fact that an e-scooter sips electricity.

This kind of vehicle gets the best mileage possible, much better than from a traditional electric car for the simple reason that it has less bulk to pull around along with it. After all, a car has to pull the car along with you, while the e-scooter just pulls you and its two wheels and small motor around.

Smaller Carbon Footprint for Manufacturing

Manufacturing an e-scooter also means leaving a much smaller carbon footprint than manufacturing an electric car. The fact is that an e-scooter uses up less material and takes a lot less electricity to create to begin with, meaning that the carbon footprint for creating the vehicle is infinitely smaller than the carbon footprint for a car, even an electric car. Never mind the carbon footprint that you leave behind when you have a car delivered – it comes on a car carrier which is slow moving, polluting and inefficient. While most e-scooters are also shipped on trucks, at least they don’t take up the same amount of space, meaning that you have a smaller carbon footprint for having had one delivered.

Great for Rides in the Countryside

Another thing that makes e-scooters such ideal friends of the environment is that they are great for rides through the countryside. While not all of them are of course designed to go off road, it is possible to find an off road style e-scooter which will allow you to do so. Try that with your Chevy Volt and see how far you get in the thing.

No Need for Additional Equipment

Another thing that makes an e-scooter a great choice when compared with an electric vehicle such as the Nissan Leaf is that an e-scooter doesn’t require you to have additional equipment installed in order to charge it up.

While this also means a cost savings since you don’t need to arrange for a special charging station in your home, it also means that you needn’t worry about owning a home large enough to handle being retrofitted to provide for a car charging station (you can easily live in an apartment building, further minimizing your carbon footprint).

Bottom Line

If you can live with it, there is nothing quite like owning an e-scooter for doing those chores that you simply can’t do with a bicycle. So the next time you’re in the market for an electric vehicle, think about the environment and buy yourself an e-scooter.

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