Disability Scooters for Kids

Disability Scooters Bring Relief to the Physically Challenged

Disability scooters, sometimes also called mobility scooters, have been bringing relief to aged and infirm for some time now and they’re only getting better and becoming more common. Unlike the electric wheelchairs that we sometimes see disabled people using, disability scooters are designed more for those who can walk but who find doing so to be very difficult and painful. They are usually designed with three wheels, two in back and one in front, along with a small bicycle basket in the front.

Street Legal in Most Cities

Because disability scooters are designed for a specific segment of the population, they are mostly street legal in certain cities even though they tend to be relatively slow moving vehicles. They are obviously not intended for use on highways or even major thoroughfares. However they are perfect for getting around the neighborhood, providing new mobility to those who have become unable to move around much on their own. For this reason, they are generally tolerated by the police even though other, similar scooters might require licensure to drive on city streets.

Able to Enter Some Stores

In some cases, disability scooters can also be used inside of stores, to a limited extent insomuch as the store has enough room to move around. However, each individual store does tend to create their own rules and many do restrict the use of these vehicles for the simple reason that they would create too much trouble for other customers.

Often Paid for by Medicaid/Medicare

If you are a Medicaid or Medicare recipient, you should speak to the seller of your disability scooter to find out whether or not your insurance will cover the purchase or lease of the vehicles. Many private insurance companies also cover the purchase or lease of disability scooters, though again, you would need to speak with the insurance company to make sure.

Picking a Disability Scooter

When considering which disability scooter you’d like to own, it’s important to consider your needs and your own ability to be mobile.

An Electric Wheelchair May be Better

As previously noted, while some stores do allow disability scooters to enter their premises, many do restrict their use in order not to interfere with others in the store. However, an electric wheelchair by comparison is always welcome inside of stores because of the Americans with Disabilities Act which requires stores to allow for wheelchair access to their premises.

Therefore, when picking a disability scooter, it’s important to consider your personal mobility needs and to consider the possibility of purchasing an electric wheelchair instead, since you may be required to park your scooter outside the store rather than entering with it.

Four Wheel or Three Wheel?

Another consideration when looking at disability scooters is whether to purchase a four wheel model or a three wheel model. While most disability scooters are three wheel models, the four wheel models may provide more stability, though they will also make it harder to go certain places because of the added bulk of these larger disability scooters.

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