Considerations Before Purchasing An Electric Kick Scooter

A buyer of something one needs should think about the functionality before purchasing an electric kick scooter. When acquiring one off the shelf, consider important parameters why you want to have this trendy e-scooter vehicle. People make mistakes when owning an e-scooter without giving a thought of the real purpose of the purchase. The mistake will cost you hard earned money  after buying the wrong e-kick scooter. There are some things to consider before your purchase of the electric kick scooter.

Purpose of the Electric Kick Scooter

Electric Kick Scooters have designs for your pleasure and necessity. Choose the right e-scooter specifications for what purpose it may serve you best. If your travel path is of rough terrain, opt for a model with good sized tires that can maneuver over rocks and dirt like a motorbike. The best e-kick scooter on bike lanes might not be good in uphill climbs or the e-scooters suited for uphill rides could be bad for commuting.

If your path is off-road, you will need an e-kick scooter with larger wheels and its weight

factored considering its function. Kick electric scooters come in foldable designs. They are preferences when you take them to a journey on board buses, trains, planes, and boats. Folded e-kick scooters will fit in nicely in compartments for safe keeping.

Speed and Power

If a rider wants speed and power for his electric kick scooter, consider its top speed. With higher speeds come powerful motors that will drive the e-vehicle to fast velocities. Faster rides means shorter travel time. But if you want a fast thrilling ride, better put on safety protective gears. Here is one of the speedy and powerful electric kick scooters.

  • Qiewa from Taiwan

Besides speed, this electric kick scooter is powerful that it can drive uphill without any problem. This model could also traverse in rugged terrain. The Qiewa is driven with three gears with Gear # 1 used for casual riding, Gear # 2 runs up to 15 kph, the ideal speed on a bike lane, and Gear # 3 will take you to the maximum speed of 35 kph.

Rechargeable batteries of this brand will allow riders to travel from 25-60 miles depending on how the e-kick scooter performs. The motor is 800 w and has pneumatic tires mounted on it. The body has a durable frame with LED lights attached for night riding. The dashboard includes a battery load indicator telling the user how much power is left in the batteries.

Chargeable Battery Life

The rider should have an estimated riding distance to determine how long the ride is going to take. With the data of the travel distance, users can opt for e-kick electric scooters that has a battery mileage more than the distance of the route. Longer lasting batteries will weigh more for the e-ride. Battery life lasts longer with proper care.

Purchasing An Electric Kick Scooter

Tips for Proper Battery Maintenance

  • Plugging / Unplugging the charger
    Plug the charger to the scooter before plugging it to the wall outlet. After charging, unplug the charger from the outlet first before unplugging it from the electric kick scooter.
  • Charging Frequency
    Charge the e-kick scooter batteries after every ride, even on short commutes. Allowing the batteries to totally drain could damage your battery, thereby decreasing its life cycle.
  • Storage
    If you leave your scooter for storage, charge the batteries every three months to keep it ready for use upon your return. Leaving the battery uncharge in three months will destroy your batteries.
  • Battery chargers
    It is best to charge the batteries using the original chargers provided on purchasing an electric kick scooter. Other brands could damage your power units.
  • Slow Rate Battery Chargers
    Using a slow rate battery charger can extend battery life; use one as often as you can if not in a hurry to use the e-vehicle
  • Lead Acid Batteries
    Avoid using car or motorcycle only chargers to charge sealed lead acid batteries. The chargers are for wet lead acid battery charging only and could permanently damage your SLA units.
  • Lithium-ion Batteries
    Lithium-ion batteries are the power units that will replace the sealed lead acid units. Li-ion power units are more dense and lasts longer than its SLA counterparts.

Quality and Maintenance

Opt for an electric kick scooter that has a sturdy body and spare parts that are readily available from the market. Check its suspension if it can handle the terrain you regularly trod. An electric kick scooter is best if  it runs smoothly on rugged paths or the flat streets of you area. The e-kick scooter should have a durable frame with effective braking capacities.

Prefer an electric kick scooter that has a good track record in the market. If it served for long years in the business, its spare parts and accessories would be easily available; riders prefer this type of electric kick scooters with strong motors that power the ride.

Lastly, consider the price of the unit you are going to buy. There are e-scooters on sale that could bag a purchaser with a nice unit. But cheap does not always come with a good quality product. It’s worth investing on a scooter with maximum quality than to buy a cheap one of an inferior product that will not serve the purpose.

The Razor E300 Electric Kick Scooter, this is a cheap and speedy e-scooter below the $500 price tag. This model is the low budget type that is affordable to e-scooter riders. The e-vehicle can run up to a top speed of 15 kph on city driving for 40 minutes on a single charge. The ride can carry a load of up to 220 pounds and allows seat mounting.

Electric Kick Scooter used for Hunting

Avid outdoor enthusiasts who go out hunting will consider the e-kick scooter for hunting. Silence is the feature that this e-vehicle has to serve the purpose of going out to hunt for game. You will be needing this amenity to help you carry your load on your trip. Equipped with large tries for the challenging terrain, it has a powerful battery to tow a small trailer for your equipment prowling in silence like a lurking tiger. The Nanobot RS4, RS2, and the Dualtron are the heavy duty electric kick scooters recommended for this setting which can carry loads up to 350 pounds and able to traverse on up to 65 degree inclines.

Learn about Considerations Before Purchasing An Electric Kick Scooter for a specific need.

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