Compact and Cute: The Electric Quadricycle You Wish You Had

There’s nothing quite like it yet – an electric quadricycle that accommodates two people in the most fashionable and energy efficient way.  Renault Twizy is a testament to how the car manufacturing giant is coping with the changing landscape of the world of transportation.

As the slogan from its official website states, “ Times are changing”. And it is inevitable that this company is translating the ‘changes’ by offering the public with the option of something in between a bicycle and a car – a quadricycle.


What’s So Special About this Renault Twizy

The word cute is even an understatement. At first glance, you would know that this electric quadricycle is a vehicle that you have not seen anywhere else. Thus, the uniqueness of this ride and the overall appeal of the design can instantly make you hungry for more information about it.

For environmental conscious drivers and users,  getting one of these units makes perfect sense.

Renault provides a cleaner energy solution that is ideal for the urban or city life.  What is so special about this innovative vehicle is that you can simply plug it in at home for 3.5 short hours and you are ready to go again. Yes, a single charge can cover a maximum range of 56 miles with a top speed of mph.


Let’s Talk About The Fun Design

Simply put, the design satisfies the formula: fun plus chic. The design is simply one of the aspects you would want to have a TWIZY in your carport right now.  Renault clearly pushed the envelope right down to the smallest of details.

In a  nutshell, the three models under Twizy boasts two –toned collection, smooth seat covers, colored mirrors, and an impeccable finish made from diamond cut alloys. The use of black matched with strikingly beautiful colors such as flame orange and lagoon blue on either the arches or the wheels makes every unit fun to ride and attention-grabbing.

Another fascinating design feature is the scissor gull swing doors which let you get in and get out with ease. Moreover, there is no need to worry whether you are parking the unit the right way as the door opens upwards, it is utterly safe for neighboring cars as well. Note, however, that these doors are considered optional extra.

The panoramic sky roof would also make you ride this electric quadricycle as you get to enjoy the view of the city.  Having a storage is a big plus as well. The strategically located storage areas allow you to take some extra with you for work or for travel. Now, that an extra convenience for people who would use this vehicle to deliver goods.


The Three Twizy Models


Model #1: The  Expression

This model is considered the most basic among the three. It comes with a speed and drives a display. Users would love the heated windscreen. In addition, it also has wheel trim of snowflake gray color. No need to worry about carrying some items as it has a spacious storage area right behind the rear seat.  As with all Twizy models, this is all electric and it comes with the mandatory battery rental.


Model #2: The Dynamique

The Dynamique has all the standard features of the Expression and more. For instance, this model has specially designed floor mats on both passengers and driver’s sides. Moreover, you can choose from all the 14 color selections. The wheels are also made from alloy and they come in various color as well.


Model #3: The Cargo

Expect more flexibility with this model. Aside from the basic equipment installed in both the Expression and the Dynamique, you could also have extra storage space by transforming the passenger side. As with the two models,  it also comes with a mandatory battery rental.  Depending on your needs, you can go from the basic one to the more flexible model.


Top Features of the Twizy Electric Quadricycle


This is a vehicle made for comfort.  This vehicle is so compact that you can park it almost anywhere. Even when you have an electric car at home, this quadricycle will not consume much space in your carport.  As compared to a bicycle or any electric vehicle made for personal mobility, you won’t have to feel alone when driving this unit. Yes, the two seats are made for you and your companion.

Aside from using this as a mode of transportation to get to work every day, this particular model is also the perfect ride for your business – be it delivery, courier, or to be simply used as a company vehicle. The storage system also makes it possible for you to carry anything while traveling.

Moreover, as this is eye-catching, you can have it configured in order to be used for advertisement. The car itself can be configured. While you can use the most basic Twizy model, you can opt to add accessories and another part such as the wing doors.



This vehicle may be compact in size, but it is certainly colossal when it comes to the technological features. The Twizy is equipped with an onboard technology even in its most basic model. One example is the Energy Recovery System that is included in the automatic gearbox.  How it works is quite simple – when you lift your foot,  the system automatically shifts to the mode of energy recovery. In the end, you get to enjoy an extended driving range.

Another feature is the econometric display where you can see how much energy you have already consumed.  It also automatically calculates your Eco-Driving score to determine the remaining range or distance you can still cover with your available energy.



Aside from the technological advancements and the comfort each model offers, you would also instantly appreciate the safety features it has. For starter, Renaultsport designed the tubular chassis which can immensely protect the users from impacts. Furthermore, you would feel more at ease knowing that it is equipped with 4-disc brakes.

This vehicle is also designed to be hyper-responsive and maneuverable with the help of the turning circle.  Every model is also equipped with an airbag for protection against collision. The tubular structure of the chassis and the airbag are designed to provide utmost protection against any impact.

Just as you would expect in an electric car, this electric quadricycle has a 4-point and 3-point seat belts installed in front and the back respectively. You can now enjoy cruising around the city even more  with these safety features.



As with the other electric vehicles released by Renault, Twizy also comes with a fitted Li-Ion battery for maximum power and performance. These batteries can be charged at home – no need to head to charging stations outside. It is mandatory to rent the batteries, but the monthly cost is made affordable. In times of battery breakdown, you can rely on the specialists of Renault to conduct all necessary recovery services.

The mileage you want and the battery charging capacity can be negotiated and be eventually be put in black and white.  Modifying the terms of the agreement is possible as well as long as you make the request at any point until 3 months prior to the end of the rental agreement.  Keep in mind that the excess mileage accumulated during the term of the agreement is charged per 100 miles.  When the agreement is terminated, it may also incur additional charges.

It will not be surprising if one day, you would ditch an old car and get the Renault Twizy instead. Let’s face it – with the amount of money you can save in the long run and the flexibility of the ride itself, you can practically think of a way on how to use this. In that case, you can check their website now and see how you can get your hands on one electric quadricycle today.

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