The Best Scooters for Adults? It Depends what You Need it For

Owning a scooter is no longer just the province of the kid next door. Many adults today own professional looking scooters and some of the best scooters around can rival motorcycles as far as power and styling. Here is a list in general terms of the best scooters for adults who want to have reliable transportation to and from work:

Before We Start

Before we start however, there is a need to define what we mean when we say the best scooters for adults. That’s because the word scooter has so many different meanings that it’s impossible to tie it down to just one type of vehicle. Everything from kick scooters (which are basically sort of the thing where you stand on a thin piece of metal while two wheels roll down the street) to dune buggy like vehicles and things that resemble motorcycles can be listed as a scooter.

Therefore, in order to clarify, we’re going to list the three broad categories of scooters which form the best scooters for adults. For your individual needs, we suggest reading reviews of different models in order to choose the one that’s right for you.

Electric Bikes

While technically an electric bike is not a scooter, so many people searching for a list of the best scooters for adults tend to think that electric bikes should be included in this list that we felt it important to mention them in this article.

In essence, electric bikes are like a traditional bicycle with one important addition – they have an electric motor attached to them which works on the “pedal assist” principle. This means that these kinds of bikes will give you an added boost when you ride them around town, though you do still need to pedal them as well. The nice thing about these things and the reason they make our list of best scooters for adults is that they are street legal without the need to get a special license. In most cities, these things are considered to be the equivalent of a regular bicycle and are licensed as such.


Another common type of vehicle which shouldn’t be on a list of “best scooters” for adults but which makes the list by virtue of simply being such a common misconception about what a scooter is, is the moped. These officially are like a hybrid of a bicycle and scooter. These kinds of vehicles tend to be able to be powered completely on their own or under pedal power. The important thing to consider about such vehicles however is that cheaper models are often not street legal and the ones that are street legal typically require a license and insurance.

Full Motor Scooters

Finally, the best scooters for most adults who need reliable transportation to get around town without having to work up a sweat are going to the full fledged motor scooters, like Vespa and X-Treme brand motor scooters. These vehicles are stylish and designed with adults around town in mind and definitely make our list as being, for adults at least, the best scooters.

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