Chrysler Portal Concept Car: The Perfect Electric Car for Millenials

Yes, you read it right – it’s all about that electric car for millennials! Finally!

Chrysler has been bold in putting together that one specific electric car for millennials to own and drive. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has unveiled its own Portal Concept Car at the Consumer Electric Sows in las Vegas recently. The best part of this concept car? – Well, everything that the millennials and the futuristic embracing people would love. Chrysler has invested 20 years of research in understanding the shift in the behavior of car users – enabling it to capture what today’s millennials wants and needs in a vehicle.

The car itself appeared to have been taken out of a Sci-Fi playbook. The overall look, the engineering and the autonomous technology are all part of the basis of the design. People may refer to it as the ‘real’ futuristic car that today’s millennials and the upcoming generations will grow to embrace. And one more thing – selfies! Who would not want a selfie-taking car these days? Yes, this is now the first selfie-taking electric car for millennials. Get to know more how cool the features are by reading on:

That One Electric Car that Manages Selfies and Music Playlists

The Chrysler Concept car is centered at technology – starting from the number of plug-in ports specifically designed for the mobile devices. Each passenger can hook up its own mobile phone. This electric car for millennials can then snap some photos of all the passengers from the six designated seats. Yes, you guesses it right – it’s a real selfie-taking electric vehicle, which can turn your trips even more fun. But it does not stop there – with such innovation, the photos can be shared via different social media platforms. So, if you are crazy about selfies and just love taking random photos while on a trip, then don’t worry as Chrysler got you covered on this one.

Music, you asked? Well, here’s the good news. Chrysler understands that music is also a vital part of the driving experience and many younger customers, err, millennials, are quite particular with this. The Chrysler Concept Car is equipped with the technology that allows all passengers to share their own videos and songs that they wish to play. What this electric car for millennials does is that it creates a unified playlist for the passengers to listen to.  So, if you and your friends have entirely different taste in music, you can still listen to all of them without getting into an argument.

Now, that’s not all – if passengers have their own individual preference when it comes to music playlists, then the Portal car can activate its ‘zoned audio’ capability. This is a type of technology that lets passengers listen to several different kinds of music even sans the use of headphones. Using the same technology, this electric car for millennials can likewise amplify external sounds that are important for drivers to hear. For instances, the siren of a police car or an approaching paramedic ambulance can easily be heard even when music is being played.

More Features to Wow Every Millenial

There is no doubt that Fiat Chrysler has made a comprehensive checklist for all the features it targeted. One of the most ambitious yet interesting features is the promise of the battery that could power the car up to a range of 250 miles. Chrysler also made sure that the interior of the car is family-friendly and flexible in design.

The Car that Pays Your Drive-thru Orders

Another futuristic feature this car offers is the shared display screen that can be accessed by the passengers. The screen is displayed on the ceiling of the car. Aside from offering flexibility in terms of putting together a playlist, the screen can also be used to link payment information so the car could simply pay for those drive-thru quick bite orders. Details such as these make this Portal Concept that true electric car for millennials.

The Interior that Wows

For sure, this electric car for millennials is the ultimate ‘toy’ for the big boys and girls on the road. The interior is one of the most exciting facets to look forward to. It is highly customizable – from the changeable LED accent lighting to the remotely movable seat tracks so more space can be created — all of these can be expected from the latest Chrysler car. Whether the car is to be used by an individual, a couple, or by an entire family, there certainly is enough space for everyone to enjoy the features.

The Car that Can Recognize Faces

So, this car is more than just your selfie-taking kind. Yes, it is also equipped with a facial recognition software so as to identify people who are close to or approaching the car. There are several cameras mounted on the car’s exterior which enable it to see who is getting closer to the car. This is certainly a leap ahead when it comes to keeping the car and the passengers secure and protected. This feature has put the need for ‘dashcam’ to an entirely new level.

Great Mile Range and Powerful Charging

The millennials’ mindset when it comes to environmental concerns is clear. They have become more conscious and more serious about protecting the environment, and therefore, a car such as the Portal Concept suits them best. On a single full charge, this all-electric Portal Concept car can cover up to 250 miles of range. For millennials on the go, recharging it for only 20 minutes can give a maximum 150 miles. Another interesting aspect of this car is that is has a limited self-drive capability. The driver remains in control of the car nd is expected to take over the driving at any point. The steering wheel can be folded away right into the dashboard if on the self-driving mode.

A Complete Redemption for Chrysler

In recent years, it has been known that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles have been criticized for not being able to keep up with the electric car innovations used by other electric vehicle manufacturing giants such as Tesla, Nissan, etc. However, with the unveiling of the Portal Concept Car, Chrysler has just proven many people wrong. Even with the big vehicles such as Jeeps and Dodges that the car enthusiasts has loved, Chrysler has reminded the car industry that it is still one of the forward-thinking car manufacturers. With the launch of the Portal Concept electric car for millennials, Chrysler has left a mark being the FIRST ever to actually encompass everything a millennial needs and wants in a single car. In a nutshell, this has been the first ever electric car for millennials that any car maker has conceptualized.

At this point, the car is referred to a ‘concept’ one has Chrysler is yet to make an announcement as to when it would make the Portal commercially available to the public. The progressive development of creating a car targeting the millennials as a specific market is now expected to take place with the initiatives taken by Chrysler. For sure, people can expect the competition to get tighter in the next coming years.

This electric car for millennials is also engineered so it can also be upgraded to higher levels of technology and autonomy. Chrysler has certainly changed the game when it comes to bringing the best electric car for millennials to have and love for a long time.

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