Electric Mobility Scooter : How to choose

electric mobility scooter

Choosing the electric mobility scooter that is right for you can be challenging. This part of the purchase decision greatly requires careful research. Budgetary consideration aside, you should choose the scooter model that will best meet your mobility needs. Asking the right questions will help you get through the selection process:

1. Is the electric mobility scooter comfortable to ride?

There should be a right model for everyone. Mobility scooters come with different specs and function options for people of different shapes and sizes, including adjustable seating, wide leg room, adequate arm rest, and maximum height and weight support.


2. Where do you plan to use it?

Do you intend to travel indoor or outdoor? Your answer will impact your choice of scooter model. For indoors, go for a compact scooter that is easy to maneuver. For outdoor use, go for a durable and fast four-wheeler that has sturdy wheels and is capable of going through most terrains, surfaces, and inclines. If you want to travel greater distances, choose a model that has long battery charge life and greater motor power.


3. Will you drive on roads or sidewalks?

If you would like to travel on public roads, you should first familiarize yourself with local laws regarding medical scooters on public roadways. Most cities will require you to observe a specified speed limit, wear a helmet, and install headlights and taillights on your unit. In some instances, you may need to register your unit with the local motor registry.


4. Do you have the ability to operate such a device?

Most electric mobility scooters are designed for the user in mind, thus they should be easy to operate for users with little or no technical know-how. What’s important is that the user is able to steer the tiller and manage the controls for extended periods of time. Moreover, scooters come with an easy-to-read operator’s manual.


5. What accessories do you need?

Most scooter models offer a wide range of accessories, from front and rear baskets to hold your goods to canopies that keep off rain and sunlight. There should be a scooter that can accommodate the accessories you need.


6. Where will you store your electric scooter?

Where do you intend to keep your scooter when not in use? In the garage or in the hallway? Anywhere would be okay as long as you have an electric outlet nearby. If you have no garage or limited space in the house, you may need to settle for a compact scooter that you can easily disassemble and store in a closet or corner.


7. Will you pay cash or will your insurance cover the cost?

Good if you have cash, but if not, you will need Medicare to help pay for your electric mobility scooter. To be eligible for cover, your general physician or health service provider will need to prescribe or recommend a medical scooter for you, just like with any medical prescription.


8. Do you need to transport your scooter?

Most public transportation services, even commercial airlines, will accommodate passengers with electric mobility scooters. If you plan to travel by plane, you need to inform your ticketing agent or airline that you will be bringing your device on board. That way, airline staff can prepare the best possible assistance for you. For ease for transport, it is best to travel with a compact scooter.


9. Will you buy online or offline?

For the mobility impaired, online shopping will offer you the best deals, but not the benefit of a test drive a physical store can offer. But where or how you buy your electric mobility scooter does not matter, as long as the retailer sells quality units and offers a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase.


10. Will your device be unpacked and assembled when delivered to your home?

Ask your retailer if they would send a technician along with the delivery crew to assemble your electric mobility scooter for you. If such service is unavailable, you may have to assemble it on your own or else move to another retailer.

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