Choosing the best electric bike: 5 recommended models

Is there such thing as the best electric bike? Every rider is different, and there are lots of bikes to choose from, with new models rolling out everyday. They differ not only in price, but also in terms of quality, power, speed, mileage, material composition, tech features, accessories, and levels of comfort and convenience. They are only the same in four manners: They are good for the environment, good for your health, easy on your pocket (in terms of maintenance and power costs), and a great way to get around than cars. That said, there should be a unique bike for everyone – there should be the best electric bike for your needs.

What will you do with an electric bike?

Truth is, it is not easy to choose the best electric bike. You could spend thousands of dollars on a bike that under-performs according to your expectations, and resell it at a huge loss shortly after buying it, and then start again. But how are you going to your desired electric bike? Before you shop around, ask yourself that question as it is the most important factor that will determine the best electric bike.

  • How fast do you want to go?

The higher battery voltage generally means higher speed. Most electric bikes have batteries configured in 24V, 36V, and 48V setups, and they can go 15-18 mph, 16-20 mph, and 24-28 mph, respectively. However, this will depend on your electric bike’s motor and drive system.

  • How far do you want to go?

The best electric bike will go the farthest, but it still depends on your unit’s battery capacity which is measured in amp hours (AH). Battery AH rating indicates the range of an electric bike. That said, range is equal to AH. A unit with a 10AH battery can run up to 10 miles on full throttle and 20 miles with pedaling.

  • What type of terrain will you travel on?

If you need to climb over some hills or inclines, you will need an electric bike with high motor output and increased battery power, though it will not come cheaper.

  • Will you pedal or go on full throttle?

If you plan to do some pedaling, a pedal-assist (pedalec) electric bike will suit you. Otherwise, pick a unit that comes with a throttle drive mode and increased battery power and motor output. The best electric bike will offer both pedal and throttle options.

  • What’s the weight factor?

Most electric bikes can support a maximum load of up to 250 lbs. However, heaviness will affect both speed and range.

  • How much are you willing to pay for?

The best electric bike may cost anywhere from $500 to $2500+, and there is even an electric bike that cost almost a ten grand. The axiom “you get what you pay for” greatly applies here. If you want an electric bike that has more power, range, or features,  it is going to cost you more. So when shopping for the best electric bike, know what you really need and consider if certain features are worth the extra money. The best electric car is worth every penny.

5 recommended electric bikes

Expect that the best electric bike in the market may not have all the features you are looking for, but you could at least be already happy with the bike that meets most of your needs or fulfills your most important requirement. An electric bike is good for their noteworthy feature, as in the case of the five electric bike models below:

A2B Kuo+ forportability

If you require an electric bike that you can carry around with you and store in a corner or the trunk of your car or cab, A2B Kuo+ is that one, the best electric bike in terms of portability.

The A2B Kuo+ folding electric bike is designed to be practical, portable, and stylish for urban commuters. It is compact and lightweight (with curb weight of 39.5 lbs), thus suitable for riders who do not have space for a full-size pedalac. Its removable lithium-ion 36V 8AH battery is easy to access for convenient indoor charging and takes 6-7 hours for a full charge. The A2B Kuo+ electric bike has a top speed of 18.7mph (29 kph) and maximum range of 25 miles (40 km).

For speed freaks, the iZip E3 Dash

What makes the iZip E3 Dash a best electric bike for speedsters? This urban blast boasts a lithium-ion 48V 8.7Ah battery and a powerful motor (generates 350W of power) that allow the rider to cover 28 mph (45 km/h) over 35 miles (56km). Surely it comes with features that complement this sleek, stylish, and fast bike. Indeed, the iZip E3 Dash electric bike have strong hydraulic brakes (for increased braking power), sturdy frame (made of 6061 aluminum alloy), and front suspension for extra control, strength, and load capacity. This is the electric bike optimized for speed.

Go the mile with Stromer ST2 S

Want to go the distance? Then the Stromer ST2 S is the best electric bike for you. A fast bike suitable for both adventure and leisure, the Stromer ST2 S features the most power battery, providing more range. The lithium-ion 48V 19.2 Ah 983Wh battery pack can deliver 60 to 120 miles (96to193 km) on a single charge (up to 5 hours for a full charge). Greater mileage also made possible, thanks to its new and compact SYNO rear-mounted brushless, gearless direct drive hub motor that provides 500W of power. This makes the Stromer ST2 S the best electric bike in the power department.

The Stromer ST2 S electric bike may be also the best electric bike in terms of connectivity. It comes with a new user interface which provides remote, wireless transaction between bike and smartphone, GPS, GSM, among others. It also comes with a headlight that is 400% brighter than the earlier ST2 model and a smart anti-theft system that utilizes your smartphone to secure, track, and even disable your electric bike.

For uphill climbs, Brompton M3L folding electric bike

The Brompton M3L is probably the smallest and lightest folding electric bike in the market, weighing only 45 lbs (20kg). However, its 250W/400W front-mounted brushless, gearless direct drive hub motor makes its a powerful bike that is able to conquer any steep terrain. Enough power for such a task is supplied by the Sanyo 36V lithium polymer battery pack. Its steel frame is able to support a maximum load of 250 lbs (113), plus 50 lbs (23kg) of luggage. Indeed, the best electric bike for a steep ride.

The Brompton M3L electric bike runs at 18 mph (29 kph), covers 15 miles (24km) on an 8.2AH battery capacity, and takes 4-5 hours for a full charge. The bike is only on throttle mode.

Get your money’s worth with iZip E3 Path+

The iZip E3 Path+ is perhaps the best electric bike for a budget-conscious rider. Efficient, lightweight, and comfortable, this bike with European styling makes as a great ride for the urban commuter who likes to cut through gridlock and make it to work – in style. For one who is always in a hurry, the iZip E3 Path+ takes only four hours to charge, so it is obvious that this is the bike they will buy.

With regards to power and mileage, this pedalec electric bike’s 250W/500W mid-mounted geared motor and 36V Shimano Steps lithium-ion battery pack can power up to 50 miles (80 km) at a maximum speed of 20 mph (32 kph) per charge. Worth the money? For anyone on a tight budget, indeed!

Choosing the best ebike can be challenging and frustrating at times, but you need not to overwhelmed by the different choices out there. You just need to know what you plan to do with your electric bike, and you can then refine your search. Visit a reputable retailer, and ask for the chance to test drive an electric bike you like. Access every feature you would get in the bike, and examine if they are worth paying for. By that, you can make an informed purchase decision. Remember, the best electric bike depends on you.

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