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The best electric mobility scooters are quite diverse in nature. Although they are all designed for ease of mobilization and accessibility, they still differ greatly on the features and added functionality. There is also a variety of reasons as to why you need to find the best electric mobility scooters. It could be for your wonderful grandpa to give him more freedom. It could be for your child who happened to be with special needs. It could be for yourself as you may have been aiming to give your conventional wheelchair an upgrade. For whatever reason you may have, you can certainly find one that suits your specific  needs.  However, before we check the best electric mobility scooters that have earned the best reviews, let’s go over the key features you need to check and double check before making a purchase.

Features of the Best Power Scooters

There are about ten features which all best electric mobility scooters have that you need to check before hitting the checkout counter. These are also dependent on the specific medical and physical needs the user may have. It is also important to note that the manufacturers best electric mobility scooters are most likely open to customization. Although what they sell on the market are based on certain standards, contacting them to discuss specific needs and requirements is also possible. In general here are the fundamental features you need to check when aiming at the best electric mobility scooters.

Maneuverability and Comfort

It is essential to see how well your choice of power wheelchair does when it comes to making sharp turns and navigating through tight spaces. Maneuverability also means being able to use the best electric mobility scooters outdoors. The type of wheels must be checked thoroughly. Comfort is also another key factor. See if the backrest is comfortable and the armrest and footplates are adjustable. Otherwise, you will experience immense discomfort using it. An ergonomic seat is certainly non-negotiable. Consulting your physical therapist about it is highly suggested.

Maximum Speed, Operating Range, and Battery Life

The best electric mobility scooters are typically slow, but you may encounter some that can go as  fast as 20mph. A slower scooter is ideal if you have difficulty with your hand movements and find it hard to achieve precise steering navigation or movement. The maximum range is also an important information to know. Note that some can only for up to 9 miles while others can go up to a range of 25-30 miles. Another important feature to check is the battery life. It is paramount to understand the maximum hours of life your battery has per charging. You do not want to get stuck somewhere without any way to recharge your battery.


The ‘warranty’ part is for two separate items – the electric scooter itself and the battery. The best electric mobility scooters can provide years of warranty and free services for maintenance. The warranties typically cover the quality of padding or cushions, the wheels, and even the technology that comes with it.  Note that not all insurance cover the purchase of electric mobility scooter so it would be helpful to check this, too. The battery warranty is just as important. See if the company offers the warranty on battery after a certain number of years. As the battery life is also dependent on your charging and recharging habits, you can expect it to deteriorate at some point.

Portability  and the Accessories of the Scooter

Love to travel? Well, then you need to check this as well. The best electric mobility scooters are portable and most compact in design.  Portability is one of the criteria that is often overlooked by those who focus solely on the operating range and performance of the scooter. The best electric mobility scooters should be easily loaded and unloaded in any vehicle. In addition to the portability is the possibility to include more accessories to accommodate the needs of the users.


Yes, the cost is a massive factor as well. Are you paying for your purchase of the best electric mobility scooters? Is your insurance covering it? Do you intend to lease some extra batteries? These are just a few of the questions you need to answer.  Are you willing to pay for extra accessories or other customization fees? Note that there are certain accessories that you need to purchase separately. This is why purchasing these best electric mobility scooters can be particularly costly. Now that you know which factors and features to check, we will now find out which models of the best electric mobility scooters have gained positive reviews and feedback from users.


Best Electric Mobility Scooters Today


Drive Medical Spitfire  Scout Impact

Spitfire Scout Impact

This power wheelchair offers good value for money you pay for it. This model is perfect for those who are after a lightweight and more compact designed electric wheelchair. This is relatively cheaper than most electric wheel today. Users can save as much as $700 for purchasing this over other brands of best electric mobility scooters. This model can be easily disassembled and loaded into the trunk of a regular car. It is also compatible with most accessories such as crutch holders, cup holders, and baskets or  containers.  If you are searching for a model that light on the pocket, the Drive Medical Spitfire can be a good option for you. It is one of positively reviewed best electric mobility scooters now.

Drive Medical Phoenix Heavy Duty

Drive Medical Phoenix

This power scooter is the perfect travel buddy as it is lightweight and easy to pack up. However, do not expect a headrest with this scooter. This is probably the odd part about it but the rest of the features are superb. For instance, for people with somewhat limited hand strength, this could be the best option as it comes with an ergonomic throttle control. It can also handle weight up to 350 lbs. Moreover, if you hate the marking on the floor any scooter makes, then you need not worry about this one as it is built with non-marking tiles. With its portability and durability, there is no doubt that it truly belongs to the list of the best electric mobility scooters.

Active Care Spitfire 1420

Spitfire 1420
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The great range this model at a price that does not break the bank makes it an ideal scooter for everybody. Buyers of this model have the option to get it with heavy duty batteries that can extend the range by as much as 15 miles. This specific model is designed for active users. The controls are quite flexible, too. You can control the speed of this electric scooter either by pressing the handle or turning the dial. The armrest, tillers, and footplates are completely adjustable. However, you may need to purchase a wrench if you wish to disassemble it for traveling. Despite that, it is also considered as one of the best electric mobility scooters to date.

Shoprider Sunrunner

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Great accessibility and comfort – these are just two of the things you can experience with the Shoprider Sunrunner. In addition, you may experience intuitive controls and guaranteed smooth ride even when on the rough road. Another advantage of purchasing this is that it comes with a full headlight package for added safety when used at night. You need not worry about running out of battery when using this as you will see a battery life indicator right on the screen. Yes, this is certainly one of the best electric mobility scooters at present.

Invacare Lynx L-4

Lynx L-4
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Forget about the complicated name, but what you need to know about the Invacare Lynx is that it is highly customizable. You can certainly define the seat height, the armrest with, and even the tiller angle, based on your specific need. This model can likewise accommodate rider who weighs as much as 300 lbs.

With this list of best electric mobility scooters today, which one do you find most suitable to your needs? As a  final word, do not hesitate to get in touch with the manufacturer to know more details about the power chair you are aiming at. Better yet, ask questions about mobility training or guidance ,too. You may opt to ask other people who actually use a power chair to have a clear idea of which one to purchase? If choosing gets overwhelming, you can always use this list of the best electric mobility scooters as your reference.

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