Check Out These Cool Electric Scooters for Adults

This year is all about innovation and personal mobility, so, we are giving you a rundown of the coolest electric scooters for adults.  When driving and parking a car become a tedious task on short distance trips, the best option to travel from point A to point B using any of the top electric scooters for adults that are available on the market today.

Without any doubt, the electric vehicle industry is growing at a rapid rate.  There’s a number of reason as to why going ‘electric’ is the most sensible option at present. These electric scooters for adults are all environmentally friendly. The use of battery-powered scooters enables users to be more caring for the environment without compromising on both performance and speed.

Another reason to go for these electric scooters for adults is that most of them are compact and can be practically carried anywhere.  Whether you are going to a supermarket or a coffee shop, all you need to do is fold them away and carry them with you. The convenience, size, and simplicity of use all make sense as to why electric scooters for adults should be included in your plans. Are you now thinking of getting the right e-scooter for you? Then check our list below:

Top 7 Electric Scooters for Adults You Can Try

Get Ahead with Go-ped

There are several reasons to love Go-ped electric scooters. These electric scooters for adults, come in four different electric modes. The battery packs of these electric scooters come in different configurations so you can tweak the range based on your mobility needs.  The top speed of each Go-ped model may range between 8 and 20 mph while the weight range is between 31 lbs and 37 lbs. This brand is slightly more expensive than others. The price range is between $1600 and $3500 per unit. If you are after electric scooters that are of top-notch quality regardless of the price, then this brand is an excellent option.

Get On-Board with the CycleBoard

At a glance, you could easily get captivated by how sleek and edgy the CycleBoard looks.  It is one of the electric scooters for adults that allows users to simply let is stand up so there is no need to lean it against a wall.  This electric scooter is also designed to maximize stability when being used. Therefore, using it makes it easy for any users to sustain their balance.  Moreover, each unit only weighs around 44 lbs.

When it comes to performing ance, this is one of the electric scooters for adults that has a top speed of 20 miles per hour. Depending on the driving or battery option mode, this e-scooter can go from 15 miles to 25 miles maximum.  Charging is a breeze as well as it would only let users plug it in for 3-4.5 hours to be completely recharged.  A unit, depending on the model you want, may range between  $1300  and $1700.

Mobilize Better with Uscooter

A list on electric scooters for adults will not be complete without Uscooter. When it was first unveiled in China around five years ago, the brand was known as E-Twow. It easily became one of the well-known electric scooters for adults and is now widely available in the country such as the US. It costs a little less than $1000 per unit.

Just like the CycleBoard, this e-scooter can stand on its own without the need to lean it against a wall. The maximum speed of 18 mph is a good reason to invest in this e-scooter for your everyday short-distance commute.  Another interesting fact about this brand is the weight. With 24 lbs in total weight, this has to be one of the lightest among all existing electric scooters for adults.

Let’s Go with EcoReco

One of the brands with multiple models available, EcoReco is now one of the biggest names in the electric scooter industry.   EcoREco offers electric scooters for adults in four different models namely the S, M, R, and XS.  Each model comes with their own set of features to cater to the different types of scooter users.  However, all of them has one common feature – they are all easily foldable.  Some of the EcoREco models only cost around $800 per unit, which makes them one of the electric scooters for adults that are easy on the pocket.

See What You Can Get from URB-E

When one speaks of URB-E, you will learn that it’s all about quality foldable electric scooters for adults.  The unique selling point of the company is to offer an e-scooter that can save as much space as possible when storing their products.  Folding the URB-E models only takes a couple of seconds.  It may be compact in size, but it is certainly BIG in performance.

Aside from being a space saver, the URB-E electric scooters for adults are also known for being lightweight. Each unit only weighs around 30 lb – one of the lightest electric scooters for adults you will find today. Each URB-E model has its different drive range between 16 and 20 miles. The speed can go from 14 mph to 20 mph depending on the specific model you intend to buy.

Hop On the Glion

Glion Scooters, the producer of the Glion Dolly Model,  produces lightweight electric scooters with a driving range of 15 miles per recharge. The Glion models are also among the lightest electric scooters for adults. One unit just weighs around 28 lbs making it a perfect companion when going to work or doing any errands.  Another plus factor is that these models can instantly be folded when not in use. If you are searching for electric scooters for adults, but are not ready to splurge on them, you may get yourself a Glion and spend only around $850 per unit.

Get to Work with Works Electric

This Oregon-based e-scooter manufacturer has joined the industry with a bang. Yes, Works Electric offers one of the most expensive electric scooters for adults to date. The model called Rover BR2 is the brainchild of the company and is sold at almost $6000 a piece.  The price may be surprising, but when you get to experience the superb performance of this electric scooter, you would know that it is worth every dollar spent on it.

Firstly, it has one of the best range as compared to all other electric scooters for adults available on the market at present.  The maximum range of 30 miles on a single charge is also one of the best today. The acceleration may wow you as well. It can go from zero to 30 mph is just 4.21 seconds. For sure, this model has to be one of the best electric scooters for adults that you can try for yourself.

If you intend to purchase an order, you will have to wait for at least four weeks before you can get your hands on this Works Electric scooter. The company custom design each unit and they see to it that they are handcrafted by hand.  So, this explains as to why this model has one of the highest price among the electric scooters for adults.

When searching for the best electric scooters for adults, you will find that there is now a much wider choice as compared to five years ago.  Each model has its own set of special features – but all of them compete in one particular aspect – PERFORMANCE (speed, range, acceleration, and battery capacity). Your ultimate choice will boil down to several factors such as the purpose of buying an electric scooter,  your space, and your budget as well.  The good news is – with the many choices we have now, it is certain that you will find that model out of all the electric scooters for adults available today that would suit your needs and style.

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