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The year has shown a plethora of the best electric cars to ever grace the roads of many countries.  With the unceasing quest for the innovative and sustainable mode of transportation, many drivers are now becoming more and more interested in switching to electric vehicles. The question now is – which are the best electric cars this year? How do they stand out from the rest? Get more details about this wave of electric car models and be informed by checking the list below:

1. Chevrolet Spark EV

In a nutshell, the Chevrolet Spark EV is the improved version of its fuel-powered counterpart. Drivers of the latest model of electric Chevy are enjoying the single-speed and direct drive transmission combo. This makes the car even more responsive particularly when sharper steering is needed, and certainly one of the best electric cars at present. You cannot go wrong with its 21-kWh Li-ion battery pack which many experts believe resemble that if the Honda Fit EV.  The car spins out at 140 hp and a sturdy 400 lb-ft torque. In addition, GM has created its very own oil-cooled with the permanent magnet electric motor.  The power and the range make it one of the best electric cars today.

According to Car and Driver’s own review, the Spark EV can accelerate to 60mph in just eight seconds. Its mileage is also one of the best among the recent wave of electric cars. If you are in a hurry and need to cruise immediately, a dedicated electronic control box that can be easily hooked up with chargers can facilitate and accelerate recharging of the battery. With the technology and quick recharging capability, there is no wonder the Chevrolet Spark EV is considered as one of the best electric cars of the year.

2. Kia Soul EV

If you have $35,700 to spare and are interested in getting a new electric car, you may opt for the Kia Soul EV. One of the biggest pros of this electric car is the accuracy of its range meter. Owners have been joying the 92-mile range of the car when fully-charged. If you are going on a long trip, you need not worry about abruptly losing your battery power as Kia Soul EV generates a warning at least 17 miles before the power empties. The car can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 12 short seconds. This 90’s- style family car produces an output of 109 horsepower at 210-lb-ft torque. With an excellent mileage, accurate meters, and warning system on top of the fully-carpeted mat, the Kia Soul EV certainly fits in the best electric cars list for this year.

3. Volkswagen e-Golf

One of today’s best electric cars that has the plug-and-play innovation is the latest addition to the Volkswagen cars – the e-Golf. Owners may opt to get the Bosch home kit to facilitate ease of charging. It is also one of the electric vehicles with a plug-and-play functionality. For those who are constantly on the road, recharging the car at any of the 22,000 ChargePoint stations is possible One makes it on the top list of the best electric cars is its impressive power and range. It can cover an impressive range of 83 miles making it one of the best electric cars today in terms of overall mileage. In addition, drivers get to drive the car in three different modes namely Normal, Eco, and Eco+.  The e-Golf also has three different regenerative brakes and is powered by an electric motor with an impressive output of 115 horsepower.

4. Chevrolet Bolt

In the aim to produce a highly competitive and inevitably one of the best electric cars today, Chevrolet made an investment that no other car manufacturers has ever made – involving a racer in the design process.  World-renowned SCCA racer Josh Tavel took on a key role in the process of the designing this electric vehicle. He led the bi-continental team is creating what would be one of the best electric cars to date. The Chevrolet Bolt can take you for 0- 60 mph within just 7 minutes.  Moreover, it only takes 9 hours to fully charge this road beast using a level1 charge of 240 volts and 32 amps. As with the level 2c charger, charging it for 60 minutes would give the battery a fresh 80% of battery power.

5. Fiat 500e

This electric vehicle boasts a better exterior design and is equipped with the UConnect Infotainment System that includes voice command, a five-inch touchscreen, and a Bluetooth connectivity. In addition, this car is powered by an electric motor of 111 horsepower and 147 lb-ft of torque. The mileage range of this EV makes it worthy of the title one of the best electric cars this year. The car can go up tp 93 miles even prior to recharging.  As it is powered by the liquid-cooled type of lithium-ion batter, the 500e weighs about 600 lbs more than the 500 hatchbacks. Recharging this car is possible using either a level-1 or level-2 charging points.

6. The Ford Focus Electric

The year has been an exciting one for the Ford electric car enthusiasts as the Focus returns with the nonpareil set of features including a six-speed automatic transmission. This electric vehicle likewise runs on an engine of 1.0-liter EcoBoost. The Ford Focus certainly deserves to be on the list of the best electric cars due to its power and the technology that comes with it. It has an incomparable Sync 3 Touchscreen Interface. This feature is the far better version of the previous technology called the MyFord Touch System. Between charges, the car can run as far as 75 miles.

7. Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Vehicle

The Honda Clarity is a product of the Japanese automaker’s trust in hydrogen as an alternative fuel cell. Even the Japanese government believes in the capability of the hydrogen to address the environmental quandaries.  With the presence of the Honda Clarity and the continuous innovation of Honda to provide hydrogen-powered cars, they now have the intention to put up hydrogen refilling stations to cope with the growing demand. The Honda Clarity can go from zero to 60mph with just 9.3 short minutes. With its unique battery pack, it is not surprising that the Honda Clarity is now considered as one of the best electric cars at present.

8. Hyundai Tucson

When the first generation Hyundai Tucson was launched in 2005, the e was already a sign of acceptance as 60,000 units were sold in the US alone. With a better exterior and interior, the second generation of Hyundai Tucson did just as well in 2010. Just last year, Hyundai started to experiment with the use of hydrogen fuel cell and the response from the public was positive. With the use of new power system which makes sole use of hydrogen, water vapor and heat are emitted as an exhaust. This means that there is virtually no emission with the use of the Hyundai Tucson. Yes, this model is comparable to the best electric cars we have today.

9. Mitsubishi i-Miev

One of the best characteristics of the new Mitsubishi i-Miev is that it lets drivers enjoy a zero-emission and all electricity-powered cars without breaking the bank. The car makes use of a 49-kw electric motor that is installed behind the rear seat. The battery pack is a compact 16-kwh Li-Ion battery that is mounted in the rear seat row. The official mile range of the car is 62 miles.  This is also one of the bets electric cars that are easy to navigate and park.  When being compact meets performance, this certainly qualifies to being one of the best electric cars today.

10. The Nissan Leaf

The Nissan Leaf is one of the best electric cars that are known to have revolutionized the world of electric vehicles. This five-seater compact car is powered by an 80-kw electric motor and 24 kWh li-ion battery pack system. The car’s output is 107-hp and 207 lb-ft torque. This car is certainly one of the best electric cars today as it is equipped with technology tat makes driving a breeze.  The car also has an automatic climate control, Bluetooth, a heated steering wheel, a rear view camera, and keyless ignition among others.

Electric car enthusiasts can also expect that these car makers will continue to innovate so as to attain sustainability, precision, and performance. On top of the features, there are also certain incentives that are provided by state or federal governments to support those who intend to buy one . So, if you intend to get one soon, it is advised that you check these best electric cars first.

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