Scooters and the Elderly

Scooters and the Elderly

Electric scooters have been increasing in popularity for children and adults. Scooters and the elderly are like partners that is why they always had a large market among the elderly. Unlike the trick-performing scooters that are popular among teenagers, or the maxi-scooters that help a number of people commute across the city, Elderly scooters help senior make […]

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Mahindra Hits US Market

Mahindra is an established automobile manufacturing company based out of Mumbai, India. It has been around since 1945 and is ranked 21 in India’s top Fortune 500 Companies. Not only is Mahindra India’s largest SUV seller, but the company also has a major presence globally. With a global headquarters based in Italy, South Africa, and […]

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Argo 150cc The Right Scooter for You

The Argo 150cc automatic scooter might be perfect for you if you are looking for a quick and stylish way to commute across the city. It has the stylish look of a vintage Vespa, but it costs a fraction of the price. Argo is a subsidiary Bajaj Auto, an Indian motor company that specializes in […]