modular electric scooter

ZERO 2.0 : The Latest Modular Electric Scooter You Can Never Say NO To!

If weight, portability, and all-around convenience are your main criteria for  selecting your first modular electric scooter, then Zero E-scooter could be the choice you have been searching for.  With the plethora of the electric vehicles – from scooters, cars, to hoverboard, it is  no longer surprising that the competition for the lightest and simplest […]

electric bicycles

What’s in a Name? – Electric Bicycles vs. Electric Scooters vs. Mopeds

Names of electric vehicles can all be confusing even when it comes to electric scooters, electric mopeds, and electric bicycles. But, you may be wondering – aren’t these all synonyms? While many people still tend to use the terms interchangeably, it would be interesting to know the technically correct term in describing each of them. […]

electric skateboard

Electric skateboard: a new fad or the best urban rideable ever?

The electric skateboard should be getting the attention it deserves, now that rechargeable rideables are making their way into the market. Electric mobility is the future of personal transportation, and electric skateboards, simply known as e-boards, will play a huge role in that exciting future. Though e-boards have been around since the mid-1970s, they are […]