Electric Scooters in Winter

Electric Scooters in Winter

Ever wondered what happens to these wonderful machines in winter? Can these practical rides survive the freezing cold? Regions where the weather is extremely cold may deter the operations of scooter companies such as LIME and BIRD in Colorado. Denver is an area where these scooter entities serve the populace with electric scooters. The place […]

future of electric scooters

The Future of Electric Scooters

In 2017, the BIRD Electric Scooter launched its startup company  in Santa Monica, California, USA. In just 15 months, the market value of this e-scooter company rose to $1 billion. Investors where flabbergasted by the return of investments that they began funding scooter companies hoping to rake in more revenues and profits. The population welcomed […]

Micro-Mobility Solutions

Electric Scooters and Micro-Mobility Solutions

Highly urbanized areas welcome the entry of electric scooter as part of the micro-mobility solutions introduced to help alleviate several problems associated with pollution and traffic congestion. Electric Scooter markets rose phenomenally as these wonderful machines invade regions that urgently need the solution for their increasing demand to provide mobility to the populace. The Electric […]