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E-Scooter’s Return Post-Pandemic Lockdown

The world today is currently governed by strict sanitary protocols, social distancing, and checkpoints. While many areas of affected countries remain under lockdown as people race through time in an attempt to mitigate and contain the spread of COVID-19. Majority of public transit systems are greatly affected by this change. Non-essential trips and assemblage are […]

Xiaomi A1 Electric Scooter

Xiaomi Ventures on Electric Scooters for Urban Communities: Xiaomi A1 Electric Scooter

What comes to mind when Xiaomi gets into the picture? Smartphones, smartwatches, home entertainment, appliances with cloud interface, and other consumer gadgets lead the products of this electronic giant.  Xiaomi is also an Internet company that creates innovative products connected to a platform by the Internet of Things (IoT). The company is focused on quality […]

Electric Kick Scooters in Chicago

Electric Kick Scooters in Chicago

The Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development at DePaul University made a study on the entry of electric kick scooters in Chicago. After the in-depth study, researchers published a report that the entry of the new fleet of electric scooters are beneficial to Chicagoans and recommends its trial in the urban city. The Benefits of the […]