A Guide to Buying Your First Electric Scooter

A Guide to Buying Your First Electrical Scooter

Buying your first electrical scooter can be an exercise in frustration. That’s because there are lots of choices and it’s hard to figure out just what it is you need. For this reason, it’s often better to buy from a store which specializes in electrical scooters than to buy from a big box store which happens to sell them right next to the giant boxes of Cheerios. However, regardless of where you buy your electrical scooter, there are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing one:

Look at the CC Rating

The CC rating is basically a measure of the power of the engine. You don’t want to get too powerful an engine in an electrical scooter if it’s your first one (say around 1,000CC) because that would make the thing go way too fast for you and could be dangerous.

Too Small is Also Bad

However, by the same token, you also need to make sure it has enough power to get you around town and to do what you need to do. Some companies for example sell electrical scooters with tiny 50CC motors. These kinds of electrical scooters are really little more than toys and are simply not the kind of thing to be relied upon when you are using your electrical scooter to get to and from work or even to and from the grocery store or school. They can be quite dangerous because the tiny motor could fail to give you enough lift even when going over minor hills or when you need to accelerate to switch lanes, thus causing accidents.

Check out the Brakes

The best scooters in the market will include anti-lock brakes which are designed to ensure that your safety is kept paramount. These kinds of brakes become increasingly more important the more powerful your electrical scooter is since they can be the difference between crashing and getting killed or braking within a reasonable distance and getting where you’re going. Be sure to double check any claim of anti-lock brakes on an electrical scooter as well as some unscrupulous dealers will claim their brakes are anti-lock when they really are not.

Pay Close Attention to Safety Equipment

When riding an electrical scooter, you don’t have the advantage of airbags or of a crumple zone on a car to protect you in case of a crash. Because of that, it’s extremely important to look for quality safety equipment which is rated for your electrical scooter’s speed and engine power.

Get a Good Jacket Too

In addition to a helmet, you should ideally look for a jacket which can provide adequate crash protection. There are specially made leather jackets which can provide the kind of protection you need when you hit the pavement so that you walk away from an accident and you should ideally look into purchasing one along with your electrical scooter.

Have Fun

Finally, whatever kind of electrical scooter you buy, be sure that you think it’s fun to drive. After all, that’s half the reason to own an electrical scooter.

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