Where to buy the best hoverboard for sale?

Where to buy the best hoverboard for sale?

Are you searching for a good hoverboard for sale? You know, landing the right hoverboard deal can be difficult if you do not know what you should look for in your desired device. A quick Internet search for hoverboards, also known as self-balancing electric scooters, will pull up listings for various brands and models ranging from $100 up to over $1,000 – and they all look identical. The main differences between self-balancing two-wheel e-scooters are on the inside of the unit where the rechargeable battery pack, circuit boards, sensors, and electric motors are located. Unless you know what specs to look for and where to find, you will have a hard time deciding on the right hoverboard for sale.


Identical, low quality devices are sticker brands?

Searching different brands of self-balancing e-scooters exactly reveals how many companies are trying to get into the personal transporter market. New hoverboard brands are popping up left and right, with new and advanced features in the offering. Good for the economy and the customers?

The problem with these new brands is that most of them are just made-up or, to use the right term, sticker brands. Actually they are not brands, but importers of low quality pieces of junk made in China. They just only source the manufactured boards from Chinese manufacturers, slap their logo on each unit, and then call it their own product. These brands or importers, to be exact, fool customers into buying their merchandise by advertising that have the best quality hoverboard on sale. Now you know why almost all hoverboards are identical?

Things only get worse when these low quality self-balancing scooters catch fire or break within days. Most of the times, customers cannot return the units because their purchase does not come with a warranty or money-back guarantee, the retailer or manufacturer does not accept returns, or that they do not respond to customer’s request for service or refund.


Shipped from the US but made in China?

Many websites have advised customers to patronize local, reputable brands when shopping for a hoverboard for sale. However, with the popularity of outsourcing, almost everything is now made in China, including your Apple gadgets. Of course, you would be wary about purchasing anything that is made in China, the source of most self-balancing electric scooters that catch fire. So should you buy a China-made hoverboard for sale?

Most websites will advise that you stay away from self-balancing e-scooters that are made in China, but this may not be the case always. There are reputable companies that outsource their manufacturing in China, same thing as Apple does with their gadgets. Ninebot, the company that bought the personal transporter pioneer Segway for their patents, is also based in China. Their miniPRO happens to be the first self-balancing electric scooter to have received the UL 2272, the standard for electrical systems for self-balancing electric scooters.  

To sum it up, it is completely fine to purchase a China-made hoverboard for sale as long as it is a reputable brand, an authentic article, not an imitation, and it has the UL mark, along with other safety marks.


Should you buy a hoverboard for sale online?

Why not? After all, online shopping is the in-thing today. In an online store, you get more choices than what you will see in a physical store, and great deals which you will never get from an onsite retailer. Moreover, many online purchases come with free shipping too. But before you should get happy about landing the best hoverboard for sale online, there are things that you should know.

When shopping for a hoverboard for sale, go to online stores like Amazon, eBay, Best Buy, Aliexpress, or Alibaba. These online retailers now make sure they sell and ship only safe and UL-certified hoverboards. They require manufacturers and sellers to produce certification before they allow their products on the websites. Do you know what comes with purchasing a hoverboard from sale from these reliable and trusted online retailers? Peace of mind! Not only are you assured that you are sold a genuine self-balancing e-scooter, but also that your house won’t burn to the ground.

What about buying directly from the brand or manufacturer? With new brands coming out everyday selling low quality self-balancing two-wheel scooters just to cash in the craze, it is hard to determine a brand that is reputable and trustworthy enough to buy a hoverboard for sale. There are still a few brands whose self-balancing electric scooters have been certified by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL). This includes the Ninebot, MonoRover, and SwagWay. Not only do they make durable and safe hoverboards, but also offer a one-year warranty, thus giving you a peace of mind when you through them. Should you encounter any issue with your unit, you can contact them for repair or replacement.


If you are going to make an online purchase for a hoverboard for sale, please take note of the following:

  • The brand – Is it a brand notorious for the fires caused by one of their units?  Is it one of those brands recalled by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC)?
  • Reviews – Does the brand or the manufacturer get a lot of flak for poor customer service, poor product quality, or the fires their units have caused? If there are good reviews, do they seem genuine? Do they get a lot of social media mention? Browse their social profiles and check if they respond to online queries. Do they reply to comments?
  • Address and contact details – Browse through their website for their physical site address and contact details (email, Skype, landline or mobile phone). Google for a sample of their packaging. Check if they have social media. Is the address right? Can you view it on Google Maps?
  • The website – Since you will be buying a hoverboard for sale directly through their online store, it is wise to check what kind of website they have. Is it poorly designed? Does it have lots of spelling or grammar errors? Chances are, the business is not being managed professionally, and that should already give you a hint of their product quality and user’s manual.
  • Also check if the web address has an ‘s’ at the end of its ‘http’ part? Or is there a padlock symbol in the task bar? If not, then it is a shady business. It is not using an encrypted system to keep your details more secure. Beware!


What about buying hoverboard for sale through social media and forums? Avoid them. For one, you may not know the true condition of the units posted by resellers, and even if you happen to personally know these people, it is not a good idea to buy a secondhand self-balancing electric scooter. What if the pre-loved hoverboard for sale has a battery pack that is already swelling? You will never know unless you disassemble the unit, but why should you do that?


Hoverboard for sale under $300?

Right now, it has already become harder to purchase a hoverboard for sale for as low as $200. Unless you can find a kiosk or unofficial store that sells cheap hoverboards, you will have to shell out $400 up for a legit self-balancing electric scooter, one that is UL-certified. $400 is the cheapest price you can get for a safe and durable hoverboard for sale in major retailers.

While there are many places to buy a self-balancing electric scooter, major retailers and online marketplaces such as Amazon are the best possible places to buy hoverboards. By buying through them, you won’t have to go through the hassle and headache of identifying an authentic hoverboard for sale from a potential firestarter. Quality hoverboards come with a price – and a peace of mind.

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