The First Ever Electric Trail Bike

Bultaco Brinco R :  The First Ever Electric Trail Bike

To the surprise of countless  motorcycling enthusiasts globally, Bultaco’s  return to the cycling market marks a new-age innovation – the introduction of the electric trail bike.  This Spanish motorcycle maker has made quite an impression for launching a full-throttle, electricity-powered mountain bike called the Brinco R or the Brinco e-bike.  The introduction of this e-bike has resurrected the racing glory days of the company who became popular with their  thumbs-up logo. After the halt in Bultaco production back in 2001,  the same group that produced off-road motorcycles is now set to compete again in the world of electric motorcycle and  trail bike production.

The Birth of Bultacos’ Brinco e-Bike

Bultaco certainly means business with the release of  its first  e-bike. Top executives of the company refer to Brinco as the  first ever ‘moto-bike’  to every hit the off-road.   As Brinco is described as  half-motorcycle and half-bicycle,  riders are set of experience an entirely new off-roading experience.  This new ride has certainly a crossbreed  motorcycling DNA that  would enable novice and experienced cyclists a whole new and a more powerful experience. Brico is also set to compete with other super electric bikes that are currently available on the market – including but not limited to the EMX, the Trefecta DRT,  and the Stealth B-52 Bomber.  Moreover, Brinco is also designed for speed and power and is comparable to the Lightning LS-218,  a fully-developed electric motorbike.

The Technical Features of Brinco Revealed

So, what makes  Brinco the ultimate off-road e-bike?  Firstly, the motor says it all.  Brinco has a 2-kW motor mounted in the rear wheel. It is also equipped with  1.3 KWh lithium-ion batteries.   The motor itself puts out a 44 lb-ft  of torque. The output of the motor is manipulated by three different riding modes. The three modes are aptly called the Eco, Tour, and Sport.  When on Eco mode, the e-bike  offers the rides up  to 800 watts of assisted pedaling that can be utilized up to 50 miles.  The Tour mode caps a motor out of 1,500 watts and a 31-mile range. Sports mode, on the other hand, releases a maximum power of 2,000 watts.

Aside from the motor itself,  Brinco’s frame and body components deserve to be featured as well.  The Brinco e-bike is built with unique swingarm and aluminum frame . It  is also equipped with nine derailleur gears., hydraulic disk brakes at the rear,  and an internal gearbox that is switchable. Expert riders will also benefit from the top-notch suspension forks and the rear shock that comes with it. The only area that probably needs improvement is the size. This e-bike comes in  a single frame size only.  Therefore, rides who are either rather tall or short may  find the size less than ideal.  In the long run, Butalco intends to manufacture bikes of different sizes to accommodate all types of users.

How much does it cost?

If you are keen on using an electric trail bike for your next adventure, be ready to prepare around  €4,800. Note that this is the price offered on the Spanish market. The price itself is inclusive of VAT. The electric trail bike company is also offering early bird reservations via the Bronco website. If you happen to be one of the 175 people on reserve, note that your e-bike is going to be manufactured in  the new Bultaco’s factory located in Barcelona, Spain. The company also ensures the biking enthusiasts worldwide that they would be releasing information on the prices for the other markets once its distribution market has been fully established.

Operating the Brinco – A Novice’s Guide

The  Brinco R is built with an LED computer that is centrally mounted.  This technology  basically records the performance of the bike. It is capable of a recording speed, displaying motor temperature, the battery life, and the distance of the journey. Activating this e-bike is likewise a breeze.  It functions using a keyless activating  program. The rider gets to wear a wireless bracelet that is programmed with the top-notch security feature.  This bracelet is capable of activating the trail bike in an instant. In the absence of this bracelet, the e-bikes get locked automatically. This automatically reduces the risk of the bike getting stolen. And even when stolen, a thief would not be able to run away with it.

Apart from the anti-theft feature, this e-bike also comes with a geo-location tracking app that can be used on any Android or iOS device. The app is also capable of connecting to the computer system of the bike using Bluetooth connectivity. This would keep the owner or rider posted on the speed or the remaining power.  Recharging is also made convenient. The lithium-ion battery  also detachable from the frame.  Recharging is also quite fast as it only takes about three (3)  hours to fully charge the batteries again.  Riders who intend to use the Brinco as a sports equipment are also advised to purchase an additional battery for a quick replacement and for long-haul rides.

Full-throttle vs. Pedal-assisted: What’s the Difference?

If you happen to be less experienced one and are just about to try electric bikes, there are two basic modes that you need to get acquainted with.  First is the throttle mode, and the second being pedal-assisted. So, how does full-throttle work? Well, it is fundamentally the same as how you operate a scooter or motorcycle. When you engage the throttle, the motor basically pumps up the power and allows your bike to propel forward. To put simply,  a throttle fundamentally lets you just enjoy the ride. Throttles can also be fine-tuned either in low or full power. This mode can easily be grasped by those who are accustomed to riding scooters or regular motorcycles.

One of the important features to know is also that the use of throttle e-bike is not always authorized in all countries. However, most e-bikes in the US possess full-throttle modes. In other countries, you can only use pedal-assisted bikes. So, how does the pedal assist (also known as pedelec) mode work? If you are more accustomed to  traditional bikes, you would feel more comfortable with pedelec than with full-throttle. This mode feels more intuitive and it allows you to place your chief focus on pedaling.  As the name suggest, the bike only gains power when you pedal it. Pedal assisted also comes in different settings, but most bikes generally have low, medium, and high pedal assist levels.

Firstly, the low-level pedal assist basically provides a minimal electric assist. You are the main source of the pedal power.  Secondly, the medium level brings a more balanced assistance allowing you to benefit from both motor and pedal power. Thirdly,  the high-level assist lets you travel faster even when not pedaling rigorously. You get to reach your destination without even breaking a sweat. These levels can be adjusted to suit your preference and the purpose of travel. If you intend to have a really good workout, then seek the one wit the low-level assist. On the contrary, if you are in a hurry, it would be a better idea to go for the high-level pedal assistance of your electric trail bike.

The return of Butalco also means one important thing – that we are in a realm that is becoming completely dependent on transportation that is driven by electricity. Going for an electric trail bike rather than an electric motorcycle seems like an interesting business strategy for the Spanish company. As the product is more directed to a specific market, it is likely to have fewer competitors at this point. True enough, it is now so much easier to find electric cars, electric scooters, and electric motorcycles. From a business standpoint, the electric trail bike is yet to find its competitor in this cut-throat industry. If you cannot wait to get hold of your first e-bike, then constantly check the Butalco’s website for more details and updates.  Enjoy the ride!

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