A Quick Look at the Best Power Wheelchair for Kids

Thanks to the innovative minds of the experts and the endless possibilities brought about by technology, we can now find the best power wheelchair for kids. Gone are the days when kids with special needs are treated as mere patients. The presence of these power wheelchair for kid exemplifies the growing demand for better and safer mobility chairs for children. These power wheelchairs do not only immensely aid in the mobility of the children but also gives them a sense of independence while ensuring utmost comforts. If you happen to have a child with special  medical needs, then see to it that you go through every section of this article for guidance and advice.

How to Choose the Best Power Wheelchair for Kids

The existing power wheelchairs for kids that are available on the market are diverse.  Basically, your choice of power wheelchair for kids highly depends on the specific medical or mobility needs of your child. These electric powered  wheelchairs of EPWs are so diverse that consulting a mobility expert and your child’s own doctors are paramount. It would likewise immensely help if you could identify the disabling  condition of your child. Does he or she suffer from complete loss of mobility?  Is her disabling condition more focused on her arm and shoulder function? Does she struggle due to loss of leg strength? These are just a few of the questions you need to answer and assess before purchasing the best power wheelchairs for kids.

Other features that you may want to check are the basic functions of the EPW. For instance, check if it is easy to tilt and recline. The seat elevation and leg elevation are also two of the most important features to check. If your child has specific leg or arm rest requirement, then you can find a manufacturer that customizes t these features. Does your child also make use of  medical equipment that must be constantly near her or attached to her?  If this is the case, then choosing the power wheelchair for kids that has the essential accessories is crucial.

Another tip before purchasing any power wheelchair for a kid is to ask the company producing it if it comes with a support from mobility experts. There are certain manufacturers of mobility chairs that also send a mobility expert to guide the user to using the wheelchair for the first time. This would be immensely helpful if an expert would also guide a young user to further explain how  the chairs can be navigated better.  The battery should also be one of the  main concerns when planning to purchase a power wheelchair for kids. It would be helpful to ask about the battery or ways to improve battery life. Leasing an extra battery pack may also be an option for some.

Five of the Best Power Wheelchairs for Kids

Choosing the best power wheelchair for kids is not only about the function and features.You need to likewise note that these wheelchairs will be solely operated by the kids and how they feel when they use them is also just as important. Kids who make use of EPWs usually need to go on a regular doctor’s visit as well. With this in mind, your choice of the power wheelchair for kids must enable you to travel with this with ease. Durability must also be factored in the process. Here is the suggested power wheelchair for kids that you may want to check.

P320 Junior Micro Lite by Merits Health

This power wheelchair for kids is suitable for the smaller or younger ones.  This electric mobility chair is designed with a sturdy lower and upper back rest. It also has an   18” –high back seat with  an ergonomically designed headrest for added comfort.  One of the key characteristics of this power wheelchair for kids is that it is compact in design and can be easily disassembled and reassembled. The compact and lightweight design of this Merits Health-made wheelchair make it easy to be maneuvered even in narrow hallways.   This mobility chair also has a range of up to 12.5 miles per fully-charged battery.  This wheelchair also comes with the transferable joystick, so your child can choose whether to out on the right or left arm plate.

Otto Skippi Power Wheelchair

This power wheelchair for kids is best known for its durability and ease-of-use.  This electric mobility chair  has a good degree of maneuverability and speed which makes it one of the ideal power wheelchairs for younger users. Parents can easily stow it as it is easy to disassemble and does not occupy too much space for storage. This power wheelchair for kids also has anti-tipper, bumper, and integrated tie-down points.  It’s 8” swivel wheels do not wear out even after years of use. In addition,  it also has adjustable armrests  and side panels. The batteries can also be easily removed.

LiteRider PTC Power Wheelchair

The LiteRider PTC Power Wheelchair is  designed and manufactured by Golden Technologies.  This particular power wheelchair for kids comes with a 20” wide padded seat for added comfort. The battery can last up tp 9.5 miles on a single charge. The chair weighs only 114 lbs which make it easier to navigate.  Even in tight spaces such as school hallways, this power wheelchair for kids make it a possible to maneuver through these places. Accessories are also  to attach to the body or rear side of this mobility chair. It also comes with an instruction manual which makes it easy to use.

The Cobalt Power Wheelchair

Designed and manufactured by Drive Medical, this power wheelchair for kids is one of the few models that can accommodate up tp 250 lbs of weight capacity. The manufacturer prides itself on producing the most reliable mobility scooters for those who physically and medically need them. This pediatric power chair enables the users to cruise for up to eight miles when fully charged. The Cobalt has a maximum speed of  4mph.  Its padded seat is about 15-inch and comes with a flat belt to keep the patient or child in place.  This power wheelchair for kids also comes with an adjustable footplate in order to ensure the comfort of the child using it.

Zippie ZM-310 Pediatric Power Wheelchair

This Zippie ZM-310 Pediatric Power Wheelchair is designed in such a way that the user will get the utmost accessibility, comfort, and independence while using it.  It has a maximum speed of 6mph and is powered by a high-performance  Group 22 batteries.  This power wheelchair for kids may be one of the smallest in terms of design, but is certainly one of the most dependable . Each section has been ergonomically designed to allow a child to navigate it with ease. It is designed with the JAY seating and JAY positioning in mind. Each part, particularly the seat, is tested to make sure that they are all compatible and are of top quality.

This Zippie ZM-310 Pediatric Power Wheelchair is also equipped with various technology that would improve the user experience. Fr instance, it can be driven using advanced  color joysticks. The 3.5” display makes it easy for children to view.  The joystick is adjustable and retractable up to a certain angle. In addition, even a young user can easily paddle the switches, control its speed, and adjust the horn volume thanks to the programmable shortcuts.

These power wheelchairs for kids come in different sizes and features. However, they are also equipped with technology that would increase the quality of life of the user. Before making any final decisions as to which power wheelchair to purchase, it is better to double check or discuss with an industry expert. Note that prices vary depending on the technology used. Most importantly, check consult with your child as well as this power wheelchair for kids that you will be purchasing will be your child’s companion for a long time.

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