Best Hybrid Cars: Worth Every Dollar Spent

In the long run, it can be safely inferred that getting the best hybrid cars pay back in not time. Many may wonder whether these hybrid cars are still worth the hefty money  spent on this.  To shed light on this matter, we have compiled the best hybrid cars that pay  back the surcharges spent on them the quickest.  But first, what exactly are hybrid cars and why have they become popular among today? How does the government encourage people to make that switch? Read on and see our analysis of the best hybrid cars of today.


Reliving the Beginning of the Hybrid Cars

Surprisingly, the technology used in hybrid cars had existed as early as the 1900’s. However, it was only in  the early 21st century when they have gained popularity among the car makers. In fact, with the immense possibilities, these best hybrid cars bring, the government  had also laid out incentive programs in order to encourage more drivers to try these hybrid cars. In addition, there are likewise many cities who have become keen on the use or promotion of the best hybrid cars in order to encourage the utilization of a more environment-friendly transportation options.

But, what exactly do ‘hybrid’ cars mean? Fundamentally, a hybrid car is a vehicle that has two or more different types of the engine installed in it. For instance, it could be a combination of an electric motor plus a conventional diesel or petrol-powered motor. The use of hybrid cars is also beneficial as it significantly reduces the emission of carbon  dioxide. However, with the use of special technology and dual or multiple motors in one car, it is evident that the cost of the best hybrid cars is somewhat significantly higher than other conventional cars.  With this, it is essential to know how soon how easy it is for the car to ‘pay back’ what you have spent on it.

List of the Best Hybrid  Cars that Pay Back Real Soon

2015 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

Yes, driving this car is not only good for the environment, but also great for your pocket. The MKZ Hybrid is  offered at the same price  of the 2015 Lincoln MKZ FWD.  Yes, the gas-electric hybrid version of the car can be bought  for the exact same price of the gas-powered car version.  With this, the ‘payback’ rate is zero years as you are not paying extra for that engine boost.  This car has a turbo 4-cylinder or a V-6 engine.  What makes this car stand out apart from the cost is that its set of notable features which include a push-button automatic transmission,  inflatable seat belts,  and an all-wheel drive. The sleek design is also a major plus.  The annual fuel savings for this hybrid car is about $537.  Certainly, thus model qualifies as one of the best hybrid cars.

2016 LaCrosse eAssist

The 2015 LaCrosse Assist certainly has a better pizzazz that the 2012 model. Thus hybrid cars are sold  at no extra charge, and this is why it has become one of the best hybrid cars today.  The latest ,model of LaCross eAssist is equipped with features that the tech-savvy people would approve. It  has an Apple CarPlay system, an Android Auto feature, and it gets a new display screen with a couple of USB ports. The car is also considered as one of the best hybrid cars with the best price. The  car comes with a 3.6-liter V6 engine that produces an output of 304 hp. The engines are mated to an outstanding six-speed auto transmission. This car makes it to the list of best hybrid cars as it is rated 29 mpg by EPA and lets users enjoy an annual fuel savings of up to $524.

2016 Buick Regal eAssist

Regal, it is!  With an annual fuel saving of up to $359, it is not surprising that the car made it to the list of best hybrid cars that pay back within a short period of time.  This sedan is equipped with a 1-4 .0 liters of the engine with a power output of 259 horsepower and a torque of 295 hp. The transmission is 6-speed and automatic.  This model also prides itself for having one of the ‘smallest’ emissions per year.

2016 Toyota Prius Liftback Two

The fuel savings can be up to  $627 per year with this car model. As there is a difference between the Prius and the Camry of about $1200, it only takes two years to earn back the added cost. This is not such a bad deal for a hybrid that ensures lower emission and better driving experience. As the slogan of Prius states, the 2106 hybrid model certainly shatters all expectations. The dramatic new look, the futuristic interior, and the double wishbone suspension are enough reasons to dub this model as one of the best hybrid cars today.

2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid Titanium

Although we are expecting a 2017 model soon, the 2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid Titanium remains one of the best hybrid cars in the last two years.  As compared to the Ford Fusion FWD Titanium 4-cyclinder, the Hybrid Titanium lets the user save as much as $585 in one year. With only a little over two years, owners can already get back the $1,500+ addition they had to shell out for going for the Hybrid version. Other reasons to go for this hybrid car is its high fuel economy, tweaked safety features, the eye-catching style,  and the advanced technology it is designed with.

2015 Honda Accord Hybrid Touring

In order to break even, users of the 2015 Honda Accord Hybrid Touring need to earn back $1425 in fuel savings. As this car guarantees an average of $686 in fuel savings every year, users of this model need only about 2.1 years to earn back the added cost of switching to the hybrid car. While Honda is one of the pioneering companies to ever introduce hybrid cars on the market, it took them years before they get to finally produce a highly competitive model. The 2015 Honda Accord Hybrid Touring is now considered as one of the best hybrid cars with the best fuel mileage.

Toyota Avalon Hybrid Limited

The Toyota Avalon Hybrid  is known for its efficiency which makes brings Toyota as one of the car makers to watch out for when it comes to the new breed of hybrid cars.  Using the Avalon lets the owner save as much as $656 in fuel consumption. Therefore, it would only take about two years and a half to earn back the price difference of $1720 between the non-hybrid and hybrid Toyota Avalon.  Toyota is also set to produce  a new set of hybrid cars to compete with the world’s best.

While the price gap between the conventional fuel-powered cars and the hybrid cars gets slimmer  by the day, it is no longer surprising that many would eventually switch to hybrid cars or even a completely 100% electric vehicles. Apart from the then reduction in fuel costs, the best hybrid cars also contribute less emission to the environment.  Many car makers are also now in the process of establishing more charging points so as to encourage more people to go for alternative power solutions and take part in attaining sustainability.

There are also a wide range of reasons as to why it is a good option too for the best hybrid cars if going you are still unsure of going for an all-electric vehicle.  The best hybrid cars are also known for being top performers. This is due to the instant torque they produce.  The tax incentives provided by different states are also among the reasons which can make buying a hybrid car easier on the pocket. Above all,  driving the best hybrid cars can also help you develop frugal driving habits which can have a long-term benefit.

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