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There is no denying that Gogoro, also known as the world’s first SmartScooter, is one of the best electric scooters in Europe to date. This scooter has first set foot in Amsterdam around the early part of this year, 2016. Soon, the next city to witness the innovation behind the Gogoro electric scooter is Berlin. But, what makes Gogoro a ‘SmartScooter’? How does if differ from the rest of the electric scooters that are popular in the US and in other parts of the world?  Read on and be enlightened on why this brand is considered as one of the best electric scooters in Europe at present.

The Concept Behind Gogoro

The team behind GoGoro, otherwise known as one of the best electric scooters in Europe, aimed at leveraging the power of technology so it could alter the way people use and consume energy. While working on the concept for this model, the design and engineering team remained focused on finding a way to  encourage cities to operate in a more sustainable, smarter , and cleaner way. The birth of GoGoro proves that sustainability can go beyond the assurance of zero emission designs. The features, the overall appearance, and the functionality of the GoGoro make it an excellent contender for being one of the best electric scooters in Europe.

The History of Gogoro

The company was founded in October 2011 by two like-minded entrepreneurs named  Matt Taylor and Horace Luke. Long before the company aimed to produce one of the best electric scooters in Europe, they had originally aimed to produce electric scooters that encapsulate four fundamental concepts, namely, energy management, connectivity, smart mobility and innovation technology.  However, it took them about three years later to announce its long-term vision, management team, and investment funding.

Around January 2015, Gogoro unveiled its SmartScooter and Energy Network.  Thus is just a year before it was hailed as one of the best electric scooters in Europe. About seven months after, the first Gogoro SmartScooters were finally deployed in Taiwan.  At the beginning of this year, the company also made another massive initiative – the GoCharger.  It was also at the same time when the SmartScooter was first launched in Europe, specifically in the city of Amsterdam.

Now,  Gogoro is proud to have sold more than 10,000 smartscooters.  With the Gogoro starting to make a name for itself, it will not be surprising if it becomes just as competitive as the other electric scooter makers in the world now.  While it is greatly involved in a cut-throat industry, the smartscooter may just be the vehicle that can ultimately be one of the best electric scooters in Europe and in Asia.

The Tale of the SmartScooter

Gogoro had thousands of biking enthusiasts gasping in awe when it was first released in Taiwan.  As many critics would put it, this SmartScooter had truly captured the world’s imagination long before it became one of the best electric scooters in Europe. But, what makes it a ‘SmartScooter’ is something that many electric scooter makers have missed. With  Gogoro,  charging is just an option thanks to the smart system of  ‘swappable battery technology’. Yes, the term used is ‘swappable’ because the rider can simply head to the Gogoro charging station and swap the  two batteries for freshly charged ones.  The idea is to ensure that riders get to benefit from the widest range possible –  an aspect that other electric scooters  (self-balancing, power chairs, or bikes) are still improving. With the same concept being applied to Europe, it is inevitable that Gogoro can truly become one of the best electric scooters in Europe in no time.

The flagship store is based in Taiwan where there are about 18 million of scooter riders – one of the biggest in terms of figures. Upon the initial trial run, the company installed about 80 charging and battery swapping stations .  The same concept is intended to be done in Europe. With Amsterdam as the first city to experience the innovation of SmartScooter, Berlin will soon be the next European city to benefit from no-charging, battery-swapping, and range-widening technology that only Gogoro can offer now.  The battery swapping technology is certainly one concept that is being looked forward to by individuals who are in constant search for a more sustainable transportation option.

Rethinking Energy Usage via Gogoro Energy Network

The biggest contribution of Gogoro SmartScooter, aside from its impeccable design, is the Energy Network which aims to  ultimately transform urban transportation. The charging infrastructure, the  battery packs, the vehicles- are all interconnected via a centralized energy system.  The innovation does not stop there as all digital information from this network is highly accessible via any smartphone or mobile device.  The infrastructure itself is what could potentially make this as one of the best electric scooters in Europe and in Asia.

The GoStations

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These stations are interconnected and appear like  smaller versions of ATM machines. These stations are strategically located in other gas stations and chains of  convenience stores. The modular battery chargers only take about 30 minutes to  be installed making easy for the Gogoro to expand to other locations. The swapping itself is not complicated and can be done any time of the day, any hour of the week.  It can literally just take seconds to swap the batteries of one of the best electric scooters in Europe.  No need to worry about fumes, mess, and  incessant waiting.

So, how would you know if you have swapped  with  a good battery? Well, let the built-in touchscreen do the talking. Each time you do a swap, a welcome message can be seen on the screen. Other pertinent information such as notifications and energy use are displayed. You will also see a reminder on when it is time to do the swapping and tuning up again. Only the best electric scooters in  Europe allows riders to experience such technology.

Users and future riders of the SmartScooters need not worry about coverage as well. While the idea is relatively new, Gogoro ensures that it will continue to work on expanding its initial coverage in order to keep up with the rising demands of swappable batteries. It is inevitable that the best electric scooters in Europe and Asia are able to meet the demand as what other electric scooter manufacturers based in China and US are doing at the moment.

The Anatomy of the Gogoro Battery Pack

The best electric scooters in Europe offers only top quality battery pack and this is the case for Gogoro. The battery pack system is equipped with modern engineering all in a compacted 1.3kWh battery that weighs just about 9kgs. Stylish, portable, and most importantly, safe – the Gogoro battery is certainly a standout about the batteries of the best electric scooters in Europe and anywhere else. Another key feature of the battery system is that it comes with a fully-integrated monitoring and protection via the Cloud.  

Although it may sound like an aspect pulled out from a sci-fi playbook, the battery pack  of Gogoro comes with an internal microprocessor to ensure authenticity and security. It also has the capability to communicate with the scooter itself through the wireless interface called NFC. While most of the best electric scooters in Europe comes with Samsung-made batteries, the energy cells  of the Gogoro Scooter are solely manufactured by Panasonic as a result of their strategic partnership. The  core of the battery pack  is the Panasonic 18650 energy cell that is exclusively used for electric mobility.

The Final Verdict

For sure, Gogoro can be considered as one of the best electric scooters in Europe. The world’s first SmartScooter prides itself for having a fully-electric capability on top of its sleek design. If you intend t find the best electric scooter with the widest mileage, Gogoro will certainly not disappoint you with its 60-mile coverage. Needless to say, this is the perfect ride for urban commuting. The 6-second battery swapping system is certainly a feature that makes it worth of the title as one of the best electric scooters in Europe today.

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