Be Cool, Be Safe with Electric Scooters

An e-scooter is something more of a necessity to have than to own for recreational purposes. Its rise is a phenomenon that connects people’s needs for light commutes, cheaper cost of transport, and a method to save money. Electric scooters are and will always be a big help to the environment to curb carbon emission that cause greenhouse gases.  
E-scooters could be dangerous and pose as health hazards to people riding on it. The cool equipment can be hazardous to riders that do not involve safety in using electric scooters. Ever since the e-rides invaded US soil, the number of electric scooter injuries rose in hospital emergency rooms in the country. According to US doctors, the number of casualties number from 10 a month to 10 incidents in a day. Accidents range from people losing control of their e-rides due to lack of knowledge in using them while some electric scooters’ brakes failed to work.

Most of the injuries resulted to broken bones and head traumas. Patients with injuries went around their vicinities without a helmet for protection. Some States require a helmet while others don’t. For safety while using electric scooters, riders should always use a helmet, requirement or not. With the spiking hospital visits due to accidents, follow the safety rules to avoid injuries when using your electric scooter.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that children below 16 years old should not ride the e-scooter. Occurring accidents are not just cuts and bruises but are serious in nature like legitimate fractures.

Safety in using electric scooters Rule # 1:

Wear a Helmet

When you ride your e-scooter and fall off, you are prone to injury. Your head could suffer from that accident. Yet, from a 2017 survey collected, parents were not amenable to enforce the safety precaution of their children wearing that safety helmet; only 57% of the parents say that they would make their child wear the helmet. Wearing a helmet could lessen the degree of injury that could happen to an adult as with a child. Of the injuries documented by researchers at UCLA 40% were head traumas, 28% caused by cuts, sprains and bruises while 32% were fractures to the bone; only 4% of the injured were wearing a helmet at the time of the accident.

Safety in Using Electric Scooters

Safety in using electric scooters Rule # 2:

Wear Closed-tipped Shoes

When an e-rider does not follow this rule for safety using electric scooters, the accident could severely damage his toes when he falls off his e-ride. The momentum of the fall will drag your toes over the road in your attempt to slow your fall.

Safety in using electric scooters Rule # 3:

Wear Kneepads and Elbow Protection

Your knees and elbows will most likely be the first on impact when you fall of your e-scooter. They will be your first line of defense to protect your body from the fall. Always wear these protective gears when traveling down the road.

Safety in using electric scooters Rule # 4:

Check Major Parts

Before hopping on to your ride, double check each parameter to be in good working condition. Test the brakes, throttle, lights and tires for safety using electric scooters.

If you are renting this ride and you find that something is defective and pose a danger, find another. Also, check the tail and front lights if you ride through the night.

Safety in using electric scooters Rule # 5:

Ride by Yourself

Safety in Using Electric Scooters start with riding all alone. The e-rides are good for one rider only. Safety instructions advise riders to ride solo as it can only carry the desired capacity the equipment has to operate safely. These equipment are for single riders only.

Safety in using electric scooters Rule # 6:

Start Slow

Do not jump-start your electric scooter. Start on a slow motion till you reach your desired speed. Be aware of the vehicles and people you meet or pass by so you can consider your safety while using electric scooters and of others as well..

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