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Electric Vehicles: End of oil companies?

Electric Vehicles:End of oil companies? What meaning does the growing popularity and mass adoption of electric vehicles (EV) bring? For environmentalists and advocates of renewable …

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Electric Surfboards: Surf without waves

Surfing without the waves? It’s possible with electric surfboards Electric surfboards for waveless surfing? Now that’s real! With technology, everything is possible. Two European firms …

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First Ever Flying Scooter

German physicist Thomas Senkel adds another invention under his belt – a flying scooter.  There is no denying that the physicist is head-over-heels with  Science and …

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First Personal Electric Jet

First Personal Electric Jet Named Lilium  Ready to Take Flight in 2018 A personal electric jet may sound like an idea taken from the science …

electric scooters

5 electric scooters with seats

Electric scooters are made for adults, period. The most popular models are not only equipped with high-quality motors, but also a host of advanced features. …


Hoverboard hazards: How to be safe

The self-balancing electric scooter, commonly known as the hoverboard, is the most talked-about device since the first generation iPhone. Though inspired by the hoverboard in …

electric car taxi

Largest Electric Car Taxi Fleet

The world’s best-selling electric car is now the world’s most popular electric car taxi model. Auto manufacturer Nissan recently inked a deal with Spanish taxi …

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Top Batteries To Power Electric Car

For electric car makers, necessity is the mother of invention. Indeed! With EVs gaining traction in the passenger auto market, there is a surging demand …

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