vespa segway

Cool Vespa Segway

Vespa Segway is made by an Italian scooter brand which is manufactured by Piaggio. Vespa translates to “wasp” in Italian. The brand has evolved from a one model only motor scooter back in 1946 to a complete line of scooters and is just one of 7 companies currently owned by Piaggio. Vespa Vespa scooters can […]

Revolutionize Public Transport

Scooter will revolutionize public transport

Electrics scooters will revolutionize public transport as they have been a very important part of many countries where there is almost no urban transport or overcrowded streets which require navigation. But people still consider it unusual without actually understanding the flexibility and freedom it offers. E-scooters can charge in less than 2 hours and can be folded […]

Mobility Scooter Risks

Mobility Scooter Risks

You will most certainly have seen people using mobility scooters. You might even use one yourself. Here are some of the things you need to know about Mobility Scooter Risks. Mobility Scooter Risks Common thought If so, don’t worry, you’re not the only one. This is quite a common thought nowadays. Doctors have also been […]

benidorm banned electric scooters

Benidorm Banned Mobility Scooters

Holidaymakers have been left fuming after one of the largest hotel chains in Benidorm Banned Mobility Scooters unexpectedly. Social media rants Travelers took to travel forums and social media as physically challenged and old guests who had already booked at the organization’s nine resorts in the Spanish city worried about what they should do. One […]

top-selling electric scooter brands

Top-Selling Electric Scooter Brands

What are the top-selling electric scooter brands? You may have decided to buy one because of their many advantages, but now you need to choose between the hundreds of different models that are available. There are several brands that have become very popular recently. Razor Razor is a very popular electric scooter brand. Razor offers […]