Electric e Scooters

Electric e Scooters: An Eco-Friendly Solution to Sustainable Micro Mobility

Looking for an environmentally friendly alternative for your transportation? The popularity of an electric e scooters grew vastly as the new decade progressed since more people are becoming conscious of the environment.  Well-known transportation companies like Bird and Lime introduced their very own electric scooters to the public. This micro-mobility yields many benefits that can […]

Electric Riding Scooters

What is Next for Electric Riding Scooters

In 2018, the introduction of dockless electric riding scooters easily infatuated the public with its portability and eco-friendly features. It paved the way for a newer alternative for transportation aimed at reducing traffic congestion. By 2020, expect an increase of emerging innovations that will revolutionize the micro mobility industry.  After its short-lived popularity, the micro […]

Electric Scooters Legalization in London

Electric Scooters Legalization in London

Electric Scooters Legalization in London: Electric scooters would be allowed to use cycle lanes in London as cycling campaigners push for its legalization on the streets. The government is currently investigating how to legalize them. A report by the London Cycling Campaign said e-bikes, e-scooters and e-cargo bikes should all be welcomed and could have […]

Dockless Electric Kick Scooter

The Dockless Electric Kick Scooter: Your Ride to the Future

The e-scooters are small enough to avoid the rush hour traffic but very well convenient for sightseeing.  Furthermore, many opt to use dockless scooters as they are environmentally friendly compared to its conventional gas-emitting counterpart.  Presently, there are approximately 85,000 electric-powered vehicles  in the U.S. that can be unlocked using one’s personal phone.  In the […]