An Authentic Guide to the Best Electric Scooters

In today’s world where there has been  an influx of counterfeit goods, it is no longer surprising that even best electric scooters may have their fake counterpart. Trading standards and consumer groups have become particularly keen on ensuring that the hoverboards you see on  the market are 100% legit and safe. However, if you are a first-time buyer, how can you check the authenticity of the electric self-balancing scooter you are purchasing? Would you be able to spot the authentic electric scooters from not? Are the best electric scooters automatically considered ‘genuine’?

Indeed, the counterfeit may outnumber even the best electric scooters.  Reports involving electric self-balancing scooters that overheat, explode, or catch fires have prompted many consumers to take a step back despite the clear popularity of hoverboards. The main issues were found to be connected to four components namely chargers, batteries, plugs, and cables. Understanding where the hoverboard of your choice is manufactured  could inevitably give you information about the quality. Indeed, being extra vigilant in learning more about the hoverboards can help you find the best electric scooters.

The Role of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission

Earlier this year, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has reached a startling conclusion that no hoverboard available on  the then market can be regarded safe for use. The agency intends to look into the matter seriously in order to ensure that only the best electric scooters are truly sold on the market.  The result of their months-long investigation has resulted in the distribution of an official notice to the manufacturers, retailers, and importers of electric scooters.  Said notice stipulates the different standards that manufacturers, retailers, and importers should comply with. Failure to do so may result in the confiscation of the devices as well as a number of potential criminal and civil  penalties.

The Importance of UL Certification

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The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has also required the retailers and makers of these best electric scooters to take the devices off the market until they have become UL certified.  UL  is an independent firm that certifies, tests, inspects, advises, validates, and educates  and is widely used by US electronic firms. In addition, UL also provides expertise in order to educate consumers on the complexities  of the regulatory and compliance issues involved in  trading and market access. In a nutshell, if you would like to be sure that you are indeed purchasing the best electric scooters, you can check if the device is UL certified.   

Steps on How to Spot a Fake Hoverboard

Let’s face it – even with the bad publicity that the hoverboards had in the past few months, many remain highly interested in them. If you are one of them, learning how to spot a fake can immensely help you avoid the dangers posed by hoverboards of poor quality. As mentioned earlier, the first and foremost you can check is the UL Certification. There are other steps or components you can double check in order to ensure that you are purchasing the best electric scooters on the market. Check this quick guide.

Check the Plugs and their Markings

The quality of the plugs can instantly give you an idea whether it is safe for use or not. One way of checking is to see if the plug is marked with the BS1363. The code should be clear and readable. This means that then plug has met the Plugs and Safety Regulations in the UK.  The number is only one of the features you can check. The next component you can inspect is that the shorter pins (called the Power Pins) must be made with solid brass. Counterfeit plugs have earth pins that are made from solid plastic.  Only the best electric scooters possess top-quality plugs. If the hoverboard of your choice does not have solid brass plug pins, it is better to explore other options.

Inspect the Battery and the Separator

The biggest problem with poor quality hoverboards is connected with the type of battery they have.  Needless to say, a faulty battery may cause overheating and explosion. One way to check if the hoverboard is an authentic one is to know what a separator looks like and where to find it in a battery. The separator servers as an extra layer of protection from overcharging and overheating. The best electric scooters do not only have the separator but also possess branded batteries. The metal separator actually ensures that the positive and negative electrodes stay apart so they will not cause any short-circulating.

Lithium batteries produced by Samsung and Panasonic are among the high-quality ones and are often installed in the best electric scooters. In addition, LG batteries are among the CE compliant ones and you can find them as well in the best electric scooters. It is also highly recommended that apart from asking information about the batteries, you may request to see one for yourself. Authentic batteries have clear numbers and prints and you can instantly see the difference from the counterfeit. Requesting to see proof of UL certification is also one of the best ways to verify whether you are indeed purchasing one of the best electric scooters available today.

See the Fuse and Know How it Works

The amp rating of the fuse used in electric scooters can certainly make or break it.  The cables must be compatible the fuses used or else, your scooter will end up getting trashed long before you can even enjoy it. Note that there are pseudo-manufacturers that would go the extra mile and even forge the component itself.  You may even get surprised that some counterfeit actually has cardboard fuses. Knowing how to check an authentic fuse can help you avoid those serious fires.

Get to Know the Manufacturer

If you are aiming at purchasing the best electric scooters, then be extra vigilant in  getting to know the company behind them. If the manufacturer is not based in the US, use on-line resources to do a bit of background checking. This is crucial as the company reputation is a good indication of quality as well. If the best electric scooters you found on-line have been shipped from overseas, a quick visit to the manufacturer’s homepage can instantly give you an idea of what to expect. Another tip is to likewise join a community of hoverboard users. Get to know more first-hand information from the legitimate users of electric self-balancing scooters. Read their experience and actively take part in the discussion.  Ask for  advice and  genuinely help other community members as well by sharing your own information. Through this, you will get to learn if your choice of best electric scooters is truly authentic.

Be Careful in Purchasing Online

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Whether you are purchasing your daily essentials, your plane tickets, or even your electric scooters, being extra careful is paramount. Prior to hitting the Check Out section of the site, see to it if the site is a genuine one. Try searching product reviews or online shopping experiences.  Genuine and the best electric scooters can only be bought from legitimate sites. If you see a number of grammatical or spelling mistakes on the site, this could possibly mean that it is not professionally run. Save yourself from a headache and head to other sites instead. Continue searching for the best electric scooters online but be extra careful in your quest.

The best electric scooters are a bit pricey if you compare them to others. This is because of the genuine components that are used in manufacturing each unit. Moreover, one can never put a price tag on safety. If you are looking for authentic units, you can expect to spend more money than average. However, understanding how you could truly enjoy hovering around with your self-balancing scooter without any fear of fire or overheating when charging is truly worth every dollar you spend on it. If you are anxious to go shopping for the best electric scooters, go over the tips above and increase your chance of purchasing 100% authentic ones.

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