Airwheel Z5: High quality standing scooter for today’s generation

Want to get yourself a new standing scooter? Forget Razor or Pulse Performance. The Airwheel Z5 is the only electric scooter you will ever need to get around the neighborhood, make a quick trip to the store, commute to work or school, or else goof around. Despite being an unheard-of brand, Airwheel is a world leader in smart transportation. Airwheel has been creating smart scooters and skateboards since 2004, incorporating intelligent tools in every product to enrich people’s riding experience. The Z5 standing scooter is the brand’s latest offering that will serve as an intelligent companion for urban commuters who are increasingly conscious of electric mobility.


An electric scooter like no other

Ordinary users would expect the Z5 to be like any other electric scooters: fast, longer-lasting, quick-charging, and portable. Indeed, a mode of transport for the present times, for the growing number of urban commuters who want to ditch the gridlock and the discomfort of public transport. A standing scooter is definitely their choice of ride, since it is more budget-friendly than a car. With the Z5, Airwheel aims to help riders find value in their daily commute or general mobility.

Elegant, delicate, and intelligent are words that best describe the Airwheel Z5 e-scooter. It is not as flashy as any electric scooter from Razor and Pulse Performance. It is a standing scooter made to perfection. The product itself is a response to the need for intelligence in alternative transport, where sustainability meets electric mobility and digital connectivity – or where great design meets functionality, and creativity meets practicality. The product aims to breathe in “free intelligent life” (Airwheel’s slogan) into the present, and create harmony between rider and scooter. The Airwheel Z5 standing scooter will blend into an era where the technology to utilize intelligence is abundant, in a culture where connected vehicles are seen as smart companions, not mere devices.


Unique folding system

Anyone who ditches their car for the Airwheel Z5 no longer have to worry about inadequate parking space or being stuck in traffic. They have with them an alternative transport that is lightweight and portable. The standing scooter weighs 14 kg (31 lbs), the same weight as the Razor E100 Glow, IMAX T3 kick scooter, and Inokim Quick-2 Myway. The Airwheel Z5 boasts a triple folding mechanism (body folding, handrail folding, and pedal folding) that makes the e-scooter easy to fold by lifting and pulling. The dimension of the e-scooter in unfolding form is 840mm x 556mm x 1100mm. When in folding form, the dimension is 850mm x 195mm x 390mm. The maximum folding angle is 90 degrees.

In this case, the Airwheel Z5 standing scooter can fit inside a compact car or locker and be carried on a bus, train, or subway. You can even bring it into your workplace for a charge, so you will not drive on an empty battery on your way home.


Modular battery design

Speaking of battery, the Airwheel’s battery pack is fixed in front of the foldable pedals in half concealed state to stabilize the bottom plate and to lower the gravity, thus promoting a safe and stable ride. The battery of the standing scooter is designed to be modular to allow easy replacement and assembly. The cuboid battery pack has a battery capacity of 162.8 WH, which is a disappointment for urban commuters who are conscious about range.

Should you pick another electric scooter brand that has greater mileage than the Airwheel? You don’t need to. You can just stick with the Airwheel Z5 standing scooter and upgrade the battery pack. Thanks to the modular battery design, you can easily take out the battery from your unit and install a new one on your own. Airwheel gives you the option to choose a battery pack that meets your needs. That way, you do not need to buy a new standing scooter. Is there any e-scooter brand other than Airwheel that offers such an option?

The top speed of the Airwheel Z5 is 20 km/h (12 mph), almost as fast as most electric scooters. As for the required charging duration, it only takes around two hours for a full charge. Is there any electric scooter that charges faster than the Airwheel Z5?


Mobile power comes in handy

What’s more, the battery pack also comes with a highly efficient USB power supply interface that can meet your mobile charging demands. Charge your mobile phone, tablet, digital camera, or any consumer electronic device as you scoot to your destination. Such a feature is present in every Airwheel standing scooter, and the Z5 aims to be every urban commuter’s smart travel companion. The product is a power bank itself.


Digital connectivity through an app

The Airwheel brand lives up to its reputation as data and intelligence builder in alternative transport, and the Z5 standing scooter is another proof of their ingenuity. Electric scooters that claim digital connectivity brag about only having a touchscreen dashboard, but Airwheel does better. The brand specifically develops a special app that you can use to interact with your Z5 and access real-time data on battery usage, current speed, mileage, etc. The use of the app will help simplify the maintenance of your standing scooter. Through this special feature, you learn about your electric scooter’s riding conditions and address any malfunction before they can get worse. This is what the Airwheel brand means by creating harmony between rider and scooter.  


Built and design

It is already a given that the Airwheel Z5 e-scooter is compact and lightweight, but it is also sturdy and comfortable. The frame of the standing scooter is made of magnesium aluminum alloy, and the whole body can support a maximum load of 100 kg (220 lbs), which is great for both adult and teen riders.

Complementing the electric scooter’s durability is its design for comfort. For one, the Z5 comes with a curved shaped operating rod that you can adjust to allow more room for your hands and suit your height. For a comfortable standing posture, the standing scooter features a pair of pedals to give you an anterior standing position, thus helping you relax as you scoot. As for its foldability, the body folding skeleton is stable, and the folding joints are concealed as not to ruin the Ariwheel Z5’a fantastic outlook.

The Airwheel Z5 standing scooter is equipped with a pneumatic front tire and a solid rear tire. The front tire features a shock absorption system to ensure a safe, smooth, and graceful drive, even on bumpy roads. The small but powerful motor consumes less energy and runs silently as it is made of high-quality N45 magnet steel and 270 silicon steel sheet. You get 50% more power with the Airwheel Z5 standing scooter, thanks to its energy-efficient motor.



The Airwheel Z5 is packed with features that help make the electric scooter safe for urban commute:

  • Brakes: Unlike other electric scooters, the Airwheel adopts the manual brake system, but with a sensitive double brake design and shorter braking distance. Two brake levers control both front and rear brakes, and are equipped near the handlebars. They are just within your reach, so when you need to brake, you could easily get the brake levers.
  • Light systems: The Airwheel Z5 standing scooter is equipped with a multi-mode headlight and an intelligent brake LED taillight, which lights up automatically when you steer or brake, thus alarming vehicles and pedestrians behind you and safeguarding everyone in the process.
  • Bell: Not all electric scooters comes with a bell. An added safety feature that most pedestrians recognize.

The Airwheel Z5 standing scooter is certainly built to perfection and for safety and comfort. Assuring and never assuming, the Z5 imposes a fashionable and powerful impression among electric scooter users.

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