5 Adult Kick Scooters You Should Have

5 Adult Kick Scooters You Should Have

For environment-conscious folks, adult kick scooters are the next big thing after electric cars, and perhaps the best way to travel short distances without having to spend on gas or electricity. Given our worsening air and noise pollution, traffic problem, and lack of parking space, kick scooters, along with bicycles and skateboards, make as an alternative mode of transportation. They are compact, lightweight, environment-friendly, easy to use, maintenance-free, and with the exercise you can get, good for the body. So should you buy a kick scooter?

Like any vehicle, kick scooters come in different brands and models. What is considered as a kid’s toy is not just a toy anymore, but a solution to our traffic and pollution problems. Kick scooters have been modified to become a grownup’s mode of transport (or plaything too), hence adult kick scooters. Just like choosing a car, adult kick scooters entail careful consideration not only in terms of price, but also convenience (ease of folding and unfolding), smoothness, stability, and portability.

What adult kick scooter should you pick? The right adult scooter is one you can use for both leisure and public transportation. You sure will be overwhelmed by the different kick scooters in the market, but there are five kicks that should appeal to you:

Micro White and Micro Black kick scooter

Any kick scooter will always look good in either black or white because excellent design, not color, is what matters, which is why Micro deserves first mention here. Micro kick scooters are as tough and convenient as their fellow Swiss, the Swiss Army knife. Of course, that is what you expect of the Swiss. Their folding devices reflect their excellence in design, and Micro scooters are no exemption. Micro kick scooters come in two colors, hence the Micro White and the Micro Black.

The company is known for their extensive range of kick scooters for children. Both White and Black are their most popular adult kick scooters, specifically developed to meet the riding requirements of adults, as evident in its pair of extra large wheels, height-adjustable handlebar, two-way kickstand, shock-absorbing hand grips, and ergonomic design. The scooters have a higher T-bar and a lower foot board to guarantee good balance and a comfortable and pleasant posture, and its responsive and precise steering allows easy navigation and promotes driving confidence. Though the large wheels diminish the Micro’s look, it allows the scooter to travel faster and overcome long stretches comfortably and quickly, thus making it one of the fastest kick scooters on the streets.

Foldable and portable are two words that best describe the smooth-gliding Micro in terms of convenience. However, it does not comes with a trolley function, but weighing 4.7kg, it is pretty light and therefore, easy to carry.

Oxelo Town 7 Easyfold

The French-designed Oxelo Town 7 Easyfold, as its name suggest, is synonymous with convenience. It boasts of a 1-second quick folding mechanism, a technology patented by Oxelo. To fold, all you need to do is to just step on a button at the front, and the deck folds up. To unfold, just grab the quick release lever, and the deck will drop and lock. Indeed, the Oxelo Town 7 Easyfold is a scooter developed for a kick fold. What’s also great about this adult kick scooter is that you can park it without a kickstand and even padlock it to any item of a street infrastructure.

Like the Micro scooter, the Town 7 Easyfold also comes with a pair of 200mm wheels, which allows the rider to cruise faster and run pretty long distance with long gentle kicks. However, the scooter lacks grip on the ground, so you would want to be careful not to skid when driving over wet surfaces due to lack of friction. Unlike the Micro, the Town 7 Easyfold comes in trolley mode. You can effortlessly drag your scooter like a luggage or else carry it as it comes too with a detachable shoulder strap. But since it is a bit heavier than the Micro (at 5.6kg), it is wise to drag it around instead, especially if you make several transfers when taking public transportation.

Xootr Roma

The Xootr Roma is the lightest, fastest, and most compact kick scooter from Xootr, based in Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA. The company specializes in kick scooters for tall people at least 5 feet and above. Xootr hand-make their kick scooters with the aid of computer numerical control (CNC) machining tools that generate precisely cut parts. The deck and the frame of the Roma are CNC machined from a solid block of 6061-T6 aluminum, which provides the adult kick scooter its light and literally bulletproof structure. Thanks to such material, the Roma is able to support a maximum load of up to 300 lbs (136 kg).

What’s noteworthy about the Xootr Roma is its narrow deck, which measures 16 inches long and 4 inches wide. The streamlined shape of the deck is designed to position the rider’s feet on the deck over the scooter’s center of gravity. This, in turn, provides the rider optimum balance, increased riding stability, and greater kicking efficiency. With all of their weight centered on the deck’s center of gravity, the rider is able to glide and kick more efficiently. The narrow deck also allows for easy transport in crowded space or tight corners. On the other hand, the length of the deck allows you to fit both feet on a ride.

The Xootr Roma gives a pretty good speed with its 180mm wheels, and it should be easy to carry around, since it weighs only 4.5kg and comes with a detachable strap. Given the size of its deck, it will take up less space when you ride public transport. The downside with the  Roma adult kick scooter is that it is not easily foldable.

Goped Knowped

With its wooden deck and steel frame design, the Goped Knowped is perhaps the strongest adult kick scooter in the market. It is able to support a maximum load of up to 400 lbs (180 kg), and its pair of 150mm wide, solid rubber wheels, which will never go flat, offers comfort whenever you drive over bumps and uneven ground and better grip on the ground (but at the cost of speed). Its broader deck gives you more room to rest your feet on. It has two brakes for safety and great control.

In terms of convenience, the mechanisms for folding and unfolding the Knowped is very simple and effortless. You just need to lift the lower part of the handlebar and watch the kick scooter fold. Hold it in place by looping the strap over the back wheel fender. To unfold, you just release the strap and straighten the handlebar. In terms of portability, the Knowped is relatively light, weighing 5.6 kg.

Kleefer Pure-180

What’s great about the Kleefer Pure-180 is its foldability, which takes just as little effort. Thanks to the scooter’s patented system, no bending necessary. You just need to give the locking pedal a little kick, slightly tilt the handlebar, and watch the deck automatically fold up in a second. The Kleefer Pure-180 is ultra compact and rigid when folded, and it is no bigger than an umbrella. To unfold, just hold the handlebar, pull the deck rearwards, and let the cylinders do the rest.

The Kleefer Pure-180 is indeed a French beauty, and it will remain so, thanks to its strong anti-corrosion coating. The adult kick scooter has a light yet sturdy frame, made from high quality aluminum. Its deck is uniquely curved, its streamlined size providing better balance and an almost effortless ride. It comes with two brakes (front and rear), and its pair of 180mm wheels are built with shock-absorbent wheel rim – features that promote a safe, speedy, and comfortable ride. Like the other kick scooters, the Kleefer Pure-180 is also in trolley mode.

What adult kick scooter should you pick? Make sure you pick the right one. This is an investment you will utilize to get around your town or city or commute to work or school.

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