11 Things You Must Know About Self Balancing Electric Scooter

Self Balancing Electric Scooter

Wikipedia defines self balancing electric scooter, commonly referred to as the “hoverboard” in general as a type of portable, rechargeable and battery-powered scooter. To describe this device, it has a typical two-wheels that are arranged side-by-side,having two small platforms between the wheels, on which the rider stands. Using a built-in gyroscopic sensor pads, this self balancing electric scooter can be controlled by its user in the easiest and fastest way.  Chinese was the first ever user of these electric scooters in 2014. And in 2015, it became widely popular in the United States followed by other Western countries due to introductions made by several celebrities.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a self balancing electric scooter

1. Rider’s Age

Though some may think that self balancing electric scooters are recommended for everyone, well the answer for that is a big NO! Because these self balancing electric scooters are not meant for kids especially those 3-year-old and below.  These things can cook, some at up to 10 or 15 mph which is dangerous that it might hit an otherwise unremarkable sidewalk edge that could be way disaster for your child. To give you more and strict information, these products are recommended for ages 12 and up with included directions with the more mainstream models that tend to spend many pages of explanation on how these self balancing electric scooters are potentially hazardous.

2. Weight Capacity

Another great factor to consider when choosing a self balancing electric scooter for you is the weight capacity. If you are a person who is overweight, I think you should enter a diet first and lose some weight before you can ride happily a self balancing electric scooter. This is very crucial in order to avoid any severe damage for your electric scooter if you prefer to use it for a long time. Also, you will not be disappointed of some malfunctions and faults that it may cause you. When buying, look first for the maximum weight capacity indicated in the box or manual, for you to enjoy riding and endure for long periods of time without destroying it due to your weight.

3. Speed and Range

Range is a tough factor to measure when it comes to self balancing electric scooters but more or so the most common range is from 2 mph up to 10 mph. Few models can be higher, but if you would go for a higher range, be sure you are already a professional and really used to self balancing scooters operations. However, there are a number of affecting factors for the range such as – the terrain, incline, speed and weight of the rider. On the other hand, the speed of self balancing electric scooters is very easy to determine, you just need to look at the box or manual. The rude part is, before you can select the speed; determine first the speed and the ability of the user.

4. Reliability

Reliability is very crucial when it comes to devices like this. You must find the best self balancing scooter which you can lean on for most of the time, most especially when you are in a hurry on in a difficult situation. It is very tiresome every time that you have to take a look first or worry about how many hours the battery of yourself balancing electric scooter will long or if it can reach your destination until you ran out of charge. You will find yourself gets irritated thinking about these things. Possibly the first thing that might come to your mind is to choose the pricey and branded model, but this is not necessary for it will not define how reliable your electric scooter is.

5. Warranty

Because this is an electronic gadget, warranty must be taken to considerations. And because most of these self balancing electric scooters are made from China, you are not still aware if it has the best quality that you paid for, so the product with the perfect warranty is the first bet. Aside from warranty period, you must first read customer reviews discussing about how efficient their customer service is, so when you get into trouble it will not be a hassle and will not leave you problematic. Most common, self balancing electric scooters come with a 2 year or more warranty period. Much better if it has a 60 day money back guarantee.  

6. Battery and Charging Time

Just like any battery-operated devices, self balancing electric scooters are also tough to find the one having a long lasting battery life. There will also be some fake advertisements talking about the battery  where in fact its battery is not good. To have the proper knowledge with regards to battery of the self balancing scooter of your bet, you must then read customer ratings and product reviews. Internal motors are very sophisticated, so as its charger which will define its charging time. A good charger can provide you enough battery for yourself balancing electric scooter. So for this, check the charging time indicated with every packaging as well as the input info.

7. Run Time and Build Quality

Run time defines the number of hours a self balancing electric scooter can go preceding to a single charge. As connected to charging time and battery life, this run time duration is barely depending on the two. Generally, charging time for most self balancing electric scooters is 2-3 hours and is intended to last for 10-15 miles, taking into considerations the terrain, speed, weight and use. Build quality must take note the choice for the material, whether be it a plastic or metal. Browse several reviews to get the latest and the proven quality of the materials use for the wheel covers that rub against tires, or even batteries that does not die too quick.

8. Portability

If you want to carry the self balancing electric scooter of your choice, it is much better to select the one considering its weight. Mostly, self balancing scooters weigh 20 pounds or more a little closer to 30. Portability is very important especially when you come to an instance that you experience running out of battery in the middle of nowhere. In this case, if the self balancing electric scooter you use is very portable, it will be just easy for you to carry it all the way. Plus, if you would be traveling for to a far place or need to bring it on airplane, you will not be burdened with the high cost of travelling fee for it weighs a little.

9. Price

Price is the biggest factor to consider when choosing a self balancing electric scooter. Most people become disappointed when they saw that their type costs a lot of money, the result are they would not buy it anymore, and look for cheaper and affordable but same quality brand. Sometimes, the design is being taken for granted when the price cannot bit its limit. However, the regular price of the self balancing electric scooter ranges from $300 onwards, almost the same price with a cheap laptop. But some company offers a high price that is very hard to reach, costing some $1700 or even more.

10. Restrictions on use

While some self balancing electric scooters that comes from foreign manufacturers are subject to state and federal laws. These companies are also more likely to support a warranty, much less have a customer-support line that actually works. Likewise, due to the dangers that self balancing electric scooters have brought over the past years, government and cities become now strict with the use of these electric scooters in order to avoid possible damage and danger to our health. These restrictions are most notable in US and Western countries but very seldom in countries in Asia and China where it was developed.

11. Safety

When talking about safety on these self balancing electric scooters is very critical. Some owners of these self balancing electric scooters were caught fire either through charging or being ridden. The possible cause is the imitated or weak battery system failure. Because of this, the National Association of State Fire Marshals just recently released an advisory regarding the unpredictable explosions of self balancing electric scooters. On the other hand, to support this, the Consumer Product Safety Commission is now investigating the unique occurrence of ten fires in nine states. Likewise, to avoid such issues, Amazon pulled out many self balancing electric scooters brands from their sites. They also mentioned several safety tips on how to choose the right and fire safe product.

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