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ElectricScooters.com was conceived from a group of passionate friends who love getting around on their e-scooters. They want to help others who are new to the world of electric scooters, e-bikes, etc so they’re more informed when making a purchase.

Passionate about electric scooters

Get real reviews from real people

Our expert reviews are created by real e-scooter enthusiasts

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We review bikes and scooters from around the world, including the USA & UK

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Not just electric scooters…

We also cover kids scooters, mobility scooters & e-bikes!

You’re not just limited to e-scooter reviews on this site, as we want to be as comprehensive as possible we’ve included other closely related products, as well as electric scooter accessories.

In-depth information & how to’s – whether you’re a newbie or know all about the latest bells & whistles

We have many reviews of e-scooter accessories too!

All helping you to make an informed decision on the best product at the best price


Our reviews are written by experts in scooters and ebikes.

They are thorough, in-depth and include both pros and cons for each product.

Meaning you can trust that we’ve done our research making your job of choosing the right product that much easier!

Newbie Friendly

All of our guides & information keep in mind that everyone has to start somewhere.

This is why we write for any stage or level of experience with these awesome e-scooters – anyone of any electric scooter riding age can read and understand easily!

Your budget – Your choice

We go to great lengths to ensure we get you the best-priced products available in the world!

Prices are changing on a daily basis to stay ahead of the competition so that you benefit!

Always here to help!

We love to help our scooter family and have published many helpful information and ‘how-to’ articles on getting started, maintenance/upkeep, and more.

If there are any areas you would like help with please get in touch so we can help you!

Why Choose ElectricScooters.com?


Between our growing team we have an unbelievable level of experience that is always learning more every day.

We intend to pass on that experience in our reviews and guides so that you can take advantage of everything we know!


We come from humble beginnings and really are passionate about the eletric scooter industry.

You can rely on us to deliver up to date information and advice about where the market is headed, what’s in store for the future and of course all the information we share on this site.


We’re actually the best placed company to provide reviews and advice on e-scooters as we want the best for you, we have no ties to a particular brand or product (unless it wins on merit and is awesome).

So we are unbiased and keen to help you navigate the world of e-scooters!

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